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Things To Do With Kids On Spring Break

Things To Do With Kids On Spring Break

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” I’m so excited it’s spring!  With the warmer weather comes spring break, Easter and spending time outside.  It’s a great time to bond with your kids, recharge for the rest […]

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Just Ask Almond

Are you looking for nutritional information, or need help planning your menus for healthier meals? Then look no further than to Almond.   Just Ask Almond  In your Health classes in school, you learned about the different food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet. While I have attempted throughout my life to adhere […]

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Getting Started with Your Own Twitter Marketing Campaign

Getting Started with Your Own Twitter Marketing Campaign

It is hard to deny Twitter’s popularity these days. Even compared to the more-established Facebook, Twitter has a much better engagement rate. You can tap into this engagement rate and promote your website, product or services effectively. This article will show you how to get started with your own Twitter marketing campaign in no time […]

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What’s a Parenting Plan

What’s a Parenting Plan?

Raising a child can be a challenge, and raising a child when you and the other parent are no longer together can be even harder. This is where a parenting plan comes into play and can be extremely helpful.  Oftentimes, when parents separate or get divorced, the courts will require them to create a parenting […]

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Easy Lace Ups

I think that everyone of us has a pair of shoes that the shoe strings always come untied.  Then our kids always leave their shoestrings untied and can trip over them.  I have the perfect solution to this dilemma.  Shoeps Elastic Laces are the perfect solution to the shoe strings becoming untied.    Shoeps generously sent […]


Delicious, Simple & Healthy Meal Service

If you live alone or have someone in your family like I do that does not eat vegetables, then Fresh n Lean is right up your alley.  Unlike having to fix two separate meals, where one gets the vegetables they crave and the other only eats meat and potatoes, Fresh n Lean has solved that […]

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Making Meal Time Fun Means A Happy Healthy Toddler!

If your toddler is anything like mine, which I’m pretty sure they are, then you have enough trouble getting them to sit still let alone eat or even try vegetables. It’s a proven fact that making meal time fun means a happy healthy toddler! One way to get your little finicky eaters to indulge healthier […]


Life on the Boardwalk with Beer Bread Mixes

Enjoy the carefree days of vacation when you make the Boardwalk Beer Bread Mixes.  Life on the Boardwalk with Beer Bread Mixes  In my younger days, I used to bake a lot more than I do today. I used to bake homemade breads, and if I may say so, I became quite good at it. […]


Brighten your Spirits at that Time of the Month with a Tombox

Do you need a pick-me-up during those times of the month that you have your period? Then is here to help. Brighten your Spirits at that Time of the Month with a Tombox We, women know all too well how irritability, weight gain and sluggishness affects us during those times of the month when […]

5 Reasons To Wear Sexy Lingerie For Your Man | Knows Sexy

Valentine’s Day and Christmas have come and gone, but there are other reasons to give gifts to your special someone. Dressing up to wear sexy lingerie for your man or partner is a thoughtful and fun way to show your feelings. I love to dress up, especially for my boyfriend and has so much […]


The New Rimiclip Makes It Easy to Baby-Proof Your Home

There is a new product called Rimiclip that we, here at Jenns Blah Blah Blog, are excited to share with you and we are certain you will fall head over heels for! The new Rimiclip is a great product and it makes it easy to baby proof your home. I’m an Auntie and I see how rambunctious […]


Freedom of Style

I would venture to say that there are more different kinds of shampoos and conditioners on the market as there are soda pops.  But I bet one thing that they are not as good and pure as New York Streets Freedom of Style Shampoo and Conditioner.  New York Streets generously sent me a Freedom of […]


Hot Pursuit – The Movie

Are you a fan of Reese Witherspoon? How about Sofía Vergara? If you are a fan of either, or both, then you will definitely want to see their new movie by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and Warner Brother Pictures called Hot Pursuit opening May 8, 2015 in a theater near you. Hot Pursuit – The Movie  I […]

sleep deprivation 8 reasons to get more sleep

Sleep Deprivation: 8 Reasons You Should Get Enough Sleep

This post brought to you by Sleep Number. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?  According to a survey conducted by Sleep Number® many Americans are getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night and on average American’s are only getting 6.7 hours of sleep.  […]


May Your Jewels Always Sparkle !

I like a lot of bling from time to time especially if I am going out for the evening.  I have found a place where all your sparkling dreams can come true.  The Jewel Bar is the place to get all the Bling Bling you want.   The Jewl Bar Baby Frou Frou Bombshell Fringe […]