Simply Gum

SimplyGumReview021016Do you love chewing gum?  Are you tired of all those extraordinarily sweet gums on the market?  Are you ready for a product that is satisfying and delicious and although both children and adults can partake, the product is geared more for an adult taste.  If you are ready for that type of chewing

How Much Will Kids’ Ages Factor Into Your Adoption Process?

mom and kidsThe age of a child is quite important to many families looking to adopt. At every stage of life, children come with certain benefits and burdens that will affect the way your entire family operates. If you are looking to adopt, consider these factors in age that may come into play.

Why Some Consi

Tips To Organize Your Office To Maximize Productivity

Tips To Help You Organize Your Office To Maximize ProductivityClutter and disorganization can influence how productive you are when you sit down in your office.  Which is why I wanted to provide you with a few tips to help you organize your office and increase your productivity.  If you are unorganized, it can be hard to focus on your work.  Plus, not being

Did You Know Heaters & Humidifiers Go Hand In Hand?

HONEYWELL LOGO 22We have always ran our humidifiers with our heater, believe it or not the two do go hand in hand. During this tough winter season it’s not uncommon for us to experience symptoms like throat pain, dry skin and even respiratory issues as a result of the brutal cold winter air. We also keep in mind t

Bring the Beauty of Nature to your Kitchen with Charles Viancin

AllYou heard me correctly!  You can actually bring nature-inspired products to your very own kitchen.

I love the outdoors.  Everything from the hay fields to the flowers on the side of the road.  Nature has so much to offer and Charles Viancin is bringing that beauty to you.

Thank you to Charl

Crafted By A Bunch Of Carrot Farmers

IMG_0235What on earth could be crafted by a bunch of carrot farmers you ask?  That is easy!  It is perhaps one of the best smoothies on the market and that would be Bolthouse Farms.  Fruit smoothies, Café beverages and protein drinks made from 100% fruit and crisp vegetables blended together to make the

Beauty Hacks Every Women Should Know About

Beauty Hacks Every Women Should KnowCan you believe how quick spring is creeping up on us?  I sure can’t, everything goes by too fast anymore.  I can’t keep up, but somehow I have to figure it out because I refuse to get left behind lol.  I have kids to play with and learn things from. Seriously, ever since Catie turned into a teen

Content Creators Monetize at Home or On-The-Go with IZEA iOS App

Content Creators Monetize at Home or On-The-This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet but my our friends at IZEA have some pretty fantastic news.  Well, they do if you’re a content creator with the wonderful folks at IZEA!  If you are not, get over there!

Are You Protecting Your Kids While They Are Online

Are You Protecting Your Kids While They Are Online?When you think about the purpose our children serve in this world it’s more important than many of often realize.  They are our future, the future of our country, way of life, and hopes for a better world.  However, they are also extremely vulnerable because of their age and lack of experience i

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