Light up your World with 1 by One

1byoneProduct020416Put some light on the subject with an Infinity Glow Eye Friendly LED Lamp from 1 by One.

Light up your World with 1 by One

I simply cannot count the number of times where I could have used more light on the situation.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of sewing, but I have been forced to reser

Quick & Easy Chicken & Green Chili Taco Braid Recipe

chicken taco braid recipeThis Quick & Easy Chicken & Green Chili Taco Braid Recipe is not just quick and easy it is AWESOME!  My son has asked me every single night since I made it a week ago to make it again lol.  I keep telling him we have to wait for the super bowl lol.  Yes, this is one of my secret weapons for the

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Ovation Brands’ Restaurants

NationalGeographicKids2Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  With Ovation Brands’ Restaurants, you can do so easily.

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Ovation Brands’ Restaurants

Happy New Year! We cannot believe 2016 is already here! As we begin the year, the Ovation Brands’ portfolio of restau

Ways To Find Inspiration + Watch Eddie The Eagle Fly

It’s amazing what we are capable of when we find inspiration to do something.  Everything just seems to flow together; you walk and talk with confidence, and there is often a glow about people who are feeling inspired about something – work, home, sports, or maybe you are just inspired to live each

Quick & Easy Pepperoni Pizza Braid Recipe

Quick & Easy Pepperoni Pizza Braid RecipeAre you ready for the big game?  The big game has always been a huge deal in our home and as long as I can remember.  We have had family and friends come to our house and not only enjoy the big game but the darn commercials, conversations and, of course, the food like this Quick & Easy Peppero

Happy Couples Secrets To A Good Marriage

Tracking PixelI’ve heard over and over again that there are happy couples secrets to a good marriage.  I’ve been married for ten years, and I am happily married, most of the time lol.  I don’t know that there is one universal secret ticket that makes you relationship forever perfect because we are all so di

How To Handle Valentine’s Day Single

young busines woman with notebookValentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but for those not in a relationship, sometimes this holiday can cause excess stress. Instead of worrying about flying solo, ignore the urge to wallow and focus on the amazing things you have in your life. A lack of romantic love doesn’t mean you can’t be

Green Chile Chicken Alfredo & Spinach Fettuccine with The Philips Pasta Maker

Green Chile Chicken Alfredo & Spinach FettuccineIf you are anything like me then you want to be creative with dinner. Mac and Cheese with Beanie Weenies are great, but not every night, despite what the kids may say. Also, if you are busy like our family is, then you understand that being creative isn’t the only challenge. We have to be time and

A New Year, a New You

Jouve1012616With a new year and the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration upon us, you can look your best with a line of clean label anti-aging products from Jouvé .

A New Year, a New You 

Call it vanity, if you will, but every woman wants to look her very best, especially when it comes to spending tha

Go All-Natural with the Willow Store

WillowStoreReview1012616Going natural is a big movement these days.  For health reasons, we try to go the organic route when consuming our food.  The same is true with various other items that we find in and around our home.  As a family owned and operated business, The Willow Store carries products that are eco-friendl

3 Top Tips For Choosing A Great Doll Stroller Or Pram.

HABAJBBBDo you have a little girl, a young daughter maybe? Then you probably dolls, prams and or doll strollers. Young children, especially little girls, love to copy their moms and stroll their dolls around the park, down the street through the garden etc… Doll strollers & prams allow children to pus

Personal Trainer Food Celebrates Super Bowl in Style

superbowlPersonal Trainer Food Celebrates Super Bowl in Style

A Foodie’s Guide to a Fat-Burning Super Bowl
Are you ready for Super Bowl 50 this weekend? We can help keep you in the fat-burning zone without skipping the buffet!  Yup! With the big game coming up we all want to sit in front of the telle

The Choice, Will Their Hearts Choose Love?

The Choice BookGosh, my husband and I have defiantly not had the easiest of relationships but who do you know.  Relationships take work, being open minded, caring, compassionate, and most importantly one must learn to forgive truly before they can properly move on from mistakes.

I admit it took me a long time

Ways To Get Organized & Maximize Weight Loss

Tons of Ways To Get Organized & Maximize Weight LossIf you are trying to lose weight I’m going to bet you would love to learn a few ways to get organized so you can maximize weight loss.  I know I was thrilled once I learned about a few small changes I could make to my life that would have a huge impact on my weight loss progress and even get used t

Valentine’s Day “Writing Guide for Kids.” + “Love is in the Air” Photo Contest

Grab your Life Stages Valentine’s Day “Writing Guide for Kids.”Guess who is having another fabulous giveaway?  You’re gong to love this Life Stages contest because you can get your kids involved, show off a cute photo of them and possibly win some money!  I know right, you have to love LifeStages, not only do they have some pretty fabulous contests Life Sta

Reasons To Add A Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Home

Reasons To Add A Fresh Coat of Paint to Your HomeEvery time the New Year rolls around I get excited because it’s a fresh start to the new year.  I make my New Year resolution which recently had been about my family’s health, but keeping my resolution can be difficult.  Since the New Year has come and gone and many of us are working on ways t

Increase Your Storage with SanDisk

FullSizeRenderHave you ever run out of memory on your iPhone or iPad? With the iXpand Flash Drive from SanDisk, you will never have to worry about that again.

Increase Your Storage with SanDisk

Not too long ago, my best friend participated in a hovercraft race that I was fortunate enough to attend. Now this

Super Easy Valentine’s Day Bark Recipe

Easy Valentine's Day Bark RecipeAre you ready for Valentine’s Day?  As long as my gift makes it here in time I’m ready lol.  I even have some fun Valentine’s Day recipes planned not just for my husband but for my kids school parties too.  OMG, it’s rough having four kids in school and three of their teachers asking you to make

5 Tips to Make Traveling With Your Toddler a Breeze

toddlerI’ll be honest. I used to dread traveling with my three-year-old toddler.  She wouldn’t want to sit confined in her seat, and it certainly made driving anywhere feel as though it were impossible. I actually used to get anxious when I knew we had to visit my in-laws who lived an hour and fifteen

Are You Cheating?

cheatingDid you decide to go on a diet for your New Year’s resolution?  Did you decide you were going to lose that weight one way or the other but somewhere along the lines you have started to cheat?  Because after all, just one bite of this chocolate cake or that ice cream sundae you see someone eat is

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