10 Ways Being Mom Changes Us, 1 Moms Creative Invention – Bobee Review

111Having children changes women.  We wake up after having a child and suddenly have patience.  Seriously, it’ happened to me.  I used to be the MOST impatience person I know.  You would never guess now.  Anymore I have all the patience in the world.  I have to or I would probably be in a straight jacket, lol. Once we give birth to our new bundle of joy our lives change forever.  It’s not a bad, thing so if you’re thinking about having children, it’s a blessing.  Most of us change into the people we need to become in order to survive motherhood, lol.  So what changes when you have a baby?  A better question might be: What doesn’t change after you have a baby? I believe for everyone it’s different.  We change in ways we need to in order to become a good mother, and care for our children the way they need us to.  Now, I will not lie.  I am sure we change in ways to save us from loosing our sanity from time to time, lol.  So what are a few things that change once we become a mother?Fear – If you used to be fearless, you might find yourself scared.  The thought of anything happening to you, dad, or baby might be something you now think about.  You now have a baby to think about, that you’re responsible for raising.  It is a scary thought, and we want to be there for our children. If you used to focus on your pain you might find yourself forgetting about your pain, and wanting to take your child’s pain away.  We don’t want our children to hurt.  Once we step into motherhood we become strong in so many different ways.  We forget about our problems, pains, and drama.  It’s all about making sure our baby is safe, happy, and cared for.

  • You get lost thinking about your baby rather than the boy down the street.
  • You worry about your child clothing more than your own.
  • You might realize that true happiness isn’t something that can be bought, and true love isn’t felt until you look into the eyes of your child.
  • You finally know what unconditional love is.  If you love someone, wait until you have your child.  That love is the most powerful love you’ll ever feel.
  • You find yourself blowing your bonus on toys and baby shoes, rather than cloths, makeup, or hanging out with friends.
  • This one is my favorite, I said it would never happen.  Your dog becomes your dog, and if he steps out of line he will sleep outside.  Yes, I said it would never happen. It does..
  • You suddenly care about what you’re eating, exercise, and health.  You want to be healthy for you child.
  • You suddenly have patience.  I thought someone forget to give me patience.  Wrong, after having a child I am one of the most patience people you know.
  • Your reflexes, lol.  If I think something is going to happen, this mom can move faster than ever!  Something about being a mom, you almost know it’s going to happen before it does.  Either that or, we are just that fast.  Either way, it’s come in handy many times.
  • You’re more creative than you used to be.  It’s true, moms have to get creative from time to time.  We invent games for our children to play, ways to keep our children occupied, different ways to get them to sleep, or to get along.  I’m sure you have had to get creative a time or two with lunch or dinner as well.

Speaking of moms being creative.  I recently ran across a Bobee!  Are you wondering what in the world a Bobee is?  Well let me share a little about this unique product. IMG_20130121_131005_zps4d33af2e, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App The Bobee was created by a mother. She needed something to hold her diapers and wipes in that was convenient, and out of the way.  Being a new mom, her hands and counters were always filled with something.  So Stacy Harfert decided to get creative, and create the Bobee. The Bobee is a Diaper and Wipe dispenser, that not only does the job, it looks super cute too.  The Bobee Diaper and Wipe dispenser slides onto a mounting plate, which is attached to your wall.  Installing the plate was a breeze.  You’re provided with drywall screws and anchors so you can mount it on any wall, easy to follow instructions, and several color circles for decorating. The outside dimensions of the Diaper and Wipe dispenser are 19 -1/8 inches high x 13-3/4 inches deep.  It only took my husband about 15-20 minutes to have it up and ready for the decorating process. IMG_20130121_131132_zps7b6e2c45, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Many of you know my daughter is 2.  I wish I would have known about the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser long ago.  It’s a wonderful idea, and if you’re changing diapers or will be changing diapers you might want to check out the Bobee.  I wish I would have been introduced to it sooner. IMG_20130121_131248_zps2042438d, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App The Diaper Stacker holds 50 or more diapers at a time.  I didn’t try to fit 50 diapers inside, but I did put 20 size 4 diapers into the dispenser and they fit without any problems.  The dispenser holds most sizes of diapers.  It will hold newborn diapers all the way up to pull-ups, you can even use it with cloth diapers.  Of course it will depend on the size of the cloth diapers you’re using. When I first heard about the Bobee I wondered if the wipes would stay moist.  I was actually surprised, they did stay moist.  When I placed the wipes into the dispenser, I kept them in the plastic.  It was easier to get them out, and I feel like it helped to keep them moist longer.  However, it does say on the Bobee website that you can place the wipes directly into the dispenser.

Cleaning the diaper dispenser is simple.  Grab a cloth or nonabrasive sponge, some soapy water, and wipe down.  Be sure to read complete care instructions, bleaching the Bobee is a no, no.  Once you get it up and start using it, the last thing your going to want to do is mess it up at all. IMG_20130121_132837_zps6d7394a8, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App I think the Bobee Diaper and Wipes dispenser is a totally awesome tool for those with limited space, or just like things to look nice and organized.  I absolutely love the concept.  I give the Bobee Diaper and Wipes Dispenser TWO THUMBS UP!  It works perfectly for what I need it for, it’s super easy to clean, and fun to decorate too.  The stickers that come with the Bobee are easy to remove, for those that want to change it up now and then.  The Bobee seems to be well made, and a product that I will have around for our next baby.

Another thing I like about the Bobbee, is I can add different stickers to go with my nursery if needed.  My daughter’s room is done in my little ponies, once I find some My Little Pony stickers I will be adding a few to bring everything together.  You can also get creative and paint the Bobee, with all types of paint for those of you interested in getting really creative. I love how it helps me not only save space, but keep everything organized in once area.  I’m not running around looking for wipes, while I have a poppy bottom needing changed.  It’s perfect for disposable diapers, and looks super cute too.

temporary_zpscb90ec48I only wish I would have known about this product sooner, it would have looked so cute in our nursery for the start, and saved this mom many trips around the house searching for wipes.  For some reason these people names, I Don’t Know and I Didn’t Do It seem to take off with things I need all the time.  One day I will catch I Don’t Know and I Didn’t Do It and give them a piece of my mind.

If you’re looking for an easy, decorative inexpensive way to stay organized in the diaper and wipes department, or a unique baby shower gift I recommend checking out the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser.  You can purchase one for only $39.99 on Amazon.  You can learn more about the Bobee on at BobeeInc.com.


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  1. Mary Gallardo says

    All of these points are so true! I was always the kind of person who always said I never wanted kids, and that will never be me… Well, now that is definitely me! haha 3 years ago my daughter stole my heart and my sanity! =)

  2. Dorothy Reading says

    Wow, that is such a neat device. I am an impatient person as well, but for some reason, I am exceedingly patient with kids. Perhaps it’s because I know they’re still learning and growing whereas adults are typically stubborn in their ways.

  3. natalie andrews says

    There is no other job I would have ever wanted more than being a Mom. Being creative to make the everyday better for ourselves is the key. There are always better things being created by Moms for Moms.

  4. says

    The Bobee looks awesome, I wish this would have been available when my kids were babies. My Goddaughter will have a baby in March, this would be a great gift. Thanks for another great review…I love reading you :)

  5. Teresa Stricker-Pester says

    I am amazed what being a Mom has actually “made” me. Complete, Older, more patient, and Excrutiatingly Happy! I LOVED your Post/Review!

  6. Gail Williams says

    Creative Moms are rocking it! Mothers of invention! So many more products are out there if Mom’s have confidence in themselves. and on the motherhood aspect…cherish the moments because they are gone quickly.

  7. laurie nykaza says

    I’d never seen one of these. My friend is having a baby soon this would be a great gift to give her.

  8. Celina K says

    Looks like very useful product to have as a mother! As for how motherhood chNges you..I just hope to find out one day! :)

  9. Wanda Tracey says

    I love your views and reviews on family matters and being a mom and so forth.Although we,ve never met I have great respect for the way you express yourself.I have three children who are all different and I love each one for who they are and feel very blessed to be their mom.Even after they’re married with children we still worry about them and love them forever.

  10. TawndaM says

    once you look at those tiny little eyes, your never the same… 😉 I would still do ANYTHING I can for my children & they are NOT babies anymore… I LOVE the idea of the Bobee but, I find myself smiling and wondering…, does it come with a warning to choose a spot on the wall AWAY from the child’s reach?? 😉 VIVID memories of walking into the room to find my daughter had gotten ahold of the pop-up wipes & just peacefully sat there pulling 1 after another & tossing them aside seeing it had ‘magically’ been replaced…

  11. Sylvia Ortiz says

    This is a great & handy invention; as it not only eliminates clutter but it also comes in attractive colors to fit into the nursery theme.

  12. Chelsea P says

    Great review, interesting product! We cloth diapered and will with our next babies as well, but we also struggle with storage and having them in a convenient, easy access spot!

  13. Renee Travis says

    You are so right, motherhood does change you in many different ways. I only have 1 son who will be 20 this year. I had a great pregnancy, wasn’t sick and I felt great, but when he was 6 moths old I started having symptoms of depression which then led to panic attacks, and I have been on medicine since then, but I would NOT change anything. He is a very responsible young man and is the greatest son a mother could ask for. Thanks for the great review! :)

  14. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    So true on what you said about love (loving your child). After I had my daughter, I realized that I hadn’t even know what love was before then.

  15. Kathy Smith says

    It doesn’t matter how old your children are you are thinking about all the time. You see something in the store or online and think hey my daughter or son will like this. I still don’t buy me much. Right now I have a new grandson and I am always trying to find him things. I love it. He and his Mom live with me so I get to enjoy every minute of him. Thanks for your post.

  16. Chevy Reid Roper says

    You are so right that when you become a Mommie things change. They get better. There is nothing like the change in your heart size when you first see that cute little face. Kids make us stronger and more empowered to overcome our fears and weaknesses. Great post on a great subject! Love your blog and keep up the amazing job!

  17. Sherry Butcher says

    your so right, had 3 girls and 1 boy and when I read your review it sure bring out the memories.

  18. Ari says

    What a convenient product! Also enjoyed reading through this topic. It definitely makes sense that priorities change when you have a child!

  19. Marylou Sakosky says

    Well you been there too. I had my Nicholas 30 yrs ago at 3 lbs and 14 ozs and just blessed hes got a great job and a girlfriend .The miracle became a man .

  20. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    ~L~ love this article. But wait until you become a grandmother. All the things you learn as a mother are still in play, but there is so much more you can do as a grandmother and get away with !!! :) And to top it off, when they are little ankle biters, there are no more waking up in the middle of the night for feedings.

  21. gigi n jimmy borden says

    Jen, I completely understand about how being a mother changes you, for the good I think! You have such a great blog and I give you such props for being able to maintain a blog of such high fans and lots of detail, while raising children! :)

  22. Sam Dock says

    What a cool product! I use cloth diapers but this would be great to have in daycares and things like that. And soo true about becoming a mom…you will never understand how much it changes everything until you hold your child for the first time!

  23. ashley o says

    being a mom has changed me in everyway, all of them for the better. I would never want to live with out my children. they are my true loves <3

  24. Melissa Robinson says

    For me one of the surprising changes was I finally understood my own parents. you really do have to have children in order to know just how much your parents love you.

  25. Katrina says

    I’m so with you on this one.Having my son changed me so much. I def try to be healthier now just for him. And p.s……how much do I want this diaper and wipe dispenser?!!! It would be absolutely perfect for our small space. Cool product!

  26. Vikki Cousin says

    I agree with everything you said about how being a mother changes us, and the fear is the part that is difficult to deal with,, such as when the youngest child leaves home. They always come back but it is the fear that maybe something will happen to them. When my youngest child left home, I honestly thought I would never see him again. However, I seem to have a revolving door, lol.

  27. Sue Hull says

    This is just the coolest thing I’ve seen in along time. I wish I’d had this 27 yrs ago when I had my daughter. One of us mom’s probably thought of this but never put it on paper. Brilliant idea :)

  28. Jodi V says

    I love the review of the diaper and wipes dispenser. Would have loved to have this. And I totally agree with your thoughts on motherhood I have 6 wonderful kiddos 4 girls and 2 boys. And your life does change but it is well worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing!! :)

  29. Karen Hand says

    How true you are about changing once you have a baby. Wwhen my children were babies. I wanted to protect them from every harm possible, and still do to this day, even though they are adults with children of their own. Depite the changes that we mothers go through after birth, I believe they are all positive changes.

  30. says

    And then the next huge leap is on to Grammy! Watching the ones you raised raise another generation. It is at times surreal! Pus it’s really true how much fun it is to spoil them and then send them back home :-)

    Great review! Jenn. When I was raising my baby disposable diapers were still a bit of a novelty and wipes, well forget about it! It was cloth diapers, HUGE diaper pins, Rubber Pants, washcloths and lotssss of Nivea. I spent more time doing laundry than anything else! lol

  31. says

    After having 5 children I so know where you’re coming from. My daughter that passed away at the age of 6 (she was medically fragile) totally changed me. She was such a gorgeous spirit and I thank the Lord that we were given the chance to have her as long as we did.

  32. Jacqueline Desiree Punzo says

    this is such a useful product, I wish I knew about it when I had babies in diapers, it is a nice clean and handy way to keep your diapers and wipes! :)

  33. md kennedy says

    Love these dispensers – great idea for a shower gift for my step-daughter who is due in May.

  34. Betty C says

    My biggest change after having a baby was my sleep pattern. Before – I could sleep through a tornado!! After – one little squeak and I was awake.
    By the way I love the review. That really makes the diapers handy and adds a cute decoration.

  35. Krista Grandstaff says

    That Bobee is amazing! I’ve only ever seen them in a box, in person…never one in action ( it was at a shower)…this looks too handy!

  36. cahty henatyszen says

    I sure like this idea, they never had anything like this when my kids were in diapers

  37. Lydia says

    I love being organized so I’m so surprised I haven’t seen this before. I love the stickers! Great post.

  38. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, that would have been so handy to have. We just entered the potty training phase so hopefully I won’t need them any longer but I think this would make a great baby shower gift.

  39. Mary Ann Knox says

    I agree Jenn, your whole life and your outlook on it changes when you become a mom. It';s not just your life anymore, you have someone who needs and depends on you. My daughter made me who I am.

    • says

      Mary I love the way you said that… My daughter made me who I am… WOW that’s powerful and so true.. thanks so much I love that, really is awesome!

  40. Wendy Mastin says

    Being a mom is one of the greatest things a woman can become. My daughter is pregnant for the 1st time and is due in April. i tell her all the time the minute that child is born, your would will change forever.

  41. Cindy Barnett says

    Great article and great review! My youngest is 3 and almost potty trained. If only I heard about this sooner. It’s a great idea!

  42. stephanie bryant says

    i thank you for the time and energy that u put into your reviews and comments thanks so much

  43. cortney walls says

    I love this review. My son was born with special needs and it changed me into a totally different person!

  44. Tricia says

    Ha! I’m not sure I believe that about the dog! My dog is my little princess right now! We will be having children in the next year or 2 so we will see! HA! :) My sister-in-law is due next month-I’ll have to inform her about this Bobee! :)

    • says

      lol, I thought the same thing.. now, my dog is a dog and my babies are my princesses lol… however he is still a very special part of my life and we all love him…

  45. Anita Leibert says

    There is no doubt that having kids will change you. You will be surprised to look back after your child is 30, like mine is, and realize just how much you really have been through and how much you’ve changed over the years as a result of having a child.
    I love all the new and interesting items available to moms these days. I only wish they had been available way back when!!

  46. Vikki Cousin says

    The Bobee was such a cute and helpful product! Why didn’t I think of that! This would make a nice baby shower gift!

  47. Christina Strapp says

    This thing looks awesome!! I will have to check this out. The diapers and wipes take up so much space on her changing table. I have changed so much since I have became a mother!

  48. Susan S., TN says

    DUHHH!!! Sorry must have skipped over the last paragraph. Just read where u can buy the Bobee. Its been a long day. Thats another thing u sacrifice when u have kids is ur MIND!! LOL It just stops working sometimes, don’t know why..

  49. Susan S., TN says

    Will u be having a giveaway for the “BOBEE”? I would love to get one of them. If not where can I find one?

  50. Susan S., TN says

    I think becoming a mom was the greatest chance in my life. You just never realize how much u can really love someone. They become your life and thats it. No one else will exist, sorry even hubby. lol U try to keep up some of ur all routines and activities from before mommyhood, buts its hard. U really just want to focus on baby. And the sacrifices for ur kids never end. U will always be putting them first before your needs. I believe its an honor and a gift to be able to put ur kids first. I love my 2 boys more than anything in this world!!!!

  51. Stephanie Larison says

    Wow, I want one of these…bad! Whoever thought up this was pretty genius. I’m always in a struggle with everything when it comes time to change my daughter. The wet wipes don’t pop up as they should and it’s such a pain to have to open the lid and fix it every time.

  52. Stephanie from CT says

    You are so right about changing as a mom.

    The dispenser is cute …. when mine were small I had a fabric wal hanging with pockets for diapers.

  53. Margie B says

    On your list there is one other thing that changes. You DO get eyes in the back of your head! A womans intuition gets “turned on” full-time as long as you are a mommy. You just “know ” things and if your are smart you will follow that intuition and make wise choices for you and your children. Yes, there are lots of changes!

  54. Heather martin says

    Don’t forget you lose the sense of privacy. I sometimes forget. I’m not around other mom’s or children I’m supposed to be watching. I’m so used to having explain everything and being available ALL the time.

  55. Maddie K. says

    Let me just say that I don’t have my own children, I have stepkids, but what changed for me most of all was that suddenly I was responsible financially, emotionally and in every other way to bring them up as responsible adults. I was surprised at how much I put myself in the background thinking “does so and so need something?” I seemed to always put the kids and their needs ahead of mine. Since I had been a single adult for a long time I was really surpirsed by this. No longer selfish, but always thinking of them first. Being a parent is hard, but stepparenting is by far more difficult. Having to deal with Ex whatever’s and kids and their proclivities and behaviours (or lack thereof). Being responsible for them but not having legal rights. It’s a hard place to be in. I only wish I had my own children, but I am too old for that. I’m hoping for grandkids someday.

    • says

      omg I have 3 stepkids that I love dearly, they call me mom their moms are not around and I totally agree things are just different…. I don’t have to deal with the EX but I remember when I did it was horrible… so I feel for you there, thanks so much for you comment girl!

  56. willis flanagan says

    i like that it helps not only save space, but keep everything organized in once area.. we could use more organization.

  57. Donna Cheatle says

    This would have been incredibly handy to have around when my littles were little!
    This was a great review! Thanks

  58. JJ Caraway says

    This is really a great idea for saving room. All they had were diaper stackers when my children were babies years ago.LOL I enjoyed reading your review and just have to say that when I heard their cry and saw my babies for the fist time I said Thank you LORD for this Blessing thats truly a miracle. It totally changes you from that moment on, and the grandchildren are so special too but you have a ways to go until you get there.

  59. Susan Broughton says

    When you have not had children you think people are crazy talking about how it changes so much but when you have children you finally understand how drastic it does change things

  60. Wendy Schueman says

    Being a Mother is most deffinitly a Blessing, I think the patience comes from seeing things you already know through the eyes of your child almost makes it new again in your own. It’s the amazement of seeing everything and experiencing everything through your children that you learn to appreciate life. Thats what I’ve gotten out of my experience as a Mother and Grandmother. Thank you!

  61. Mary Dailey says

    Wonderful topic. I remember how scared I was and if I was doing things right. I love the old saying that a manual doesn’t come with a baby. Loved this review!

  62. Dorothy Boucher says

    Thanks for review on about the way we change as a person when we become MOMS because we do.. I found myself more protective of my children , a bit selfish at times ,never wanting to share them with others LOLL .. i also wanted to comment on that diaper holder, what a neat idea, will have to check the pricing out for my daughter, she would love one of them.. THanks @tisonlyme143

  63. Margie Young says

    Wow, That is a wonderful idea !! Wish they had them when my kids were babies !!! Would make awesome shower gifts !

  64. says

    I totally agree in everything you said here. Being a mom is is the most wonderful thing happened to me. I learned how to be strong, I became more responsible and be more careful in everything I do. Being a mom is priceless. Moms in our generation are so lucky! A lot of things are available in the market that design especially for us to make our life be more productive and less stress while taking care of our children. :)

    • says


  65. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It is true that being a mom hanges us. How can it not do that when a mother is responsible for taking care of a new life, guiding it instructing it ,protecting it, etc.

    • says

      YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Overnight out life changes and we are now blessed with a wonderful baby, but also responsible for a little life! So true, thank you for your comment!

  66. Lee Pearson says

    I love the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser. This is so handy. Thank you for this nice review.

  67. misty farmer says

    I totally understand where ur coming from, I also have 3 girls, and everything changes! Great review!