13 Apps To Help You Manage Social Media #VZWBuzz

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Most of you might remember reading my recent Moto X Review for Verizon.  I’m going to admit, I love the phone, but it’s taken some getting used to.  I have been a Windows Phone user for the last year, and a lot happens in a year when you’re talking about Google Play and apps.  It has been fun finding new apps to help me manage social media.  There are so many out there, and new ones that come up almost daily that I was amazed at how much some of them have changed, or the new ones I found.  I’m always on the lookout for apps to help make my life easier in terms of social networking.  Most of you know I blog full-time, so being able to use certain platforms on the go makes my life much easier.  With all the social networking websites available it can become frustrating choosing the best apps to manage social media from your mobile deceive. Here are a few apps that either currently help me manage social media, or I have used in the past.   I hope you find one that is useful.

13 Apps To Help You Manage Social Media #VZWBuzz13 Apps To Help You Manage Social Media


Seesmic allows users to manage their social networks all in one place.  View, update, and share pictures.  My favorite thing about Seesmic is that it’s fully integrated with Facebook, which means you can also access your Facebook Pages as well as your Facebook profile.  Not to mention support multiple Twitter accounts, cross-post between Twitter and Facebook, view pictures, search, share videos using YouTube, and so much more.  If you’re looking for a good dependable app to help make managing your social media easier I would definitely give Seesmic a try.  You can grab it for Android or iOS.

Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter allows user to manage their Twitter account on the go, and if you have multiple Twitter accounts Plume for Twitter supports multiple twitter accounts.  Enjoy Twitter geotagging, swipe scrolling, Facebook Timeline & Posting, Picture preview in your timeline, and much more.  It’s a useful app for anyone using an Android device.


My personal favorite way to save pictures from my PC, as well as all of my devices in Flickr.  Not only can I automatically save all of my pictures in my Flickr account, but I can access all my images from anywhere, view pictures from people I follow, and share my pictures.  Users also get free custom filters and frames, editing tools, easy sharing to your social networks, and endless amounts of uploads.  Another plus is that Flickr is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Devices, which makes everything that much easier.


TweetCaster is another great Twitter app that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts, post to Twitter and Facebook, receive notifications, and more.  My favorite thing about TweetCaster is that you can view your up to the minute stats, create smart lists, save links to read later, speak tweets, as well as get suggestions on people to follow.  TweetCaster is a great app for managing your Twitter accounts.  Right now you can get TweetCaster Pink for $10, receive TweetCaster Pro, and TweetCaster will donate to Breast Cancer Awareness.  You can get it for both your Android and iOS device.

InsTrack for Instagram

Everyone is on Instagram, which is why you want to monitor whose unfollowed you, not following you back, new followers, and more.  InsTrack for Instagram allows users to view a list of followers and following, detect new followers, and unfollowers, open profile, and more.  InsTrack for Instagram is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Evernote is super easy to use, and a powerful app that helps users stay organized, and my favorite part is that it reminds me to do just about everything lol.  I’m a busy mom of four, and I need help from time to time, and thankfully Evernote works.  Users will enjoy awesome recorded voice reminders, capture pictures, create to do lists, and it sync’s across all of your devices and PC.  You can grab Evernote for Android, iOS and Windows devices.


I recently started using this app, and it’s a real-time saver, and easy to use.  Pushbullet allows users to see their phones notifications on their computer, and send notifications to friends, and yourself if you need.  Send checklists, reminders, notes, find an address on your computer, send it to your phone and your phone will use Google Maps for directions. You can download Pushbullet in Google Play.

Google Keep

Ever have those moment when you think of a great blog post, but by the time you get home you have forgotten what it was about?  Google Keep allows you to keep notes, lists and pictures so you remember the small things.  Voice notes can be transcribed, and I love the color coded notes.  Grab Google Keep on in Google Play.

Google AdSense

If you use Google AdSense on your blog than I’m sure you are going to want to manage your account, or at least check things out to see how you’re doing.  Google AdSense provides you an easy way to keep up with your ads on the go.  Enjoy access to reporting, account overview, earning report and more.   You can download Google AdSense for Android, iOs, and Windows devices.

Google Analytics

Anyone with a blog wants to check their stats, and it’s nice knowing you can do it on the go too.  Users can access all of their Google Analytics information using the app.

Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers

Access documents that are saved using your SkyDrive anywhere.  View Excel, PowerPoint, and Word docs on your mobile device.  Create documents from your phone, finish them at home, or save them for later.  Be sure you have the SkyDrive app downloaded on your mobile device, and PC so you can access all of your documents anytime, anywhere.


Access your files from anywhere, on any device with SkyDrive.  Automatically upload photos, and documents from your phone to your SkyDrive, view your recent documents, share files, pictures, and more.  SkyDrive is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Devices.


If you’re crazy about measuring your analytics this is a great app.  SpredFast will help you manage and measure date from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Flickr, and help you see how engaged your audience is.  Enjoy nicely formatted graphs, and tons of other great features.

These are only a few of the many apps that are out there.  I’m always looking for useful new apps, especially when it comes to helping me manage social media on the go.  With so many apps available, I know we’re all using different apps for different reasons.  I would love to hear about which apps you’re using, and why.  Leave me a comment and let me know what some of your favorite apps are, whether it’s for social media management  or social media fun.

Most of you already know I am a loyal Verizon Wireless customer.  I have been with them for over 10 years, and love them to pieces.  I feel super blessed to be part of the blogger program.  If you’re hunting for a new provider I cannot recomend them enough, and if you’re on the lookout for a new phone be sure to check out my Verizon Wireless Moto X Review.  I really have no updates, other than I love it more and more everyday, and my husband gets more and more jelous that I have it, lol. You can also follow the hashtag #VZWBuzz to stay up to date with all the awesome techy buzz from Verizon.  You might also want to swing by and check out the Verizon Insider Blog.  You can subscribe for free, there is fabulous tips, and you don’t have to be a Verizon customer to learn.

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    I use most of these, but there are a few that I don’t, so I can’t wait to check them out. Thanks!

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    i think these are all great apps, but i truly think they put much on people and social, i think its great more so for around the world but i surely think its made people lazy … great review n thanks for share

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      Dorothy you know I do agree with you! I LOVE techy stuff, apps, smartphones you know… However I do agree with you!

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    Plume for Twitter sounds really interesting. I like that it will let you manage multiple accounts but now I have to look up “geotagging” I’ve not heard of this before.

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    Wow, for me, this is a lot of information to take in, I’m really going to have to explore each of these, one at a time. Thank you for your insights.

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    That’s a great list of apps. Not being a blogger I wouldn’t use most of them, but I’m sure they’re very useful.

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    i have an andriod and love it never will goto windows or ios

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    I love my social media. So nice to know there’s a reasonable way of organizing it all !!

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    Thank you so much girl. I just got my android and if it wasn’t for all your tips and advice I would be lost. I am getting ready to download the google keep now. I need something to direct me everyday and hopefully work my brain for me

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    Thanks so much for this great list! I’ve heard of some of them and have them in my phone already, but there are other mentioned here that I’ll be adding, as well.

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    I use Google Analytics but Spredfast sounds interesting too.

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    Evernote is of the most interest to me–I will have to check that out! I am also a loyal Verizon Wireless subscriber…I just find that their coverage is still the best after many years!

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