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WP_20130202_020Most of you know I have been reviewing the HTC 8X Window Phone!  Here I sit more than a month later even more impressed than I was when I first began using it.  I’ve spend countless hours learning how to use my Windows Phone, I want to know everything it’s capable of doing.  Which is probably some of the reason I decided to upgrade my computer to something with Windows 8.  I must say, I’m very impressed with everything.

I have tried to do everything I can think of using the phone.  I’ve even done a few blog post with it.  Which is fabulous, totally love the fact that we can talk to our phones.  Whoever thought of that, well I just want to hug them.  It’s so much easier for me to talk, I never run out of things to say, lol. With so many fabulous features, I have decided to post about a few of my favorite.  Yes, a few.  I seriously like so many things about this phone, I had to narrow it down a little.  So what’s my favorite features of the Windows HTC 8X phone?  I have several, but here‘s some of my favorite.

The keyboard – I really have not been big on the whole touchscreen idea on my mobile phone until recently.  The virtual keyboard on my HTC 8X is amazing, it is very accurate.  Before I upgraded to a touchscreen, I send texts all the time.  Once I upgraded to the touchscreen, with only the virtual keyboards I pretty much stopped texting all together.  There is nothing more annoying that fighting with your keyboard to send a 10 word text.  I’ve started texting again, lol.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one.  I’m going to say it’s a good thing, due to the fact that before my Windows phone I would just not respond to text that I received.  I know it’s horrible, but I was that frustrated with it.  The Windows HTC 8X keyboard is accurate, no problems with it, if I touch the letter S I see the letter S appear on the screen.  I know it might sounds crazy, but if you’ve struggled with your virtual keyboards I’m sure you’ll understand.  It’s almost magical, lol.   Love that I am able to respond to text messages, lol.  I think my husband is too.

The design – I have never thought about a phone being comfortable until holding the HTC 8X.  The first thing I noticed when I help it was the way  it fits perfectly into ones hand.  The design is perfect.  It’s the most comfortable phone to hold in your hand.  It is covered in an ultra-unique matte finish and is designed perfectly.

WP_20130126_037Camera – The HTC 8X camera allows you to fit more in one shot.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of you and your husband, children or friends?  It can be a bit challenging at times.  The HTC 8X phone allows you to fit more in one shot with an 88 degree until-wide-angel front end camera.  It can capture much more than other front end camera’s I have personally used.  Not to mention the camera takes fabulous pictures, the video camera works fabulous as well.   Oh, when your 8X screen is locked you can still point and shoot or take an HD video.

Many of you might remember we recently went to Hollywood for some things I did with Progressive.  We totally forgot our camera, lucky I had my HTC 8X phone.  It took some fabulous pictures, my husband and I were very surprised at the quality of the pictures.  I have posted a few for you to see.   I love that all my photos are automatically backed up on my SkyDrive and I have easy access to them from my PC too.  In the end, this camera takes wonderful pictures.  All the pictures in the post were taken using my HTC 8X.

– When I think of a Smartphone, I think of people, places, music, pictures, and an endless amount of apps that allow you to do or find just about anything.  The HTC is a Windows Phone, which is totally awesome.  I’m all about the Windows.  I’ve read other reviews where people did not think there was enough apps, I don’t’ find that to be an issue at all.  I have been able to find and use any app I have needed.  I know everyone needs different apps, but go check out all the apps for yourself at the Windows Apps Store.  There is so many to choose from, I am able to find every app I need and then some.  The apps all seem to run very smooth, without any major hiccups or errors.

Music, well it doesn’t get better than Beats Audio –  First of all, the audio is above average.  There is absolutely no static, the sound is crystal clear.  You can listen to your tunes, watch videos, subscribe to podcast, and even create your own playlists, with the music you like.  Again, plenty of apps if you decided to download an app to find music.  Be sure to check out the Xbox Music Pass you can stream and download more than 30 million songs from their global catalog.  Oh, and iTunes..  If you use iTunes you can listen to them on your HTC 8X as well.  Now about the Beats Audio, the 8X has an amp built into the phone, which makes it a powerhouse when you’re jamming on your headphones.  The sound is fabulous, unlike music on any other phone that I have heard.

GUILTY PARTY: MATTIE – She been known to call 911 repeatedly, delete pictures, download unwanted apps, and do things with moms phone that even mom doesn’t’ know how to do!

Kidproof, Kidproof, Kidproof – I love my girls, but when it comes to them using moms phone.  Well, I could do without it.  They always seem to delete something, call china, 911, download something, break something, and call 911 again.  I cannot be more happy with the way I’m able to make my phone Kidproof.  For some strange reason, my phone is a playground for my two younger children.  Dad has the same phone, but moms for some reason is so much cooler.  The HTC 8X has Kids Corner, which grants your little one access to certain apps, videos, music, or games.  My 2-year-old can open Kids Corner, she knows it’s the right one because it has a picture of her.  We call it Matties Corner, she’s able to get to all her fun games, and CANNOT CALL 911!  Yes, I have had that happen, sadly more than once.  Try about 4 times, that’s once per child.

The bright display
– The Gorilla glass provides a bright, vibrant, yet durable touchscreen.  The bright colors alone make it stand out from other phone, the color accents give it that personal glow and unique look.  The HTC 8X comes with a 41.3” 720P HD screen that really helps bring all your pictures, videos, Life Tiles, apps, and everything else on your phone to life.  The phones display has 341 pixels per inch with 720p x 1280p resolution.  The display is amazing!

Rooms – This is one of the features I have just recently began experimenting with, and I love it.  My husband and I have our own little private room.  We share a grocery list, let each other know about plans, picking up kids, or grabbing something on our way home from work.  We have another room we created, it’s our family room.  We made this room so we can communicate with my mother n law too, she helps us a lot with the kids.  It’s nice to be able to share something in one place and everyone have access.  You can share a calendar  chat, pictures, to-do-lists and more.  It’s an awesome feature.  Oh, and the Rooms are by invite only.  So the only way someone can get into Shawn & Jenn’s Room is if one of us invite them.  Don’t worry, we will not invite anyone.  Mom and dad need their private place.

WP_20130210_007 (1)Battery – It’s been a long time since I have been able to charge my smartphone and have it last longer than a day.  I can change my HTC 8X and get 2 days before I need to place it back on the charger.  I might not use my phone much for calls, but I use it a lot for my email accounts, and social media networking.  It’s been my experience that using these features can drain a battery pretty fast.  Longer battery life has made life much easier.  It also comes with Better Saver, which is built-in.  You can turn on the Battery Saver when your phone’s battery is running low to help you save on batter life.

Ability to personalize – HTC 8X is know for it’s ability to be personalized.  We know right from the start that the live tiles are great for giving your phone personality, but there’s so much more you can do with the live tiles.  There’s some awesome apps that you can install to take personalizing your phone to the next level.  Be on the lookout, I will be posting more about personalizing over the next few weeks.

Voice Input – I love that I can make a call, launch an app, send a text, find something online, take a note, and just about anything else all with my voice.  I really have to say this is one of the features I have had the most fun getting to know.  I know many other Smartphone have this feature, but I have always had issues using them in the past.  I must have not rubbed my belly and patted my head correctly to get them to work, lol.  Okay, just kidding there’s some out there that work great I am sure, I just have not been lucky enough to have one that I wanted to take the time to get to know.

Finding a lost phone – Like I mentioned earlier my kids use my phone all the time, which means it gets misplaced all the time.  The Find My Phone feature comes already on your phone and it allows you to ring the phone, lock the phone, erase everything, or locate it on a make, all from the wonderful web.

WP_20130128_013SkyDrive – The online storage service hooks into both Window 8 and Windows Phone 8, so one can keep all their pics, videos, and documents where they can always get to them.   I take pictures of the kids or for my reviews using my phone, they are automatically sent to my SkyDrive.  So if I need to edit a picture I took on my phone, the file chooser allows me to select pictures from my SkyDrive and begin editing easily.  This is one of my favorite features, I have to save using SkyDrive has saved me so much time when it comes to pictures.  They are all in one place, easy to get to on my phone or computer, and editing them is super easy.

In the end, this is a great phone.  In my opinion one of the best phones on the market.  My husband and several of our friends and co-workers have upgraded dropped their Android or iPhone for the HTC 8X Windows phone, because they like everything we I am able to do with my HTC 8X.  Almost anytime we go and visit friends and family, I have let someone see my phone.  My husbands tough, he says no.  I’m nice, and hey it’s an awesome phone I kind of like showing it off.

The HTC 8X is something you need to see, hold in your hands, and use to fully appreciate.  It’s capable of so much it would take me hours upon hours to try to explain everything to you.  In the end, I’m extremely happy with my HTC 8X and cannot think of any phone I would rather be using right now.  There’s plenty of apps, it’s an awesome phone, and Windows 8 is just amazing.

In my opinion there is no other platform as well thought out and integrated as Windows 8.  The HTC 8X provides a unique experience in a world of smartphones where so many are so much alike.   Once you have connected all your accounts, you can easily access them from any and all Windows 8 devices, and experiences the world of Windows 8.  I really think the HTC joining forces with Windows 8 was the best move they could have made.  They have set a bar that will be hard to reach.  I have had my phone over a month now and am still having a blast discovering everything it’s capable of doing.  If you’re on the market for a new phone, you should definitely look into the HTC 8X phone.  It is by far the best smartphone that I have had in my two little hands.

I just recently upgraded my computer to Windows 8.  I am very excited to start connecting my Windows Phone and Computer.  I will be sure to keep you updated.

If you’re currently using the HTC 8X Windows Phone, what’s your favorite feature?  If not, what do you thing will be most useful to you?

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.  I received the HTC 8X for the purpose of a review.  All opinion are 100% honest and my own based on my own experiences.  I only provide reviews on products I feel my readers will find value in. 

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