15 Great Music Apps for My Windows #HTC8 Phone #Troop8x

Windows HTC 8X Music apps

I have recently been playing with some music apps on my Windows HTC 8X Phone trying to make an awesome Valentine’s Day playlist.  While finding the best way for me to make a playlist I ran into some pretty neat apps that I wanted to share.  Here’s 17 great music apps I found in the Windows store that you can use to browse music, make playlists, identify songs, browse videos, or get ringtones:

Sky Music – This is a good music manager and downloader.  You can browse the Zune catalog to find ringtones and music for your phone.  Sky Music is a free app you can find in the Windows Store.

Free Music Downloader – If you’re looking for an easy way to download music to your Windows HTC 8x free.  You might want to give Free Music Downloader a try.  You can download music without any limitations.

Music and Ringtone Downloader – Everyone loves music, but ringtones have become pretty popular too.  Why not have an app that gives you the best of both worlds.  You can get access to mp3 files and search for music and ringtones for your phone.  There are tons of songs and ringtones to choose from.

Music Videos – If you like music, there’s a good chance you like watching your favorite band.  Music Videos allows you to browse by keyword and save your favorite music search keyword.  Don’t worry you can save your searches too.

Amazing Music – If you choose Amazing Music to listen to your favorite jams you can enjoy millions of songs 100% free.  Listen to some of the newest tracks, Recommend the top 20 iTunes, search by songs and artists, cache to your phone so you can listen to offline.

Music Wand – This app allows you to play music on your Windows HTC 8X device using your phones accelerometer.  Choose your instrument, scales, record and playback

Touch Music – This is a free app for athletes, and people who are on the move.  This is an awesome app if you’re not able to look at the screen to manage your music.  You can manage Touch Music with gestures.

Music Alarm – If you’re like me, hard to get up.  You might want to download Music Alarm…  Wake up to music, use your phone as an alarm, display the clock as a traditional alarm clock.  Choose a nice loud song to help you wake up in the morning, lol.

Stop Music – Just like the name, download this app to set a sleep timer for your music.  This is perfect for those of you who enjoy listening to some quite jams while laying in bed.

Music Craft – If you would like to do more than just create a playlist you might want to check out this app.  You can make your own music creation, get creative, and have fun.  If you like making your own beats you might want to download Music Craft and have a little fun.

Live Music Access – Do you like listening to Live Music?  If so download this app and you’ll have access to tons of live convert recordings.

Coud City Music – this is a Google Music client.  You can Stream your music library from the cloud.  You can login to your Google Music, browse your collection of jams, create mixes from your collection, save new playlists and pin playlists.

iTumes Music – You have to have iTumes.  With this app you can check out music and be up to date with what’s going on in the iTumes Store.

Sound Hound – This app is perfect for those times when you hear a song and you just cannot remember the name.  Get unlimited music recognition, and instant music.

My Playlist – This app easily identifies new songs your collection and suggest you listen to them.  Perfect for those who have a large selection of music on their phone.  You can also see the last song played on your live tile.

Spotify – One of my favorite apps so far.  Spotify Beta comes up on your Windows HTC 8x with millions of songs for you to browse.  Make playlists, and go offline without any connection.  You can also download Spotify to your computer to add songs to playlists or listen to your favorite playlist while surfing the web.

YouTube – Most are familiar with YouTube, and probably use it to watch videos.  Why not have it on your Windows Phone?  Download YouTube and browse videos, watch movies, and enjoy the world of YouTube from your phone.

I’ve heard from people who Windows doesn’t have enough apps.  In my opinion they have some of the best apps.  I never have an issue with them, they run nice and smooth and there is plenty to choose from.  The apps listed above are only a few of the many music apps you can download to your Windows HTC 8X to get the latest jams, videos, or ringtones.

While I have found many of the apps extremely useful, I have to say YouTube is of course my favorite for browsing videos online.  Spotify is an awesome app for downloading music to your phone.  If you’re on the lookout for new apps to download music on your Windows HTC 8X these are some apps your might find useful.  If not, there is plenty more to choose from in the Windows store.

Be sure and check out some Valentine’s Day Songs that I have added to my playlist.

Do you have a Windows HTC 8X phone?  If so what app do you use to download your favorite tunes?  If you don’t have a Windows Phone yet, what do you think about the apps available in the Windows Store?  Don’t forget to share.  Hit the Like, Tweet and Google +1 buttons.

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  1. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I have cell phone, but I can’t do any of these things on it, mine is pretty simple

  2. Ari says

    Stop Music sounds like a perfect way to listen to music while you fall asleep and not have to worry about it running all night.

  3. Ari says

    I knew about Spotify and Sound Hound (both are my standard must-need apps) but I’ll have to check out Touch Music & Live Music Access. Both sound great!

  4. Dianna Thomas says

    This is great– I have a couple , but this is much better a list than I have–thanks–sometimes I worry about adding to much to the phone so I’ll be checking this out a little further :-)

  5. Tania B says

    Whoa, I didn’t realize how many music options you would have with this phone. I may have to put this phone in my “maybe int he future” list.

  6. Ashley C says

    You mentioned Zune. Is that an app for the Windows Phone or is it intetrated into the OS? I have a Zune instead of an iPod and I love it.