15 Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Business Online and Offline

Starting a business is hard work.  Getting your business noticed online and offline is another story, and can often cause stress.  If you’re stressing over getting your business out there, stop!  Stress only makes things work, there is plenty of ways to promote your business online and offline.

Cheap ways to advertise your businessOnce I started to look at my blog as a business, I had to stop and ask myself three question.  Sure my blog isn’t like a local store, or online store where actual items are sold, but I have services that I offer.    How can I advertise my business and get my name out there on a budget.  What’s the most affordable way to get my business out there?  It took me a little while to realize it, but once I did things started to fall into place.  If you’re on the lookout for inexpensive ways to promote your businesses, here is 10 inexpensive ways to promote your business online and offline.

  • Business Cards – Yes I am online, but every business needs business cards.  I might not need them all the time, but handing someone a business card is much more professional than writing something on a torn piece of paper.  Not only is it more professional, people will misplace a piece of papers, and more than likely hang on to a business card.  Tip, always give out three cards.  This gives whoever the opportunity to give those two out.
  • Flyers – Creating your own flyer for advertisement is an easy and low-cost way to promote your business locally.  You can give them out, leave them on business boards, mail them out, whatever you see fit.
  • Have a website – If you’re planning on promoting your business, you need a website.  Yes, even if you’re not planning on telling anything online.  I don’t know about you, but I jump online for everything.  If I want to see what time the Dr. Office closes, I jump online to check it out.  Whether I need more information about a local company or I’m buying something online, I do it online.  It’ easier than making a phone call or diving all the way over.  In todays’ world everything is online, and you’re missing out if you’re not.
  • YouTube – Let’s face it, YouTube rocks.  Everyone is looking you YouTube, and everyone is on it.  Which is why you should have at least three videos on YouTube.
  • Facebook – Everyone is on Facebook, and you should be too.  Facebook isn’t just for kids anymore, everyone and I mean everyone is on it.  All major brands have Facebook fan pages, as well as lawyers, singerls, and doctors.  Having a fan page allows you to identify trends, and is a great way to interact with your fans.  Not to mention answer question, and show off products.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a great way to get you brands out there, tell people about sales, interact with them, spread the word about sales, answer questions, and anything else that comes along.
  • Blogging – For me my business is my blog, but for many others it’s not.  Having a blog give your brand a personal touch, somewhat of a voice.  You can offer tips and tricks for things related to your brand.
  • Newsletters – Having a weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to let your fans know about deals, new products, sales or anything else you have going on.
  • Google AdSense – If you’re looking for online buzz, you might try buying Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on search en
  • Run a contest of some kind – I do this all the time for brands of all sizes online.  It’s a great way to stir up some buzz, and really get your product out there.  This is something you can do locally or online.
  • Coupons/Free samples – If you’re able this is a great way to let people try before they buy.  If you’re not able to offer freebies, than offer coupons allowing your customers to receive a discount on a certain item.
  • Get involved – Whether your business is local or online, get involved with your customers and in your community.  Call customers, allow them to rate services and products, and take part in activities happening in your community.  The more people who know you and what you’re doing the better, remember word of mouth is key.
  • Stand out – Try to be different, sure look at other brands, but your yourself and try to stand out from the crowd.  Stay up to date and interesting. With everyone being online it’s more important than ever to stay up to date or you will get left behind.
  • Be patient – remember things do not happen overnight.  One step at a time, don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t’ work.  Keep trying, things will fall into place.
  • Offer swag – Have fun swag gear that you can use as giveaway items or sell them cheat.  Personalized shirts are great!  Speaking of personalized t-shirts, have you heard of TeeSpring?  They have an awesome website to build your own shirts.  I have been playing with it for the last hour or so trying to figure out what I want to do for mine.

They have this awesome tool that allows you to design your shirt, which I love.  I’m not exactly sure how I want to make shirts for Jenns Blah Blah Blog yet.  I mean I have a basic idea, but before I make many decisions I want to see what they’re going to look like.  I’m also not sure if it would be worth it in the long run.  Either way Teespring website, and concept is amazing!

Teespring allows you to create and sell your custom shirts with NO upfront costs, and No risk.  It’s awesome, and a great way to run any campaign.  Here is how it works:

Lunch your campaign – This is where you get to have fun with the awesome design tool on the Teespring website.  You will also choose your goal, and set a price to launch a campaign page where you will send your supporters to buy their shirts.  Buyers will only be charged if the goal is reached.

Reach your goal – You can continue to sell your personalized shirts beyond your goal until your campaign end date.  Once your campaign is over, Teespring will take care of printing and shipping.  Oh and don’t forget about the check for the profit too!

Launching your campaign in easy, and making the shirts is fun.  You really should swing by and check it out, and who knows maybe you will see a need to set up a campaign with Teespring.  I personally love the idea, and how everything works.  It really can work out for you too.  Check out some of the awesome examples that have come from Teespring.

15 Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Business Online and OfflineThe Bunny Girl Sings in Hungary shirt was made in children and toddler’s shirts to raise money for an 11- year-old to sing in a children’s choir in Hungary.

Ways To Promote Your BusinessThe Stay Strong Boston shirt raised over 85K for Boston relief.

Be sure and swing by and show your support to Oklahoma!  Right now you can show your support to Oklahoma with their Hearts With Oklahoma shirts!

Support Oklahoma Shirt

Head over and check out TeeSpring.com and check out their website. You’re going to love how fun it is to design your own shirt, and who knows you might even decided to set up a campaign.  If you have a campaign idea it’s a great way to get started.  Be sure to check out Teespring on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Whether you business is online or offline promoting it is important.  There is tons of great ways to promote your business that are inexpensive, expecially online.

Leave me a comment and let me now what are some inexpensive ways to promote your business online and offline that you use or have used?

This is a compensated post in partnership with Teespring.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I think what Teespring does is awesome, and I know some of you will too! 


  • tamra gibson

    How are the shirts coming along ??? I am looking forward to mine and I hope many other people are also

  • md Kennedy

    Another inexpensive advertising option is car decals – just stick ’em on your car and you have a custom business automobile!