20 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

romance key representing love and feelingsCelebrate the love for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and come up with a few extra special Valentine’s Day ideas for him.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; make it fun, flirty and from the heart.  Valentine’s Day is the great opportunity to remind one another how much you your sweetheart means to you.  Valentine’s Day allows you to let loose and do something different.  Whether it’s a candle lit dinner, or dressing up for a special night out, seize the opportunity and show your husband how much you care.

So what are some Valentine’s Day ideas for him?  I’ve come up with some great ideas for him on Valentine’s, but remember you know your guy and what he likes.  If you like some of these ideas, change them up so they are extra special Valentine’s Day ideas for him.

Send Him Flowers – Did anyone ever say that men don’t like flowers?  Some men might get upset if you sent them flowers, but there’s still plenty that would appreciate it.  I don’t know why so many ladies don’t think men like flowers.  When in fact there are plenty of men who love getting flowers with a huge teddy bear delivered to work.  It’s a great way for them to show off how much their girl cares about them.  So if you think he won’t like flowers at work, you might want to think again.  My husband is a diesel mechanic, I sent him flowers and he loves it.  It lets them know you’re thinking about them.  Flowers are an awesome way to let him know you care and are thinking about him.

The 7 Days before Valentine’s Day – There’s all these cute places online to purchase cards from, you even choose the devilry date.  Get one and have one delivered everyday for 5-7 days before Valentine’s Day.  You can send on Valentine’s Day with a super sweet little message in it, or skip it.  He’ll be expecting it; you can really have some fun with it.

Cook Dinner – What’s his favorite food?  Make him something he loves, don’t forget to be creative.  Candles are always a plus for a romantic dinner.  Valentine’s Day cooking is always more fun with hidden messages and notes in the food.

The Empty Lunch – Pack him an empty lunch, and show up at lunch time with his favorite food, or reservations for two.red rose and ring

The Love is in The Fortune Cookie – It’s possible I’ve done it.  You can get some tweezers and get the fortune out of the cookie.  Type up a new fortune on your computer.  You can have fun with the message, maybe put the fortune cookie in his empty lunch telling him to meet you at a cafe, or save it for dinner and have it tell him how much you’re in love with him.  Really this is all up to you, have fun with it. It’s super fun, and if you’re smooth enough it might take a little before he catches on.  If you plan on doing it with dinner telling him how much you love it, you might want to make several cookies with several messages.

Remember that spot – Did the two of you ever have a special spot?  Take a drive, blind fold him of course and surprise him with a trip back to memory lane.

Love Notes – Love notes are a great.  Start his morning out with a  little note in the car, then his lunch.  Leave them around where he can find them all day and they lead into something special.

Extra Affection – Hold his hand while you’re out, wrap your arms around one another.  Don’t go over board, but affection is always a great way to show him you care.

Day off – Give him the day off as much as you can.  Let him know you’ll take care of driving, organizing, homework, and anything else you can think of.

Dress it up – Get dressed up accordingly for him.  If you’re heading out for dinner and a movie spice it up a little more than normal.  Remind him how amazing you look all dressed up.

Spontaneous Flity – Have fun, flirt with him.  If you have been married for a long time that should give you more reason to be extra flirty.  Today responsibilities go out the windows, make him the only thing that matters.  Today you’re up for anything, and willing to drop everything to spend tie with him.  Call in sick to work and head out for a drive, stay home in bed all day, do something fun like you did when you first got together.  Just because you’ve been married or together for a while doesn’t mean that spark has to fade away.

Turn your home into a something he’ll remember – If you plan on avoiding the crowds this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason not to grab some candles and decorate to the max.  Get up early after he leaves for work and get creative.  Blankets, comfortable cushions, heart decorations, candles, and low lighting are a great way to kick off your Valentine’s Day decorating.   Don’t forget about the romantic music, you can look for song that have meaning to you and your guy.  Other great items are message oils, massaging tools, towels, sweet smells, chocolate covered strawberries, and anything else your creative mind can come up with.

love key representing adoration and romancePersonalize – Go the extra step and personalize your gift.  Whether you’re getting him a ring or a knife adding a personal touch makes it that much more special.

Make Coupons – This one can be lots of fun with some creativity.  Make him a coupon book filled with some things such as, movie night, full body rub, and freebie leave it for him to choose.  This can be as exciting or romantic as you want it too.

Serve Breakfast in Bed – Who doesn’t like they’re very favorite breakfast in bed?  Make your husband’s favorite cereal and serve to him in bed, lol.  Okay, well if his favorite breakfast is cereal do it.  If not you might want to stick with his favorite.

Red Lipstick – Write something romantic on the bathroom mirror.  Something passionate that lets him know you’re thinking about him.

Rejuvenate – Give him a rejuvenating body rub, grab those sensual oils and pamper him like he’s the only person that matters.

Candle Lit Bath – I love this!  It’s such a romantic way to finish of any night!  Get some lovely scented candles, bubbles, etc.

Sexy Romantic – If you’ve been together/married for any length of time, you know what you’re guy likes.  Whether it’s something a little  sexy, flirty games, or as simple as you wearing his favorite jersey Valentine’s is the perfect time to let loose and have a little fun.  It’s the perfect time to have fun, take a step back from your daily routines and do something to keep the romance alive.

Say I Love You – Wake him up when the clock changes to midnight-tell him Happy Valentine’s Day and that you love him.  This way you will be the first one to say it this Valentine’s Day.  If you cannot stay up that late, try to beat him to it in the morning.

In the end it’s not about the money you spend on your man, it’s about the thought put into your Valentine’s Day ideas for him.  The possibilities are endless, and only you know what your guy likes.  Don’t be scared to do something out of the ordinary.  Have fun and do something you know will make his heart skip a beat.  It’s important to keep romance alive, it’s also easy to forget about it when you have kids, work, and get caught up in daily routines.  Valentine’s Day is the one day that’s just for you and your partner to let loose and have fun.  Even if it’s a night home, there’s always after the kids go to bed. If you put a little creativity, time and energy into your plans you will come up with great Valentine’s Day ideas for him.  Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!

What are some great things you have done for you guy or gal in the past?  Anything that you would love to share, I would love to hear.  I’m still looking for something new and exciting to surprise my husband with this year.

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    Thanks for your advice, whether its Valentines or not that is good advice thank you1

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    Great ideas. Not every one of them will work for everybody though, but still some good choices for all times of the year.

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    These are all excellent ideas and could be applied anytime of the year really.

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    such great ideas for anytime of the year.

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    I Love These Ideas And Actually Was Already Planing On Doing A Few Of These But Thank You For The Extra Ideas!