3 Things I Thought About Before Upgrading My Smartphone #HTC8x #Troop8x

htcChoosing your next phone can be tricky, there’s so many to choose from.  Different colors, shapes, sizes, capabilities, and so on.  I always look forward to the free upgrades, right about the time my phone isn’t on the market anymore, it’s time for me to choose another one.  I am one of those people who will keep something until my husband hides it from me, tosses it, or my toddler leaves it somewhere.  I recently was able to upgrade, it look me days and day.

Okay, my husband is behind me and said I have to tell the trust.  It took me months.  OMG, I know right!  I just want to make sure I am getting the phone that I want.  After all it has to last me two years, and well I’m into all the awesome techy stuff our Smartphones do.  Who isn’t, oh sorry babe.  Yes, he is still standing behind me.  We can talk about him when he goes to bed, lol.  Till then, here’s some tips to help you pick your next Smartphone so you don’t spend so many hours starting at the same phone over and over again.

What’s important to you:  I suggest making a list of the things that are most important to you.  Is social media important, pictures, games, texting, and internet.  Make a list and include everything you use on a daily to weekly basis.  Those things you cannot live without.  Do you only use your phone for calling and texting?  Maybe just a simple phone will do, but which keyboard is best for you?  If you are checking emails, downloading information, networking, etc.  Than Smartphone it is.

Who your service is with:  If it’s time for an upgrade, it’s likely your contract is up.  If you’re unhappy with your carrier now is the time to change.  Does your carrier offer the plan that fits your needs at the best price?  What about coverage?  Spending time and researching your carrier can save you time and money in the long run.  I personally have been a loyal customer to Verizon for almost 15 years now, but don’t think I have not shopped.  I’m a penny pitcher  with a family of 6 there’s no other way to go.  Cost is extremely important to me, but so is getting everything we need.

Operating system:  Remember now Windows has some pretty awesome Smartphones.  I actually have the HTC 8 X.  Many of you might remember I did a review.  Well I liked the phone and operating system so much, I ran out and got one with my upgrade.  So be sure and check them all out.  Don’t stay with Android without checking out the iPhone and Windows Phones, or vice versa.  Do your research, these phones are changing all the time.  It’s important to find the right one.  Since upgrading is normally free, or can be done with a huge discount have fun.  Do remember to set yourself a budget, the last thing you’ll want to do is miss paying the water bill to get the best smart phone.

Why did I stick with Verizon?

In the end, I stuck next to Verizon because they have the best plan for me and my family.  I use everything, and a lot of it.  I have multiple lines, we all use the internet, download, check email, text, and on and on.  We’re a techy group.

Why I decided to go with Windows HTC 8x?

What else can I say other than I just love the phone, its fabulous?  After TONS of consideration, I decided to upgrade to the Windows Phone 8X from HTC.  The phone has everything I could ever want and then some.  To be honest, I’m still learning things I can do with it all the time.  The Windows Phone 8x by HTC has some great features that I really enjoy.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to test drive the Windows HTC Phone, and love it!  There’s some many reason I fell in love with this phone, I could go on for days.  In a nutshell here is the top reason I still love my HTC phone.

Madison Helping Mommy Review ProductsPictures – Being a mother of four, I take pictures all the darn time.  I really appreciate the fact that the HTC Windows Phone takes amazing pictures.  I can trust that my Windows 8 phone will produce high-quality photos with the ultra-wide-angle lens.  You got it, means you can fit more on the screen.  I love the way the pictures turn out, I don’t remember the last time I used my camera for anything.  The above picture is my toddler helping me review some products…. Pretty awesome, right.. Not to worry, review coming very soon.

Wallet – This is the first time I have ever thought about using this, but I love it.  Recently I decided to give it a try, only because a friend told me everything was safe and secure.  Remember I work for a bank, so I’m a little freaked out when it comes to doing this.  After all the fuss, there is nothing to worry about.  Everything is tucked away securely, and now everything I need is all in one place.

Sound – WOW, if you haven’t heard Beats Audio you really should.  Anyone who likes high-definition sounds should check it out, it’s the first phone that’s able to produce the quality sound.  It’s crystal clear, no distortion sounds great I love it.  I don’t even carry an Mp3 player anymore, just grab my headphone and plug them into my Window 8 phone.  My husband makes fun of me because I don’t even use the radio in the truck anymore, just my headphones and man I jam lol.

Size and look – The phone is super slim and lightweight.  I can honestly say it fits into your hand perfectly, it’s almost like it just belongs there, lol.  I’ve never paid attention to the way a phone fits in my hand until this one, it’s just something you notice right away.

Accuracy of the touchscreen – Now I have to be honest here, before my Windows 8 phone.  I hated touchscreen, okay I liked it but only if the phone has that little keyboard that slid out.  You know the old school phones, I know.  I had to there’s nothing I hate more than spending unneeded time trying to text my husband and say I love you.  Yes, we are still mushy like that.  I text him all the time, and poor guy thought I didn’t like him as much because I stopped texting him so much.  Had nothing to do with him, it was that darn touchscreen.  It was not just that phone, I tried so many other phones.  I’m happy to tell you, I now BLOW UP my husband’s phone with mushy texts again… Yup, he knows I love him thanks to HTC.

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles – These just rock.  I don’t know how else to tell you.  They are awesome and the more you learn, the more apps you download, and the more time you spend playing with your phone, the better you’re able to personalize your phone.   There’s so much you can do with the Live Tiles.  You customize your startup screen to fit you.  Arrange the tiles in the order you like, change the color, add pictures, notes, events, post it notes, your favorite apps, pictures, EVERYTHING!

WP_20130227_002I was so impressed with my Windows HTC 8X I made the move, the permeate move.  Guess what, my husband is too.  Oh, and he’s asleep now if you want to talk about him.  Ha-ha, not really.  Maybe I should use my HTC 8X phone and show you how great it works in the dark.  HUMMM, yes I will post a picture of my sleeping husband.  Ha-ha, he’s going to kill me.  Hey, but it’s for work right.  I can’t do it, I would be so mad at him if he did it to me, lol.  So here’s one I took of daddy and Mattie the other day playing with a puppy.

  • Jill Jacoby

    I got the HTC One S as a Founding Member of Solavei. I love it but will definitely get a Windows phone when I am ready to upgrade and the HTC has been a great phone. Solavei also supports the iPhone now but I am not sure if I am ready to tackle a whole new system since I have never owned Apple products.

  • Kelli A

    I usually go past my upgrade time, but this year I am counting the days! I have a dead area across the top of the screen, doesn’t respond to touch. I have been able to work around it for the most part, but it is bothersome. I use mine mostly for texting since I do not like talking on the phone at all. It is also great to have for those photo ops that would be missed without it.

  • http://scrappyd.blogspot.com Ginny

    I was using Windows 7.5 for almost 2 years. I just got the Nokia 920 & am in love with Windows 8. I’ve noticed recently I am able to get Ruzzle & words with friends. The apps are improving. If only I could get instagram, lol.

  • Allyson Tice

    I love how you are so friggin honest with your search for the perfect phone! i do the same thing except i am embarrassed to say it out loud! I make a list of what i want in a phone and get a new one every 2 years.. its nice to have a new phone and if you CAN afford it then i say GO FOR IT!!!

  • Jessica G

    I always have trouble finding the perfect phone. Normally I keep mine until it totally dies and it still takes me weeks to decide on which one to get.

  • Valarie Lee Gentry

    I had trouble picking a new smartphone when my contract was up. I knew I wanted an iPhone but I didn’t know what service to get. I read tons of reviews until my brain was totally confused! I went with the service with the most support for the iPhone, which is AT&T, in my opinion. I love my iPhone and I can’t wait til I can get an upgrade!

  • Lianne

    Pictures were a huge reason I upgraded my smartphone! My husband got a Galaxy Nexus when they first came out (he stood in line on the release date cuz he’s a huge nerd) and it took photos and was ready for the next in literally 2 seconds. Like from welcome screen to camera, shutter screen, 2 seconds. I love my new phone! :)

  • Peggy Greco

    I have a basic phone, but hope to upgrade to smartphone in future. Thanks for sharing your good tips.

  • Maria Iemma

    I wish I had an iphone, my friend has one and is a godsend. It even has gps in it. This would be good for me as I get lost going around the block

  • md kennedy

    Jenn: I know it is NICE to have a new phone, but did you really NEED one? I have had the same simple cell for 5 years – no camera, no apps, not even voicemail, and I spend no more than $100 per year on time. Just imagine what else you could do with the money you are spending on a phone that would have so much more of a positive impact on your life…

  • Sylvia Ortiz

    I’ve been searching for the perfect Smart phone, and the Windows HTC may be the one. My last purchase was/is a Nokia C (something). It works for now, but I’m not 100% satisfied. Additionally, I was a longtime Verizon customer (I had five phones on my account and paid roughly $280 a month), which was great – until I was laid-off. Now, I have a prepaid account with T-Mobile and only pay $30 (even) a month for my cellular service – and I get unlimited talk/text/web, (I think there is some limit to how many gb I use for the web, but I’ve never exceeded my limit (I occasionally browse the web, check emails and fool around with some of the apps). Also, I’ve never experienced drop calls or bad connections either. Just giving you some insight on other possible carrier options. :)