5 Helpful Tips To Help Your Kids Have Fun Sharing A Bedroom!

Your kids can have fun sharing a bedroom! My goodness I remember growing up with 5 siblings in a two bedroom home. Boy was it cramped!! Having one brother and 4 sisters, guess who got a room of their own?? UGH!! My sisters & I had to share a bedroom with two sets of bunk beds. Yep, it was crowded! We never had our own private space. So of course we would have to compromise, make sacrifices and the normal sibling scuffles. I can’t remember ever having time alone or a place to call my own. But we made it work, so I know first hand kids can have fun sharing a bedroom. I am soooo excited to share with you today the Privacy Pop!!

4 Helpful Tips To Help Your Kids Have Fun Sharing A Bedroom!

5 Helpful Tips To Help Your Kids Have Fun Sharing A Bedroom!

Sharing a bedroom can be stressful at times not only for kids, but adults in the home too.  I mean, children argue, bicker, and fight.  Here are 5 helpful tips to help kids have fun sharing a bedroom, and hopefully keep your stress levels down too, lol.

  1. Keep their lines of communication open. Have your kids talk to each other after lights off for the night. Siblings sharing secrets with each other or talking to one another about something that is bothering them helps them bond.
  2. Teach them to respect their siblings need for privacy. When they understand that individual alone time is important, they will get along better in the room together.
  3. Have them make every night a sleepover!! With a nice bedtime snack, they can watch a movie together, read to each other, tell stories, make play dates or just talk about how their day was, this also helps to build a strong sibling bound.
  4. For the younger ones, encourage them to use their imaginary & creativity skills to design a tent or fort out of sheets and blankets. This will allow them quality play time together. If they’re older, they can use this space they created as a place of privacy/solitude to write in their diary, journal, do their homework or just kick back & listen to music.
  5. It’s important to for your kids to respect each others right to their own privacy, it’s also important to make sure they know that you’re still the parent and privacy has its limits.

I can still remember when my youngest put her hand up like a mini police officer and commanded me to “go away please. I need to be alone for a little while!” Then in her tweens, politely asking me while on the phone one day ” mom, a little privacy please!” Oh the proud moments of motherhood!! We all know the importance of our privacy especially when it comes to our kids, this is why I’m happy to talk to you today about the Privacy Pop. I absolutely love this Pop-Up!! It was especially created for college students living in dorms, kids and teenagers that share a room with their siblings, and people of all ages who share rooms to cut down on rent costs.

The folks at Privacy Pop know that sharing a bedroom with someone else meant a lack of privacy, uncomfortable moments and disagreements. This new product is changing the way that kids, teenagers, college students, and anyone that has to share a room lives. I love the unique design of this exclusive bed tent giving users solitude and privacy, even when they share a room with one or more people. Privacy Pop tents are ideal for:

  • Kids and teenagers of all ages that have to share a room with their siblings.
  • College students living in dorm rooms with one or more roommates.
  • People who share a room with others in order to save cash off the cost of rent.
  • Anyone who wants to reduce the blindingly bright sunshine out of their eyes

Features include:

  • Designed to allow for simple and fast set up and take down.
  • Durable style that fits twin size beds.
  • Innovative zip window sides that offer ventilation for easy breathing and light when you need it.
  • Interior and exterior zippers for ease of use.
  • Transport without bulk with its innovative folding design and compact carrying bag.
  • Water Repellent Material
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

The Privacy Pop is too cool!! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up taking us less than 20 minutes to fully assemble. It’s just a simple to fold down. We use it for my Niko because he does share his room with his baby sister and he absolutely loves it!! Hey, we’ve even been in it a few times, too fun!!~ I was able to snap this shot after he fell a sleep while playing.

Over all the Privacy Pop is the best in its brand and definitely lives up to its name. It’s the best way to achieve solitude & privacy desired by anyone. For more information on the awesome Privacy Pop, you can visit their website.

Be sure to socially connect with Privacy pop by following them on Facebook & Twitter!

What do you think, would your kids have fun sharing a bedroom with this cool Privacy Pop?

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  • Beanybopp

    This is a wonderful idea!! I wish that I had one of these when growing up…if I dont win, I will def look into one of these for our son. We are getting him bunkbeds since we are planning on having another child we only have 2 bedrooms so they will be sharing unless we decide to move. Some children LOVE to share rooms while others dont so this would be a nice compromise if they have to share rooms and still want some privacy.

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  • lisa

    I grew up with brothers. I did have to share a room for a while until about age seven maybe. I enjoyed this article.

  • Alison Gibb

    This is amazing! When I was a girl, my Dad built a wood divider for my bedroom I had to share with my brother. I bet he wished this was around at that time!

  • Sarah L

    That is a cool invention. I would have liked it early in my childhood when my sister and I shared a room and I would have really liked it in college when I had a roommate.

  • Christanna Tucker

    My sister and I had to share a room and boy did we fight like cats and dogs! I wish the privacy pop would have existed back then. But who am I kidding, my parents wouldn’t have bought it anyway. They would’ve rather continued yelling at us to get along.

  • Deborah D

    I love the privacy pop. I wish they had them when I had to share a room with my sister.

  • Dorothy Teel

    I think that this Privacy pop is really neat, being a only girl I was always lucky and had a room of my own, but my brothers they always had to share a room and they of course had bunk beds and each had their own corner of the room and one brother was neater than the other and organized, I remember this is when my mom started using plastic tubs for storage and each brother had their own color. Now my brothers are closer than I am to them and I do believe it comes from being together most all of their childhood. Until I got married and moved out and my middle brother took over my room.. LOL Retired now, but I always wanted a sister.

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      Dorothy I feel that wasy about my son he is the only boy in a house filled with girls… I know he wished he had a little brother darn the luck right..

  • Dorothy Boucher

    i want one of these for myself , hehehe i think what your wrote is so true though .. it is very important for the ones that have to share a room to be able to communicate with one another and to have that respect… thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  • maria c

    The Privacy Pop is way to cool. I wish I would had one when I shared room with my sister. Thank you for your tips. They are really helpful.

  • Lemon_Cupid

    Oh my goodness… what kid wouldn’t love this – with, or without having to share a room! Such a cool, fun idea!

  • Shannon

    This looks so fun. I wish they had these when I was little.

  • saminder gumer

    that is a great idea. thanks for the tips and great review.