5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

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If you’re new to blogging it’s likely you want to make money blogging, but are not sure where to start.  Right out the gates blogging can be confusing, and stressful.  I mean SE – what’s that called again, keyword when again.  Blogging is hard work, and you should make money doing it, but the only way you are going to is if you are dedicated to your blog.  I mean you want to make money blogging, shouldn’t you run it as you would a business? 

Before we get started on how to make money blogging, I wanted to remind you that it’s important to take things one day at a time, and really learn the ropes.  Everything takes time to fall into place, and it will take even more time for you to make a name for yourself. 

5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Sponsored Posts 

There are several places out there that you can write sponsored post for.  My personal favorite place for sponsored post is of course Social Spark.

Offer Products or Services

Your blog is a great way to offer a product or service.  Whether you have a online store, or design websites, having a blog is a great way to get word out.


Placing ads on your site can help you generate income.  Google’s AdSense is a great option, Social Spark also offers ads that you can place on your blog.  There are several other’s out there, find the one that works best for you.  Don’t be scared to try different ads.

Personal Appearances and Speaking

If you blog becomes really popular you might find yourself being asked to speak, and travel

Monetize Images

I recently learned about a platform called Paletly, which is a style search platform that allows users to shop directly from celebrity and street style images.  It sounds pretty net, especially for all the fashion bloggers out there.

 photo Paletly2_zpsf885c3a0.png

Monetize Your Blog With Paletly

Paletly uses image recognition algorithm, and it is able to identify the clothing that is worn in a fashion image, and bring back similar products, from more than 1200 global fashion retailers, and they are extending this awesome technology to bloggers. 

Paletly has actually launched a Paletly ‘Shop Similar’ widget.  The widget will allow fashion bloggers to monetize their blogs by transforming their blog images into nice and neat looking shopping windows.  Check out the Paletly Demo to see it in action.  The widget is a non-intrusive shopping carousel that your readers will see below the image, and it will showcase similar products as the items found in the image.  When you reader s clicks on any of the items they will be redirected to the shopping retailer for the purchase.  As a blogger you can earn up to 10% in sales commission for every purchase made from your blog.

 photo Paletly1_zps6c735e34.png

The ‘Shop Similar’ widget you can add new revenue stream to you blog, while enriching your content. Users can keep track of all the purchases made from their blogs using the Paletly Blogger Program.  There is a minimum payout of $25.  Once your minimum payout is reached you will be paid via PayPal.  Registering is easy, and you will be given a single code snippet to install on your blog.  Once you have installed the snippet all you have to do is sit back and watch!

I thought this sounded like a great way to monetize your blog, especially if you blog about fashion from time to time.  Swing by and check out Paletly Blogger Program.

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  1. Debbie Petch says

    I have bookmarked this post! I am very cautious so I have been reading everything I can about writing a blog before I start one. Making money (while it would be nice) is not my priority. I am hoping to create a conversation and a movement discussing pressing social issues that we are facing and how we are dealing with them.
    I am interested in outside stresses that families face; exposing unethical and exploitative companies and how to avoid buying their products; and featuring people who have learned to simplify their life and enriching it at the same time.
    Many yrs ago I did have such a blog and even though it was quite successful, I was forced to close it down mainly because of the threatening behavior of the companies that I have criticized. I realized now that was my mistake. I made other errors but in my defense the blogging world was very different in those days. I want to do it right this time!

  2. Sarah Elyce says

    I have often thought of starting a blog- I’m a coupon shopper, baker of cupcakes for events, and I cook my dog’s food and treats from whole ingredients. I also delve into photography and all kinds of cooking, so I have a lot of topics I could cover. These are some great ideas.

  3. Anita L says

    Thank you for this useful information. I have considered blogging for quite some time now. I have a small business that focuses on women’s swimwear, dancewear, club wear and lingerie. I’m not sure what’s stopping me at this time, other than where I am currently living, I do not have room to conduct business as I’d like to. Maybe some day!

  4. melisa says

    Gosh, I’ve never even heard of the sites you’ve mentioned, that was a lot of information, thank you for sharing. My daughter and I have a private blog, just between the two of us, but to go public, wow, I commend you! Great job! Maybe one of these days we’ll go public.

  5. md Kennedy says

    Seems like a great service for bloggers. I’ve added it to my monetization plan for my new blog.