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Hi everyone, we have something awesome for you this time on ol Blah Blah!  Copy-Kids is awesome, like always but this time they have something special!  This time we’ll be giving away a $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card and a Copy Kids DVD!  Yea, buddy you have to love all these fabulous giveaways!  I LOVE ALL MY WONDERFUL READERS, AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY JOB TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME! I mean it from the bottom of my heart! Thanks!

They have teamed up with Super Frugal Stephanie to bring you yet another fabulous giveaway!  Special thanks to all the wonderful bloggers helping run this giveaway!! This time we are giving away a $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card AND a Copy-Kids DVD! I adore Pottery Barn they have so many amazing products!

Have you heard of Cop-Kids?  If not I think you’ll love them, and I’m sure you kids will enjoy them as well!

Copy-Kids is a media company producing video that encourages positive habits in young children, by watching and copying other kids. Copy-Kids unique content DVD, online and TV — helps parents get their children hooked on healthy and positive habits. Produced for children aged 6 months to 5 years! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 

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  • http://yipperbear.blogspot.com Judy Gregory

    my kid’s were always good eaters. not a problem

  • Meg T

    I try to show them how much I love fruits and veggies. I’m a vegetarian, so there are lots of veggies over here : )

  • Alice Lee

    I mix the two so that it’s a bit sweet if it’s something that’s very plain… but babygirl loves sweet veggies like carrots/sweet potato/butternut squash!

  • Debbie Clauer

    I usually prepare them in some kind of sauce.

  • Danielle T

    my kids enjoy them already so no effort needed!

  • Lesley M.

    I have no problems with this. I just put them on his tray and he eats every last one. He loves them!!

  • Priscilla Benavides

    My kids love all fruits and they love veggies with lemon!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  • Chastity Banks Kidd

    My kids likes their fruits and veggies. It was never a problem for me.

  • Melissa Rimes

    I don’t have any kids yet, but all the children I have been around have all loved fruits and vegetables luckily.

  • Melissa S

    My son thankfully loves fruits and veggies.

  • Calli

    Mix em ina smoothie!

  • Rita M

    Fruits are never a problem, but most vegetables are a no go – however broccoli seems to be the exception so I’m OK with that… for now.

  • Kimberly Schotz

    I add yams to her spaghetti sauce

  • Brittany

    My son just started on solids, so its no problem getting him to eat his fruits and veggies!

  • Amy Walker

    I always make them available!

  • Misty Zephyrs

    Smoothies are great for fruits. Casseroles with cheese are great for vegetables. Although, both my kids have always been good fruit and vegetable eaters.

  • virginia

    one of mine…eats them up….the other one…I have grinded them up and mixed them in the sauces b/c he won’t even eat a pea or kernel of corn! I discovered, Friday’s has green bean fries…that are in the frozen aisle…..and spinach & cheese bites (like lil nuggets) from Veggie Patch in the Fresh Organic Aisle…..I guess b/c they are ‘nuggets’ and ‘fries’….he eats them!

  • http://ifyoucouldseewhatisee.blogspot.com tammigirl

    Fresh veggies always taste best, so usually that’s the way they will enjoy them. I never had an issue with them not wanting most veggies. I do things, though, like make Chili with V-8 rather than tomato juice, to get more veggies in our diet.

  • susan ~ flameworker13

    Mine just luv their veggies, it’s harder for me to get my lil girl to eat her meat

  • mary fanara coleman

    My daughter loves her fruits and vegetables. So I am a pretty lucky mom.

  • KC J

    My daughter loves them, always has:)

  • Leanna Morris

    I’d use recipes that I could mix some veggies “in disguise” into!

  • Catherine Ly

    by setting a good example and eating them myself

  • Jacqueline Diaz

    They will eat some not everything but aleast they eat some so you can’t complain.

  • Deborah

    They actually like most of them!

  • Theresa J

    I hide it in smoothies

  • Kelli

    By example. I enjoy a lot of fruits and veggies myself, so there are always some in the house and the whole family sees each other eating them.

  • cathy henatyszen

    I’m lucky, my kids have always been good at eating fruits and veggies

  • Lisa Garrett

    I can’t get them to eat their fruits and veggies so I give them Capri Sun V

  • Aimee J

    veggies have always been a part of my children’s diet. They’re offered at every meal. They see mom and dad eating veggies all the time. The best way to get a kid to eat their veggies is to teach by example.

  • Hanna

    Fruit is no problem- for veggies I just serve the same thing (red peppers) everyday because I know they’ll eat it. The rule for other veggies is you at least have to try two bites.

  • Darby

    My husband is the problem…I try to make the things that he likes, like corn

  • Becky McCaslin

    My kids aer pretty good with eating their vegetables. they also love it when I make them smoothies that have fruit and veggies in them :).

  • Shannon

    Make.a fun story out of the

  • misty farmer

    Mine is just picky on what veggies it is and they love fruit!

  • JJ Caraway

    I have the copy-Kids dvd and it is awesome. They eat every veggie I have given them so far including spinach.

  • Elizabeth Indoe

    The organic pouched veggies from Target are my go-to when he doesn’t do well at lunch or dinner. We also have family who gardens and farms, and our child gets to help from seed to eat, which makes it fun for him.

  • Julie Jones

    I’m still working on that. OMG. It’s been so rough with my 4 yr old…

  • http://. joanne gentry

    I used to always have the kids help prepare the raw veggies and fruit by letting them use the peeler, or offer them other ways of helping prepare the snack or meal. I tried to make it fun……make animal shapes with cookie cutters or arrange the fruit/veggies into animal shapes etc. As far as cooked/baked veggies…..I just hid them and didn’t tell them they were in a hotdish or casserole (until they were old enough to find them :) )

  • Dorothy Walters

    I am a grandma now, I tried to get him to try at least one bite. Did not always work. but luckily her liled a lot of them any way,

  • Jenn Huey

    I have never had trouble with that, all my kids have liked fruits and veggies since they started on food

  • Priscilla S.

    Fruit really isn’t a problem, but I hide veggies in fruit smoothies and dishes they wouldn’t normally be in like mac and cheese.

  • Michelle Proper

    My grandkids are both big on fruits and veggies thank goodness! But I still sneak zucchini and sometimes squash puree into their baked goods!

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    Well, my little one is not picky at all so no challenge there. My 10 year old step daughter is a little more of a challenge. I tend to give her juice with meals and bribe her with dessert :)

  • Sarah Walker

    I mixed my childs fruit with applesauce and I mixed his veggies with tomato sauce. It was the only way I could get him to eat either.

  • Wendy Mastin

    make them into fun characters and make a story about them.

  • Kimi

    I puree them and put them in sauces and gravy’s. They never know

  • Gail Williams

    My grandkids are good at eating their beggies and fruits. I’m a granny nanny and even have a bedroom they have decorated for when they stay on various weekends! They love having slumber parties at Gramma’s house.

  • Jennifer Holovack

    unfortunately my 1 year old is pretty stubborn when it comes to veggies. I hide them in the mash potatoes when I feed him..lol

  • melynnie hashmi

    my daughter is still a baby so its pretty easy.

  • Sherry Compton

    My grandkids love fruit and some veggies…add a little ranch and they will eat celery and carrots, too. Smoothies are a great way for adding fruit or in pancakes and muffins..

  • Laura Royal

    They just eat them and actually like most of them

  • KJ Skib

    My older daughter has no issues but my little girl, I am at a loss for the veggies.

  • Tabitha P.

    I hid them in other foods.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    My grandchildren will eat fruit and veggies on their own. They like banannas, apples, green beans, corn.

  • Victoria Carlson

    Usually just mix them with other things!

  • Charlie

    Grated carrots in muffins, bananas in pancakes

  • tami s

    I shred carrots in sauce and meatloaf and meatballs. I put fruits and veggies in a shake and they don’t know it..

  • Valarie Lee Gentry

    My daughter just eats them! I set a good example my eating them myself!

  • Kimberly Bauer

    My kids eat vegtables without a problem.

  • http://historyinculture.wordpress.com Robin O

    I love fruits and veggies, so fortunately they have learned to like them too by imitating me!

  • http://laughwithash.blogspot.com Ashlee

    Fruits are easy, he loves them!! but veggies I have to blend up and hide in other food!

  • http://crftyldy.blogspot.com Lori Thomas

    My kids love veggies & fruits!!

  • Sallee Glickler aka Sorcha Griannon

    I don’t have to force them to eat fruit, they will devour any that come in the house. Veggies? They like corn, celery, and a few others with no problem:)

  • Bonnie Caselman

    I let her discover which fruits & veggies she likes & then encouraged her to eat plenty of those.

  • Samorjj

    I sneak it into other food. Squash muffins, peppers in the meatloaf….

  • Dione Sage

    my kids actually like their fruits and veggies. Except for my daughter is not a fan of asparagus. That is a no win battle there.

  • http://runinboise.blogspot.com RunInBoise

    Luckily our kids actually like veggies so its not a prob.

  • Katie Bellamy

    Very carefully :)