6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Kids A Cell Phone

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Should I get my kid a smartphone?  How do I know when my kid is ready for a cell phone?  How do I choose a cell phone for my kid?  Those are often question parents ask themselves before running out purchasing a phone for their kids.  Smartphones are supposed to make our lives easier, and things more convenient.  Which they often do, but they can also offer parents the peace of mind in knowing the can reach their children when needed.

Personally, I prefer for my kids to have a phone, but only once I feel they are able to handle the responsibility.  It can be difficult to choose when to give your kids a phone, and there are a few things parents should consider before handing over such a big responsibility to their kids. Different age groups use cell phones, or smartphones in different ways.  For example, being a blogger I work online, data is a must, and grandma might only need her cell phone to call family and friends.  Kids will likely need less data, and more texts or talk time, and teens probably need a whole lot of everything, lol.

6 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Kids A Cell Phone

Have you been thinking about getting your child a cell phone, or smartphone?  If you are considering getting your child a cell phone, or smartphone here are a few things to consider before running out and adding a line to your family plan.

Is My Kid Mature Enough For a Cell Phone?

Kids often mature at different rates.  The difference between my two older girls is night and day.  Caite my 15-year-old has been mature enough for her own phone since she was 7-year-old, and Vayda well I’m not sure if she will be able to handle a cell phone when she is 20 year years old, lol.   As a parent you know your child, if they keep up with valuable items, and if they are able to keep track of a cell phone.

Does My Child Need a Smartphone?

I don’t know what I would do without my smartphone, but I also use my for work, to check emails, jump online, and anything else I need.  It’s not just for fun, it’s also a business tool, and personally I’m not comfortable with my child being online without adult supervision.  My teen on the other hand would use the data.

The plans for a Smartphone are often more than plans for a regular phone.  All major carrier require some type of data plan for a smartphone, but there are other carries who have great plans with unlimited talk, text and data for a reasonable price.  You might consider looking at other carriers to save you a little money.

Should I Add My Kid To My Family Plan, or Purchase A Phone From Elsewhere?

Naturally we want to add our child to our family plan, it’s often more convenient to have everything in one place, but is that the best solution.  Consider costs, is there a better plan available for your child.  There are great plans with unlimited data, texts, and minutes for a reasonable price, like Boost Mobile.

When you add a line to your family plan carriers often require a 2 year contact, which isn’t always a good idea.  Kids will be kids, and they can get grounded, which often results in losing their phones.  Remember if you add a line to your family plan you may be required to sign a contact, and will be responsible for paying for the phone whether your kid is using it or not.

You can often find phones that require no contract, for reasonable prices.  Boost Mobile offers shrinking paying, as well as no contract.  So if for some reason you need to turn the phone off you can without a huge penalty.

Who Will Be Paying For the Cell Phone?

Having your kid or teen pay for their own phone is a great idea.  Even for younger kids, they can help out around the house to earn money for their phone.  It’s a great way to teach them responsibility and money management.  Even if your child or teen has agreed to pay the bill, it’s still important to know what they are getting themselves into, because if for some reason they stop working you will be paying the bill.

Spend some time talking with your child or teen about cell phone costs, come to an agreement that you are comfortable with.  Boost Mobile’s unlimited plan for Smartphones might be a good option for your child.

Does The Cell Phone Provider Offer Service In Your Area?

While some plans and pre-paid phones sound good, be sure to pay attention to coverage.  If you’re purchasing a Smartphone you’re going to want to be sure your child has service in your area.  There are some great plans available, and it’s worth looking for them.

Do I Need Unlimited Data, Texting & Calling For My Kids?

As kids get older their friends and talking on the phone becomes more important.  If you choose to purchase a phone with a monthly plan it might be in your best interest to look for a plan that offers unlimited texting and calling.  If you have ever gone over your data, minutes or monthly text messages you already know how much it can increase your bill.  At least if you decide to go with unlimited data, talk and text there will never be a surprise at the end of the month.

Regardless of whether you choose to get your child a normal cell phone or smartphone, they truly do offer many parents peace of mind knowing they can reach their child when they need to.

There is a lot to think about before getting your kid a cell phone, and only you can decide whether or not your child is mature enough for a phone.  As a parent you know your child, and whether or not they are responsible enough to handle a cell phone, but it’s also the first thing to be taken away when they do poorly in school or get in trouble at home.  It’s a personal decision, but if you feel a cell phone is the right move for your son or daughter Boost Mobile has an amazing plan for not only children, but adults too.

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About Boost Mobile’s Plans Offering Shrinking Payments

There are several carriers who offer no contracts, but only one who offers Shrinking Payments, along with unlimited everything for one low price.  If you’re looking for a mobile provider that offers good service, unlimited data, talk and text, as well as several other great features for a great price you might want to consider checking out Boost Mobile.  They have a pretty awesome program called “Shrinking Payments.”  Which does exactly what it’s name says – YOU PAYMENTS SHRINK.

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Boost Mobile offers several different plans, such as Android Monthly Unlimited Play with Shrinking Payments – This plan starts out at $55, and for every six payments that are on time customers will watch their bill shrink by $5, and eventually drop from $55 a month to $45 a month.  You also get unlimited data, talk and text.

It’s great that Boost Mobile rewards their loyal customer with their “Shrinking Payments” plan.  It’s a great way for customer to get all the great things they value, and keep a little extra money in their pocket.  Boost Mobile has several plans to choose from, it’s got me thinking about getting my oldest daughter another cell phone for Christmas.

I can appreciate the unlimited data, talk and text, but what about their phones?  I was actually pretty impressed with their selection of phones, customer can find phones, such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, HTC, and other great phones.

Take a moment and check out this super cute video, that explains a little more about Boost Mobile and their cell phone plans.

To sum it up, Boost Mobile offers their customer adults, teens and children’s an amazing phone plan with unlimited data, text, and talk with Shrinking Payments!  Which means a little extra money in your pocket every month.  If you think about it yearly it’s $180 you are saving on your cell phone bill.  What would you do with a little extra money in your pocket each month?  I would use it and take my kids for an ice cream, and an afternoon at the park.  There is nothing I value more than time with my kids, and seeing them smile!

  • http://www.cellphonesleuth.com Rich

    I think it is a great idea to get kids phones but you have to monitor their access. I recommend using a android application or software to do this. You can google gps track, log calls and text, and control access to the phone. I use cellphonesleuth.com but I recommend something like this.

  • Diana Scholz

    My 9 year old son had his Ipod Touch stolen in our home robbery a few months ago :( . So his father and I had a tough decision to make, we had an extra iphone (dad recently upgraded) so should we give him that? or buy another ipod touch when we could?

    We went through most of your points above, and decided to give him the iphone. We limit everything he does on the phone (i.e. time spent on it, allowed apps, etc.).

    He is actually doing VERY well with it, and he follows ALL of the rules. I’d say we made the right decision by allowing this Trial with him.

    In my opinion, though, parents MUST set these restrictions and rules from the very beginning.

  • lisa

    I think those are all valid points. I also think that they should help pay if the bill goes over. Even if they don’t have a job, take it out of babysitting or allowance money.

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      I totally agree with you Lisa