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laptop2 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review                                                                                                        Are your children spending time on the computer?  Do you feel it’s important that your children learn the skills that are important to their future?  Really think about it, how have computers impacted your life and the world we live in?  Computers are a huge part of the world we live in, and the world is consistently becoming more advanced because of them.  One can only imagine how computers will impact the world our children.

I have tried to give my 14-year-old daughter one of my old laptops and Facebook account.  I gave Catie my one of my old laptops not long ago  I say old but it was still in wonderful shape maybe a year old.  It wasn’t long before someone has picked off the keys, broke the screen, and who knows what else.  She said she did not do it, but regardless it was left in her hands, she should have taken better care of it and put it up.  She’s pretty bad about leaving stuff lying around, and we all know what happens when you leave stuff lying around.  I promised myself I would never get her another computer again, I was so upset that she would pick apart such an expensive item.  Not to mention Facebook didn’t work out to well, but that is a whole other story.

Now, I have really been doing some thinking, in the end I think it’s important for Catie to know and understand how to use a computer.  The only way to learn, is to do it.  She’s also 14 and needs a computer.  Not only for school, but the world will grow up is will require her to be knowledgeable when it comes to using a computer, navigating online, social media, etc.  Not to mention she see’s making a living online.    I do not think I would be helping her once bit by not helping her grow and learn how to effectively use a computer and everything it’s capable of.  Some of the key area’s that I want her to understand are:

Typing – Students in college are using their laptops to take notes.  She’s definitely going to need to able to type.  She will not be able to keep up playing hunt and peck.

Word Processing – Microsoft word, she’s going to need to write on something, not to mention know how to properly format a document, and write a nice paper using a word document.

E-Mail – Let’s face it, the mails mans job isn’t what it used to be.  I cannot remember the last time I mailed something out.  Email has become essential to communication.  With her getting older it’s important she learns how to properly use her email.

Online Calendar – We have to stay on tack some way or another.  Most companies support some form of online calendar.  She might not have a whole lot to put in her calendar right now, but she is only getting older.

Social Networking – Online communities have really exploded and become an important way of communicating.  Whether you’re staying in touch with friends and family or meeting up for meeting.  It’s important to at least have a basic understanding of how social media works, as well as the dangers that go along with it.

Taking care of her computer – Knowing how to properly use and care for a computer is important for anyone thinking of putting their fingers to the keyboard.  Besides the last thing I want is to send my daughter off to college not knowing what is USB port is and how to use it.  It’s important she learns how to take care of and problem solve on her own.

Searching the web – Teaching our children how to properly and effectively is important.  They need to understand how to use search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to search for information.  They need to learn what sites they can trust, keep track of her checking account, buy her school cloths, understand shopping online and how to save money doing so.  We live in a small town, and unless you want the same shoes as 12 other people, shopping online is the way to go.  Teaching her how to find deals, coupons codes, and be a smart online shopper.  She’s easy to take advantage of, she sees what she likes and thinks there is no where else with a better price.  I want to teach her how to be responsible online!

laptop51 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review
I want to help my daughter grow and learn more about computer’s and being online, but you will not catch me spending $500-$1000 on a computer or laptop or giving her one of my old laptops.  Not until I know good and well she is going to take care of it.   Which is why I’m super excited to share WolVol New Pink 7inch Laptop Notebook with WiFi.

I want to start out by being 100% honest with you.  When I first saw the WolVol 7 inch Mini Pink Laptop for $129 I thought it was cute, and love that it was pink, but really was not expecting a whole lot out of it.  I will be honest, because of the price my expectations were low.  When have you seen a notebook of any size for $129?  When does that ever happen and things actually work they way it’s described, but hey you never know so I thought I would give it a try.  I wanted to give Catie the chance to redeem herself and show her father and I she would take care of a laptop if we were to purchase her one.

laptop1 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review                                                                                                        After playing with the mini laptop and letting my daughter use it non-stop for two weeks I am super excited to tell you this little laptop as totally exceeded my expectations.   We received the notebook in less than 5 days I was very surprised how quickly we received it.  From the looks of things at this point everything was just as I expected.  I have to say the laptop really looks deceiving, it’s so little, cute and I love the pink.  Once we turned it on, I was surprised at how well everything worked.  I don’t know what I was expecting but for only $129 I was already a happy camper.   It is pretty much like your Android smartphone, all wrapped up in a mini notebook!  It’s awesome, Catie really loves it, and that’s what is important to me.

The WolVol Mini Laptop came with the notebook, charger, pouch case, user manual, and a super cute little mouse.  I wish I could show it to you in person, and to be honest I want it for my computer.  It’s small but it just fits perfect in my hand, I have to say I love that little mouse.  Don’t let the size fool you, I have to admit I am pretty impressed with the little laptop.  I have used it as much as Catie allows me, lol.  However I do know she has had it on almost non-stop since we received it.  If it can handle Catie for longer than 2 days, I give it two thumbs up.  She is not hard on things, but she does use them a lot.

It does everything we need it to and then some.  Check out all the awesome features:

  • 7 inch slim and light weight
  • Built-In WiFi and earthnet port so you can access the internet
  • Check emails
  • Play games
  • Write documents
  • Camera and Videos
  • Android 4.0 System
  • 4GB NAND Flash
  • Extendable up to 16GB
  • Use apps such as SKYPE
  • SD Slot
  • Standby Time 7 hours
  • Work time 2-4 hours
  • Only weights 1.3 pounds
  • Supported audio formats are MP3, AAC/AACplus, WMA, and CAT
  • Access the App Market
  • and more

laptop4 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review

The WolVol 7 inch mini laptop is perfect Catie, and everything she needs it for.  She’s been using it for all kinds of things.  School, now she doesn’t  have to try to do her research paper by searching from her phone.  I was surprised at how well it work, it kind of like an Android Phone in a computer.  Browsing the internet was easy, and it moved rather quickly.  I personally didn’t check my email from it, but I get more emails from my daughter.  It’s kind of funny.  She’s in her room, on the other side of the house, and I see a pop-up on my computer letting me know I have an email from Catie.  She will ask me if she can make popcorn, a friend can come over, to come look at her room, and all kinds of other random emails.  The life of a teenager, lol.  She said using her email from the mini laptop is so much easier than her phone, lol.

She hasn’t played a lot of games on it, but that’s not odd for her.  She has never been much of a gamer.  Now, my husband on the other hand has played some games on it and said it worked great.  My daughter also showed me that you can use Skype from the mini laptop.  It’s not set up for video, but use can use it to chat it up with your friends and family.  Which is perfect and makes me feel much more comfortable.  I don’t have to worry about if she is video chatting with someone I don’t know.  One of my personal favorites.  I don’t know that I am very comfortable knowing that my teen plays with video chat while I’m not around.  Who knows she might not, but I truly would rather her not be tempted.

indie1 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review                                                                                                        There’s also an Office Suite application so you’re able to use word documents, excel spreadsheets, and even power point.  Catie loves the build in camera, she likes to sing.  So she has been playing around and recording videos of her singing.  The camera on her phone works better for this, but the camera on her computer sits still.  The pictures do show up a little dark, but really who can complain in my opinion this little thing is perfect for a kid’s first laptop.  It has everything she needs it for, and then some.  I have to say the picture on the screen is much better than I had thought it was going to be.  Catie spends a lot of time on YouTube, and the mini notebook keep and loads the videos without much of a problem.  Another feature Catie uses all the time is MUSIC, like I mentioned above she loves to sing.  Needless to say there is always music on.  We have some speakers that we hooked up, and the little pink laptop jams!  My husband and I were laughing the other night.  There has not been one time we have walked by her room since she received the mini laptop and her music wasn’t jamming.  It’s nice for her to be able to browse and listen to music, it’s something she really enjoys.

sd 7 Key Areas Kids Need To Know How To Use on a Computer   WolVol Pink Mini Laptop Review
The mini laptop also has an SD card slot, we have not used this feature yet.  My daughter is bugging me to get her and SD card so she can start using it.  Yes, I’m assuming she has all kinds of important stuff she needs it for, lol.  Darn kid, she’s really excited to have her little laptop and so am I.  She is really stepping up and showing me she is willing to do what it takes to have these type of products.

It’s small enough that she can put it in her backpack and take it with her to a friend’s house, which she does.  She can use it for everything she needs it for, and then some.  Who would have thought this little pink laptop that was only $129 would make my picky teen so happy.  Thank WolVol, my daughter loves her notebook.  Plan to see us again soon, at this price I will be getting my 8-year-old one for her birthday.  Poor girl she is at that age where everyone says, “no you cannot get on that you are too big” or “No Vayda you cannot have that you’re too young.”  Poor girl, she will be super excited to have her own little laptop, and mom is excited that she is able to do it!  Especially for such a reasonable price.

I have to say I was very surprised with the WolVol Mini Notebook, it did everything they said it would, and made my daughter happy.  She uses it non-stop and has not complained of one problem.  I was surprised that she told me she didn’t want a bigger laptop right now.  That she really liked this one, and wanted to hang on to it for a while.  In the end, if you’re looking for a little laptop that is inexpensive I recommend checking out VolWol.  They have some other awesome products for great prices as well.

Working with the wonderful people at VolWol was great!  I’m big on customer service and I am confident they would give 100% to be sure that you leave there a happy customer.  Be sure and head over to WolVol’s website and check out all their great products for amazing prices!

Disclosure: I was provided the product named above or the purpose of a review.  However I always provide my 100% honest opinion based on my own experiences with the company and product named.  I only review items I feel will bring some kind of value to my readers.

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  1. Donna Martin says

    When children use home computers insteadof watching television, it is generally viewed
    as positive

  2. says

    Great deal!1 We’ve been looking for one of these that has all mentioned for a reasonable price. My G’son is 5 and has Autism. He is always on our computers. Thanks so much for this review & the information for guiding the kids!!

  3. Maria Iemma says

    I think we must all use care when using our things. The feature that I like most is the size and is not heavy.

  4. cathy McDonald says

    I agreee that it is so important for kids to be computer and internet savy…. looks like you found a nice laptop for that…

    still glad i learnt to type in school, but it was chatting on the computer that made my typing speed fast…. hehe

  5. Sam Dock says

    Its so tiny :) Something like this would be great for my brother who is in college to take to classes with him

  6. Dorothy Reading says

    When I was a kid, my mom paid special care in teaching me how to properly care for my books. With technology advancing so quickly, it’s essential to teach our children how to use and care for cell phones, computers, and everything else to come. This looks like an amazing product for just that. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nicole Becker says

    This would be great for my granddaughter!!! And I love the pink. thanks for the review.

  8. says

    that looks like a nice compact laptop for kids! We have my son keep his in the dining room so we always know what he’s doing – it doesnt bother him so far, but he’s only 10 :)