7 Real Mom Potty Training Tips | How to Potty Train Without Stress

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of Me-ify.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Is your child ready for potty training?  It’s hard, I remember when Madisyn was “ready” for potty training, or I thought she was.  I was so disappointed when I realized she wasn’t ready, and my mom had to remind me that I needed to slow down and hold on to her toddler years, because we cannot get them back.  Once I backed off it wasn’t long, and Madisyn let me know she was ready to start potty trying.  Now, my we have my niece who is potty training, and I have learned that every child is different.  Things that Madisyn liked, or that worked for her do not work for my niece.  So what are the best potty training tips?  How do you know when you toddler is ready for potty training?  I remember I asked those same questions, along with 100 others.  Being a new mommy it hard.  You are worried about how to potty training your little one, what is the right age to start potty training, are you doing things right as a parent, or how to know if you kid is ready to start potty training?  Well, calm down I have a few potty training tips that will help your and your little one ditch the diapers, but only when they are ready.

Real Mom Potty Training Tips How to Potty Train Without Stress7 Real Mom Potty Training Tips


If I learned anything with my kids, it’s WAIT! I started way, way, way to early with Madisyn, and it backfired.  I got caught up in what I would read online, you know everyone knows how to do everything better, and your child should be this age when they do this.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! It’s all bull!  Remember your child is unique, special, and their own little person.  They will do things at their own pace, don’t rush them.  Calm down, and let them tell you when they are ready.  

Let them lead you!

I know we are the parents, but your little one knows when they are ready.  The last thing you want to do is push them too much.  Let them lead the way, and you be there to support them.  If they want to flush the toilet, let them.  Baby steps, follow their lead, and they will show you when they are ready.

Special Potty?

HUMM, this one is up to you, but I spent money on one that has only been used once.  I think it depends on the child, my niece loves the potty that makes notice, and sings a little tune when she pushes the flusher, but Madisyn wanted to go in the big girl potty.  That’s my Maddie, lol!

High Five, Way To Go!

Make them feel good about using the big girl/boy potty.  With my daughter I run in there, and give her a huge high-five, and tell her how awesome she is, and how proud of her I am.  It makes her feel good, and she wants to continue getting that high-five.  Oh, she also feels the need to run in there, give me high-five, and tell me how proud of me she is.  She will even run and tell my husband that mom went to the big girl potty, and she needs to give me a high-five, lol.  Yes, it never fails me moment the bathroom door shuts, I have two little buggers in there bugging me. I still cannot believe I want another one, lol. 

Don’t Get Upset!

My daughter still isn’t fully potty trained, we still have issues now and again, and at night.  My niece is just now becoming interested in learning to use the big girl potty.  I remember the first time Mattie came to me after she had an accident, she was so ashamed because her sister told her she was a big girl and big girls didn’t do that.  I know my older daughter was trying to help, but she really hurt Madisyn’s feelings.  I had to tell Madisyn that it was totally okay to have an accident, and that it was okay she could always come to me, and I promised never to get mad about it.  I learned VERY quickly just from the look on her face, that I should NEVER make her feel bad about having an accident.  I also had to talk to my older daughter, and explain how important she let me handle things like that.  In the end everything worked out, and everyone learned a very valuable lesson.

Don’t Keep Track

Seriously, don’t keep track.  Don’t stress yourself out, or your child.  Everything will work, and it will work the way it’s supposed to.  Every child is different, and we cannot force anything.  If you begin to get stressed out over potty training your child will notice.

Apps for Potty Training

Okay, you know me I am all about technology for just about everything, especially with my kids.  They can all use a tablet better than most adults, and we are not breaking in my niece too, lol.  In our kids world they are going to need to learn how to use a tablet, like we needed to learn to write.  While I don’t allow my kids to sit around and play online all day, I do let them get on their tablets daily for a few hours off and on. 

As a parent, I have always had luck with just making things fun.  Whether it’s potty training, or cleaning up their mess.  If it’s fun, they will be more willing to do it.  

Me-isy potty starPotty Training Apps 

PLUS, if you are potty training there are some great potty training apps out there like Me-ify Potty Star.  This is an all-inclusive potty training tool for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.  Me-ify Potty Star is a comprehensive app that features a personalized eBook starring your child, 5 potty songs with catchy tunes, 4 interactive potty games, a reusable star rewards chart, as well as potty training tips. 

Potty Training

Me-ify Potty Star was developed by Julie A. Ross, who is a parenting expert, and created by PBS KIDS preschool television hits, Super Why! And Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. There are plenty of fabulous features, such as:

  • Rewards chart
  • Potty training tips for parents

Kids can create a personalized cartoon avatar of themselves, which is fun and engaging.  They can choose from 5 different skin tones, 4 eye colors, 2 pairs of glasses, boy/girl hairstyles, t-shirts, and even freckles. 

How To Potty Train

Parents can choose potty words they use at home, which I do recommend changing.  I let my oldest daughter do this part, and I heard her giggling.  I asked her what she was laughing about, and she had me come look.  I didn’t realize some of the words that were on there.  While some parents might use Va-Jay-Jay, or BM in their home, we do not and I would have been very offended had I heard that, lol.  Just be sure, you as the parent customize the words you use in your house. 

how to potty traing

Kids are able to make the story about them.  They can build an avatar, and name it after them.  My little ones had fun building an avatar for their story. 

Potty Training Apps For Toddlers

Me-ify Potty Training Apps Game

Me-ify potty training apps games are fun, and engaging.  The games allow kids to practice the potty steps with engaging interaction, such as

  • Sitting and waiting on the potty
  • Flushing the potty and washing hands
  • Dance at a potty party celebration

There is also more than 40 potty coloring pages, 25 puzzles, matching game, and my personal favorite the cleanup game.  The songs are also catchy, trust me I have caught myself singing them.  Some of the songs you will hear are:

  • Flush Song
  • Hand Washing Song
  • Celebration Song
  • Waiting Song
  • Potty Steps Song

If you have a little one who is fixing to start potty training, or even started potty training you might consider checking out Me-ify Potty Star app.  I thought I was a great app, and the kids enjoyed it.  I do however want to make sure YOU pay attention when setting up the app.  Sure allow you little one to build their own cartoon avatar, but you choose the potty words you use in your home, or you might end up freaking out, lol.  Had I not heard my teenage daughter giggling about the words I would have freaked out, because she was planning on playing a trick on me, and using a few words she knew I would freak out about and playing with the app where she knew I could hear the words, lol.  Yea, I know mean isn’t it, lol.  She knows me all too well, and I am so glad she didn’t end up making me freak out.

Tips For Potty Training

Me-ify, it is a great app, I mean with PBS KIDS involved it has to be right!  I know Daniel Tiger is one of my kid’s favorite shows, as a parents I appreciate PBS KIDS, because they keep things kid friendly. 

You can learn more about Me-ify on iTunes.

It’s been my experience, when we making potty training fun, it’s like anything else – our kids will want to do it.  When we practice positive reinforcement, by telling them they did great, and rewarding them they will want more of the positive attention, and before you know it you little one will be using the big girl/boy potty all the time.  

TIP: Don’t rush things, one day you will look at your baby and realize they are not babies anymore.  Enjoy all of the baby, and toddler years every single diaper is worth it.

  • Ashley Miller

    I love this! My girls are far past potty training but I sure wish I would have thought of some of these ideas when they were younger! Thanks for the awesome posts. I can sure pass this on for my nieces and nephews and baby cousins! =)

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      Thank you so much Ashley

  • maria c

    Thank you for your post it was really helpful. I was wondering when was the right time for my son to start potty training but now I know that he would let me now when he is ready.

  • Renee Patterson Travis

    Jenn…you crack me up! I only have one child of my own and he is going on 21, so it has been a long time since potty training for me. He was so easy though, we lived out in the country and he would go #1 outside with his daddy and he did not like the potty chair. He wanted to go on the big boy potty, so we found one of those that snap on to the toilet seat and he breezed right through it. Once he was out of them, no accidents. I guess I got lucky! :*

  • Shannon

    What great and helpful tips, Jenn. I love that there is an app for this now! LOL

  • Sharon G

    This was a real helpful and encouraging post. I cracked up when I read how your daughter gives YOU a high-5! rofl way to go Jenn! Thanks for post, it reminded me to just relax and not stress about it, and was what I needed to hear – read . :)

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      YES, it’s crazy but they really do it all on their own.. We are only there to wipe their bums lol