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I read a post a while back on MSN somewhere that American lose almost a full day per year waiting on web pages to load.  OMG, you know I would have to believe that.  I’m on the computer a lot, it’s my job.  I cannot count how many hours upon hours I have spent waiting on webpages to load.  Which is why I personally appreciate that MSN on Windows 8 is 4 times faster!

I have a confession, I’m addicted to technology.  I don’t know what else to say.  I just love it, and in my line of work I appreciate lightning fast speeds.  I will freak out if my internet is running slow, and I cannot get things done when I need to get them done.  What can I say, it’ makes everything out of whack for the day.  I want things when I want it, I’m a mother of four children, have a husband, run a household, work from home, use the internet to work, and when I’m ready to get things rolling it’s important everything works, and works fast.

I often think about when I was a teenager, and cannot help but giggle a little.  Here I sit now, spoiled rotten with the new MSN lightning fast speeds, and Windows 8.  When I was a teenager, I had a pager, young adult I had this HUGE brick looking cell phone, and today I have a 2 cell phone, 4 tablets,  2 laptops, and desktop.  Don’t ask why I need all that, I already have a husband that asks me all the time.  It’s an addiction, I love to be up to date with the newest technology.  He has his race car, I like to travel and keep up with technology.  It’s amazing how far technology has come, and we are all spoiled rotten in today’s world of technology.

msnI have always been a fan of MSN, and just love Windows 8.  I have had a Hotmail email address since they first started, and I have always turned to MSN for my daily searching, news updates, and other reading.  I’m not big on watching the news on TV, it makes me depressed, lol.  Might sound crazy, but that’s why I turn to MSN for my news updates.  I like to hear the good things, cute, funny, and crazy thing that happen in the world too.

MSN has recently reinvented the way they do things, changed it up, made things better, faster, more up to date, and all around just better.  They are keeping up with the world that is changing so fast around us.

Have you always turned to MSN, or have you started since the launch of the new MSN?  I have always been a fan, but I am even a bigger fan now than I was before.  Wondering why?  What’s the big deal about the New MSN?  I’m going to share with you the reason I turn to the NEW totally awesome MSN.

Faster – In my life if I can save a few minutes a day here and there it really amounts to a lot by the time the day is over.  The new MSN is 4x faster than other top sites.

Up-to-date headlines – I do not watch the news, I hate the fact that it leaves me feeling sad, depressed, or some other negative feeling.  Rather than turning to the news to keep up with only the bad things that happen in the world. I turn to MSN and find out the good things that happen too.  The new MSN updates their breaking headlines super-fast.  The articles load and update at super-fast speeds, not to mention you can find just about anything you want.

Research – When I have a question, whether it’s for a blog post I’m wring or something that’s going on in my life I always find it on MSN.  I find plenty of information to help me along the way.

MSN Travels with me – I have the new MSN on ever device I own, and I love to travel.  MSN has reimagined to be awesome on any device.  Whether I’m on my Windows HTC 8X Phone, Tablet, Lap-Top or Desktop I get the same sleek, modern interface that works when I need it, where I need it.  With summer coming up we have plans to travel.  Which means I will be using my phone and tablet more.  I already rely on my phone or tablet depending on where I am and what’s going on.  Which is why I appreciate the now bigger, faster, and better MSN.   It’s nice to have the same trusted MSN on all your devices, which run at the same lighting fast speed, updates its content at the same time, with the same smart set up, and be able to take it with you wherever you go.

Setup – With the click of the mouse I view trending image searches, videos galore, get direction, view traffic or businesses, get a bird’s eye view, street side view, aerial view, explore shopping malls, airports, gas prices, parking, and so much more.  Oh, and don’t forget about the news. Check out US new, worldwide news, local news, entertainment, SCI/Tech, business, politics, sports, health.  Then there is the more tab.  When you click it, BAM there’s more.  Get access to your My Bing account, Bring Rewards, weather, dictionary, friend’s pics, events, math, social, and tons more.  The overall set up of the new MSN is easy to find what you need, when you need it.

The Content –  Breaking stories, trending topics in real-time, up to date entertainment, and good news too, and it’s all just a click, touch a tap away.

Emails – Since I have this blog and others, I have several email accounts.  Checking my emails is a breeze using the new MSN.  All I do is click, tap, or touch the little outlook button.

Those are a few reasons I turn to MSN daily, it’s easy, smart, fast, to and easy find what you’re looking for. .  Have you been by to check out the new super-fast MSN?  If so what do you think, and if not Check out the new, faster MSN here!.  Be sure to come back and let me know what you think.

This post was created in partnership with MSN. Find out more about the all new MSN experience at allnew.msn.com or see it in action on Windows 8, Android, or on iOS at msn.com

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  1. says

    Waiting to switch over to Windows 8 here real soon!! I too am a tech nut. I am home bound most the time so I’m always looking for improvement. And yes, speed is a must!! My son has this app on his phone and absolutely loves it!! I’m up-grating soon and definitely will be adding this!! Thanks Jenn!!

  2. Mandy Lake says

    I checked out the new MSN and I have to say I am impressed! I think I’ll start checking ot out more often; maybe even daily :0

    • says

      Mandy I love MSN and the New MSN is awesome, I love how smooth everything workd, and really how fast everything loads isn’t just amazing where technology takes us… one has to love it..

  3. Sandy Cain says

    Sounds great. You are lucky (or maybe you’re just smart!), that can keep up on all the latest technology. I always feel a little intimidated by the new tech stuff that seems to come out hourly. Is there a 12-step program for technophobes????

    • says

      LOL SANDY that’s a good one.. It’s true though so many people are intimideated by it… I jump at it, just love it, love that it changes all the time, love learning new stuff.. Now, my husband he’s more like you which is why he gives me a hard time. LOL, I think with anything Techy it’s jump in and don’t be scared lol.. I think so many people are scared of messing something up, and you know most of it can be fixed, I cannot tell you how much stuff I have messed up, how many hours I have been on the phone, but it’s helped me learn and find something that I really enjoy, lol… If you have any questions I would totally be willing to help you

  4. md Kennedy says

    I haven’t visited MSN in years except for when the techie guy at the end of the phone is trying to help me figure out why I cannot connect to the internet and asks me to see if I can go to msn.com (why? I have no idea). Anyway, with all these great features, and a plug from you, Miss Tech Queen, I’ll just have to check them out again.