7 Fun Ways To Help Your Toddler With Social Development

Social skills are important, and in order for children to develop socially they need to interact with their peers, and adults in a socially acceptable way.  As parents it’s our job to ensure our children have a healthy social development.  Sure providing your toddler with love and attention is an essential part of bonding, but we play a huge part in teaching our children social skills.  They learn sharing, not interrupting, taking turns, saying please, etc. by everyday interactions.  For many children social skills are learned.

Being a busy mother of four my playtime creativity is often on empty, and now that the winter months are here it’s worse because my toddler and I are stuck in doors more.  To be honest the winter is my favorite time of year, but this year I have not been looking forward to being stuck inside with my daughter.  I don’t want Mattie sitting in front of the TV for the majority of the day, or sitting around being bord.  So I have been on the lookout for things fun ways to help my daughter grow and learn, without her getting tired of doing the same thing day after day.

pictures of a toddler girl playing with stuffed My Little Pony animals, acting like she is introducing herslef to them.

I recently started using an app, which is filled with fun ways to help infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with their social development and other much-needed  things to do with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Yesterday I used he app and did a few of the social development activities, and other development boosting activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

7 Fun Ways To Help Your Toddler With Social Development

toddler sitting in a box acting like it is her house waiting for someone to come over so she can work on her social skills

How Do You Do – Act like you are a guest coming into your child’s home.  Stand on one side of the closet, bedroom door, or use a huge box with her on the other and knock while standing on the other side of the door or closet.  When you’re toddler answers, very nicely shake her hand and go through the introduction process.  This can also turn into other fun things such as a tea party, or restaurant game.  Madisyn loved paying this game, she is now playing it with her older sister too.

toddler girl meeting and greeting her My Little Pony stuffed animal collectionMeet and Greet  – Sit on the floor with you toddler, and bring you’re toddlers favorite stuffed animal, and shake hands with it.  Then let Mattie shake hands.  Next give the stuffed animal a high-five, and let Mattie repeat the process.

My Feelings – Sit down with your toddler and look at a magazine.  While you’re looking at the magazine point out different facial expressions, then ask your toddler to make a face depending on her mood, such as “Happy” or “Sad”.  Look for expressions that your toddler can identify, and have fun!

Yes or No – Sit down on the floor with your toddler, and bring out several of their favorite stuffed animals.  Then ask each animal a yes or no question and have your toddler help make the decisions, and explain why.  Be sure when asking the questions they are questions your toddler can understand.    This will teach them social development, as well as language development.

 Tea Party – I’m really excited to try this one with Mattie tomorrow, she always loves playing tea party.  Now its tea party for social development, but don’t tell her she’s learning something while doing it.  First set up a little table and chairs, before sitting down to your tea party gently knock next to the table and chair and ask you if can come in.  Have you toddler invite you in, and offer you tea.  Be sure and be a polit guest, by saying please and thank you often.

Kitty Town – Put a large basket over 2 chairs and make a tent.  Pretend to be mommy and daddy cat and have your toddler be the kitten.  You can play with yard balls, dangling items, hunt for mice, and cuddle together.  Then ask her to come up with a different scenario, and act it out with your toddler.

Mystery Agent – Grab a pile of adults clothing and compile a variety of adult’s clothes and accessories.  Dress your toddler up, and give her a new name, let’s say they change their name to Sandy.  Then stand in front of the mirror together pointing out all the cool items the NEW Sandy is wearing.

Parenting apps Knoala LogoKnoala is an amazing app, and there are so many fun, silly things to do, it’s great!  All the above social development ideas are from Knoala, and there are thousands more where those came from.  Knoala is a free app for your iPhone with MORE than 2000 activities for parents to have fun, and help their newborns, toddlers, and even preschoolers!  It’s user friendly, and signing up is a breeze.  After you sign up you will input your children(s) dates of birth, then you will be provided with age appropriate recommendations.

iphone app Knoala screen printsKnoala offers parents thousands of fun and developmental activities for infants, toddlers, and preschool aged kids.  Recommendations are based on not only the child age, but local weather as well.  Knoala is a great way for parents to bond with their children, and have fun building social, emotional, cognitive, motor, sensory, language, and artistic skill.

Knoala also offers parents a place to share pictures, connect with other parents, exchange tips, share fun ideas, as well as follows some of the hottest

print screen of iphone app to help toddlers with development skills Knoala with toddler girl on itThere is also a nice selection of child friendly videos, and story starters so parents never need to worry about telling the same story twice!  They also make it easy to find content, and save it for letter with their bookmark, and parents can submit and share their own activities with the Knoala community.

knoalaPlaying with your child is important, and thanks to Knoala parents will always have a new, fun way to bond with their child, while teaching them many much-needed skills.  Another part of Knoala that I really enjoyed was the fact that I had the opportunity to connect with some of the websites hottest mommy and daddy bloggers online.  While you are on be sure to check out some of their expert advice on how to keep your little ones entertained.

I have never experienced an app like Knoala, it’s without a doubt the best app I have ever downloaded.  Knoala isn’t just another app, it’s a must have for all parents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else with children in their lives. I highly recommend downloading Knoala.

You can learn more about Knoala by visiting their website, Knoala.com, or download the app in the iTunes Store Here.  You can also get social by Liking Knoala on Facebook, checking out their pins on Pinterest, follow on Twitter, and one of my favorite social networks Instagram.

  • dawn k

    This looks like a wonderful website. We continually work with my grandson, who is autistic. I am looking forward to checking out the tips on the site.

  • http://tenacioustinkering.com Jayne Lee

    This is such a cute adorable idea. I know kids learn a lot by imagination and imitation. Just setting up scenes where they would have to learn to behave in is already a marvelous learning environment. Totally support this!

  • rebecca s

    These are great ideas. I like that there are people who will share these ideas without coming across as bossy. Thank you

    • http://jennsblahblahblog.com Jenn

      It’s such an awesome app REbecca totally worth checking out!

  • linda moore

    social development is so so important to our children today,as I raised 2 kids and have my 2 grandsons living with me.My daughters have taken on the task of homeschooling their kids.A big dedication they decided to both take on because schools have been so bad these days. At first I was against it because of this very issue social development. Well let me tell you I couldn’t be prouder of all of them.There not kids that are put in front of a tv all day long. they have about 6 hours of school everyday and then we sighned them up for all kinds of sports and my daughters play with them all day long.I n the begining I was not sure at all about this and now my oldest is 12 an honor student and my 2 year old grandson is hooked to hes mothers hip. they have done and are doing a great job,I give them a lot of credit for the dedication and love they have put into this.