8 Awesome Beaches in Lanzarote

Waves hitting the rocks at a beach at one of the Beaches In LanzaroteSo, I’ve been daydreaming a little.  Looking online at somewhere far away that I want to travel to.  My husband asked me where I would want to go if I had a choice, that’s such a hard desision.  I’ve started looking at awesome vacation destinations, and ran into this place called Lanzarote.  I honestly have If you’re planning a summer vacation Lanzarote has plenty of things to do.  Lanzarote has culture, natural beauty, and plenty of fun. There’s also fabulous Lanzarote Hotels to call home while you’re on your vacation.

What are some things one can do while visiting Lanzarote?  There’s tons of fun, with a little planning you’ll have a vacation of a lifetime. The main attraction is the beaches, with almost 100 beaches Lanzarote is any beach lovers paradise..

So how do you know which beaches are the best while visiting Lanzarote?  In my opinion the best beaches are those off the crowded beaten track.  The natural beaches not flooded with people.  While there’s too many beaches to talk about them all here’s few great places to run the sand between your toes.

  1. Arrieta – This beach has more facilities available than many of the other beaches offered.  It’s ban awesome beach that is well maintained with showers and toilets.
  2. Sand & The City – This beach is great for swimming due to the reef that surround the shoreline.
  3. Orzola – This beach is home to several natural and wild beaches.
  4. Playa de la Canteria – This is a beautiful beach that is dangerous for swimmers, but can be loads of fun to watch some of the local catch some waves.
  5. Playa Flamingo – This is a clean, safe, attractive beach.  A great place to enjoy some time with the family in the water.  There’s also plenty of great places to stay near the Playa Flamingo.
  6. Playa Blanca – This is known as the “White Beach” which the town takes its name from.  The Play Blanca has plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and things to do.  It has a nice central location, making it a place where people tent to go and sock up the sun.  A great place to spend time with the family, do some shopping, grab something to eat, or let the sand run between your toes.  You can also hang out until it’s time to jump aboard the Fred Olsen Ferry to arrive.
  7. Play Dorando – Known as “The Golden Beach” because the color of the sand is somewhat of a honey color.  This is a popular beach for those who want to head out for a morning swim.
  8. Papagayo – If you’re looking for a little more privacy this might be your beach.  You can get there by enjoying a nice dirt road ride or coastal path.  Remember to bring some money if you drive, there’s a small fee to use the dirt road.  Be sure and bring everything you’re going to need, as you won’t find the services you find at many of the other beaches.

Lanzarote can be loads of fun, and the perfect vacation spot for many.  Be sure and plan your vacation so you’re able to take advantage of everything it has to offer.  There’s so much more to do than just visit the beaches.

If you’re taking the kids there’s plenty of children’s activities as well.  The kids can take part in this such as:

  • Submarine Safaris
  • Saddle Up
  • All at Sea
  • And More

There’s also some amazing places to stay while on your vacation, I recommend checking out some of Lanzarote’s Villas while you stay – visit this site for more information on Lanzarote villas.

  • Amy Nelson

    I had never heard of this place before, thank you for sharing it! I’m definitely adding this to my to-go list!

  • Robin Wilson

    Guess I am not well traveled, as I have not heard of Lanzarote! But oh my, does it ever sound like just what the doctor ordered! If I could go anywhere I would go somewhere just like it, if not there! 7 beaches? I would not leave until I had been to every one!