9 Awesome Apps To Dress Up Your Windows #HTC 8X Phone #Troop8x

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the buzz about the new Windows HTC 8X Phone.  Everything from awesome live tiles, to the fabulous SkyDrive.  I know you’ve heard a lot about how personal the HTC 8X Phone is, but can we step it up a notch.

Fashion isn’t only important when it comes to clothing, makeup and hair, there’s people who want a fashionable phone.  They want the newest, coolest thing.  Vibrant colors, some bling, rocking cases, themes, and backgrounds.  If you’re looking for making your phone more personal or fashionable the Windows HTC 8X is HOT!

We’ve already talked about how to personalize and several of the great features, but we haven’t talked about apps that help you personalize.  Here’s a list of a few apps, that will help you make you’re HTC Windows Phone even more personal, and fashionable than it already is.

Ringtones – Spice up your phone, be sure you’re jamming ringtones that fit you using the Ringtones app.  You’ll be able to search for your favorite ringtones, browse by favorites, best, and popular selections.  Thousands to choose from.  The Ringtones app is updated daily.

Free Wallpapers – There’s an endless selection of fashionable wallpapers.  Browse wallpapers or search based on keywords.  If you’re looking to spice up your Windows HTC 8X Phone Free Wallpapers has a great selection.
Uploaded with Sketch for WP7
Sketch Free – Convert your pictures into awesome pencil style drawings.  You’re able to choose from 27 different sketch styles, and share you’re creation via Facebook Flickr, Tumblr, or Photobucket.  If you’re looking for an awesome way to change-up your photo’s, save them as a wallpaper on your phone, or via social media Sketch Free is a wonderful option.  I used Sketch Free to do the above picture of me and my toddler.  It took me seriously about two minutes from start to finish   I was able to dip into my Photobucket account to grab the picture I wanted to use.  After I edited the picture, pushed a button and saved it to my Photobucket account.  Super easy!

Al Wallpaper HD – If you’re looking for high-quality HD wallpapers for your HTC 8X Windows Phone there’s a nice, quality selection at Al Wallpapers HD.

Emoti – If you’re a texter, Emoti allows you to use 800 great emoticons. It’s always a good thing to add a little fun to text messages, emails, notes, and more.  If adding personality to your messages is important too, download Emoti and check it out.

My Life Tile – We already know that the Windows HTC 8X Phone’s Live Tiles are AWESOME.  My Life Tiles is an awesome tool that allows user to create their own tiles.  Create up to 6 of your own secondary tiles, and you can even assign a web link to each secondary tile.  How awesome is that, be sure and check out My Life Tiles.

Tile Tasks – Now you can not only have your phone personalized with Live Tiles, you can manage your tasks and projects with Tile Tasks.  Sync with your other device using the Toodledo sync, pin a task to home, and much more.  Tile Tasks is an awesome app that is worth the download.

Rss To Tile – Now you can convert your RSS feeds to live tile.  Stay up to date with the newest information, never miss another post with Rss to Tile.

temporary_zps13895612Pinspiration – Pinterest is the hottest new social network.  You’re going to want to browse and post to Pinterest from your Windows HTC 8X Phone.  You can browse, share and get Live Tile updates with Pinspiration.

Amazing Music – You’re probably going to want to jam to some awesome tunes.  Amazing Music for Windows HTC 8X let’s you listen to tons of music for free.  Be sure to check out Amazing Music.

I can honestly tell you, the Windows HTC 8X takes personalizing a cell phone to another level.  I’ve heard and read that some feel there’s not enough apps in the Windows App Store.  I don’t feel that way, as I still haven’t touched a quarter of the apps, I have had every app that I actually need on my cell phone, plus all these awesome apps that you cannot get in with Android or iOs.

I am perfectly happy with the number of great apps that help me add a little more personality to my HTC Phone.

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