American Family Big Money Blowout | $50,000 Sweepstakes

How does winning $50,000 sound?  Pretty amazing right?!!  Well American Family is having an awesome sweepstakes offering you a chance to win big in their $50,000 Big Money Blowout sweepstakes!

There’s no purchase needed to enter or win the sweepstakes, simple to enter, and you’re not able to enter multiple times (please do not use more than 1 email address to get extra entries it will void any entry you had)!  So head over to American Sweepstakes and enter to win $50,000 Big Money Blowout!

If you would like to enter or see complete rules CLICK HERE!


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    • says

      no, your not able to enter extra times… That is my fault I should have made that more clear, I will update the post to include not to use more than one email address to enter it will void any entry you have submitted..