Are You An Online Shopping Fanatic? 3 Top Online Shopping Tips!

Ok so I admit I’m addicted to shopping online!! I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to getting a great deal for products I use on a daily basis. Then to have it shipped to my front door is fantastic!! With gas being a whopping $4.18 a gallon here in California, driving all around to different stores and malls burns a lot of gas which means less money for me to spend shopping!! Now don’t get me wrong I still go to the grocery stores and the local strip malls from time to time, but they don’t always carry the things I may need. This is why I love idea village!

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Are You An Online Shopping Fanatic? 3 Top Online Shopping Tips!

  1. Use an online payment service, such as PayPal or a credit card. If something goes wrong or the site turns out to be a fraud, a credit card company will reimburse you.
  2. Be sue to use a secure connection when placing your order, hackers love unsecured, wireless connections. It gives them the ability to access you personal information.
  3. If you not comfortable with a site, don’t shop! Even if you’re the least bit insecure, chances are your feelings are right!!

Let me tell you a little about idea village! They are the developer and marketer of some of the most successful consumer products in “As Seen on TV” history Flipeez, Ice Cream Magic, Flashlight friends plus a ton of other cool stuff!! You should be familiar with them by now, their products can be seen on television commercial and in most major retail stores all over the country! Idea village is my one stop shop, carrying everything my family & I need plus more! Today I’m going to share with you 6 fabulous products they sent me to review.

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Starting with the Handy Stitch, this product averages at $19.99. For this price you will receive the handy stitch unit, 4 extra wide spools of thread, needle threader, extra spool pin, and a 64 piece thread & bobbin collection, wow! It’s so powerful, sewing through denim with ease, yet delicate enough for fine silks and delicate fabrics. The Handy stitch is super compact, it can easily fit in any carry all bag, backpack even your glove box, and it’s great for outdoor use too! I’ve always wondered if this product actually did what it claimed. Well I can tell you it absolutely does!! I love this little stitching wonder, they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name! It sure does come in “Handy” for those unexpected rips, tears, or unraveled seams. You can also sew a complete outfit using the handy stitch! When we first took it out of the package we were running around the house like crazy finding things to sew, too fun!  I love the Handy stitch and you will too!

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The Micro Touch one will be the next idea village product I’d like to share with you. Retailing at $19.99, you receive the Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor deluxe carrying case and 24 replacement blades.

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This wonderful single blade razor is remarkable! My dad still uses a single blade razor to this day and wouldn’t have it any other way! My son as well only uses a single blade razor. Although he is only 27 years old, he has been shaving since he was 14. Believe me when I say he has tried all there is out there on the market today and still sticks with his single blade razor. Even Rick Harrison from the TV show Pawn Stars promotes The Micro touch One, check him out!!

Moving right along with the idea village HD Wraparounds (night & day). Both pair retail for $9.99 each. These full rim glasses are great for outdoor activities such as driving, reading, the kid’s ball games even watching TV! The HD wraparound night vision are great for all types of weather. Especially designed to reduce the glare of light at night while driving, giving you a significant reduction of glare from oncoming head lights. I was amazed at the clarity and contrast, they’re also stylish & fashionable!

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Idea village has done it again! Their fabulous New HD Visor for your car is magnificent!! The retail price is only $14.99 and well worth every penny! I’ll tell you I was a bit skeptical about this HD Visor, and thought it was going to be bulky and unsightly, boy was I wrong!! The clarity, contrast, and color is sharp, also it looks great in my car. The HD Visor is used in place of your original car sun visor, giving you a complete unblocked view, you just clip it on to your car sun visor, flip down and go! No more straining your eyes to see & no more glaring head lights or blinding sun.

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Saving the best for last, idea village blew me out of the water with their Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat!! Retailing for $19.99 is pennies compared to the amount of grill & bake ware you would have to purchase to prepare all the scrumptious foods this bad boy can do! You can grill & bake anything using the Yoshi Grill & Bake Mat, cookies, cakes, meats, veggies, the possibilities are endless! I love that it’s top rack dishwasher safe and you can cut it to any size you like to fit any pan. For grilling just slap it on and grill away, it’s that easy to use!

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I hope you have enjoyed all these wonderful products brought to you by idea village!! They have just about everything you can imagine. They take pride in continuing to innovate and bring you all the very best of their newest products available out in the market today!! “Hey guys”, right now they have buy one get one free deals going on, I was going to post them for you today but didn’t want to spoil all the oooo’s & ahhhh’s you’ll experience while browsing their website!!

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  1. M.Clark says

    These are three great tips and I follow all of them when shopping online. I always hesitate when I notice that a website does not use Paypal. And I always, always check to make sure that the connection is secure and that the website has security and uses encryption. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. lisa says

    I only shop on line if I have a gift card. I don’t like to put my personal c.c number out there.

  3. melisa says

    I think I might be an online shopping fanatic as well, at least my husband would say so. We got the handy stitcher for our daughter when she packed up and moved to college. She loves it, and has lent it out several times already.