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I have a smart mouth, don't sit still well, extremely opinionated, have a lot to say, work hard, love lots, love to smile and laugh, don't have time for drama, hurting people, or being negative, love animals, & my job as a New Mexico mom blogger! I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more.  I have amazing 4 children, and am married my soul mate. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun. New Mexico born, moved all over, and meet my husband in Carlsbad, NM. We are plotting our move to greener pastures, with trees, and stuff. Connect with me on Google + Page.

Apex Helping Women With Bladder Leakage


As many of you know, bladder leakage is a common issue but did you know one-third of the female population suffers from bladder leakage?  What many women may not be aware of is that bladder leakage can be a warning sign that you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. According to the National Institutes of Health, 50% of women don’t try to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles while … [Read more...]

Smell Great This Spring With Love2Love Fragrances


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #L2LMom #CollectiveBias Since winter and gone and spring is I'm loving the new Love2Love fragrances at Walmart for Mother's Day. If you're looking for an affordable Mother's Day gift you can't go wrong with the wonderful fragrances from Love2Love. Smell great and save money this spring … [Read more...]

Easy No Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls Recipe

Easy No-Bake Energy and Protein Balls

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MiFabuloso (Fabuloso®) #CollectiveBias I finally made it, I made this easy No Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls Recipe and I'm glad I did.   Making the protein balls was super easy, but I had to clean the kitchen before I was able to start.  I can't do anything in the kitchen … [Read more...]

Enter to Win $1000 For Him & $1000 For You


Raise your hand if you want to win $1000 for him and $1000 for you!  You’re in the right place and you just never know unless you enter!  Who would you give the $1000 to – brother, husband, dad? Did you know that more than 240,000 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer?  Most of us have heard of prostate cancer, but have you talked about it with your loved ones?  I know it can be an awkward … [Read more...]

WOOFtale Wearable Dog Tech Is WOOFtacular for Dogs & Owners

pitbull dogs

I'm not sure where Skittles heard about it, but he wants new wearable dog tech, it's called WOOFtale.  Doesn't it sound cool?  It's some awesome tech gear for our pups and I'm super excited about it.  Then again, I'm a little cray cray for anything techy, even if it's for my dog.   What can I say, we have spoiled animals and honestly Skittles is probably the most … [Read more...]

HERDEZ’S #DiaDelNino #ThrowbackThursday Sweepstakes


You might have seen our recent post for an amazing Smothered Chicken Chimichangas recipe.  YUMMY right, well if you didn’t see it then you missed the giveaway!  Yes, and it’s a good one too so I figured I would type up another short post about the giveaway.  We don’t want you to miss it, because you can’t win if you don’t enter right? HERDEZ’S #ThrowbackThursday Sweepstakes We all … [Read more...]

Smelly Guy Test : Beat The Funky Smell, Don’t Be the Funky Smell

Take the Smelly Man Test

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MySignatureMove #CollectiveBias My poor husband and son, they’re the only two smelly guys in a house full of wonderful, scented girls.  I used to feel sorry for the boys because they were so out numbered, HAHA, that was before I knew my son was going to morph into a teen overnight, I … [Read more...]

Don’t Avoid Mishaps, Prepare For It With 5 Tips To Everyday Play

Playtime Is Critical for Children

 I’m so ready for summer and I'm not only excited about the warmer weather but letting my kids play outside more and sharing this sponsored post about preparing for mishaps and the importance of everyday play.     Do you have any plans this summer?  I do, my kids have it all planned out, lol.  I’m going to be riding bikes, playing dolls, going swimming, heading to the … [Read more...]

Enter To #Win $250 Gift Card, Beats by Dre, & More!

RKT Contest_How To Vote Graphic

  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KreateMyHappy #CollectiveBias I can't wait for 3pm to roll around.  I normally like to sneak in something that satifies my sweet tooth.  When 3pm rolls around, I’m usually in need of an afternoon pick-me-up; something to satisfy my sweet tooth and hold me over until dinner … [Read more...]

6 Things You May Be Doing To Damage Your Hair

6 Things You May Be Doing To Damage Your Hair

Our poor hair goes through so much.  Since our hair is a big part of who we are, and we want it to be as healthy as possible here are a few things you may be doing to damage your hair.  I know, more to keep track of, but the good news is they are all small things that will easy to correct.   6 Things You May Be Doing To Damage Your Hair Since we all want healthier hair, here … [Read more...]

Hurry, Check Out How You Can Earn a $10 Amazon Gift Code FREE

free amazon gift code

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. How often do you think about insurance?  I'm going to be guess  it's less than you think about getting an Amazon Gift Code FREE, lol.  Sadly, it’s something many of us should think about more than we do, and yes I’m guilty.  Insurance is something we should keep top of mind, which is … [Read more...]

10 Signs He’s Worth Keeping & You’re Compatible

10 Signs He's Worth Keeping & You're

I don't miss the days of dating and wondering whether he's worth keeping, lol.  Seriously, most of the time they weren't worth keeping or the two of us were not compatible but we would still try.  I guess you never know until you've given it a try, but I have also noticed several major differences between my past relationships and my current, and yes things were totally different … [Read more...]

250 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway


GIVEAWAY DETAILS Prize: $250 Starbucks Gift Card Co-hosts: Jenn's Blah Blah Blog // Simply Sinova // LABELTWENTYNINE // All That's Glittered // Memoirs of a Clueless Woman // Lush to Blush // The Eternity Journal // The Queen Life // Orange Marigolds // Parenting Healthy // Brewing Insights // K O T F W | Blog // Here We Go Again Ready Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email … [Read more...]

Sizzle n Serve Grill Giveaway


  Welcome to the Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill™ Giveaway from Everything Mommyhood! The Little Tikes Sizzle 'n Serve Grill requires no tools for assembly, it just snaps together in minutes! Kids can grill indoors or take the set outside and grill just like mom and dad! It's a great toy for imaginary play! • Easy open lid • Wheels on the base makes the grill easy to move • … [Read more...]

$250 Gift Card Giveaway (Winner Picks WW)

250 giveaway

Welcome to the $250 Winners Pick It Gift Card Giveaway is hosted by Jenns Blah Blah Blog Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and some of her favorite bloggers are celebrating, our readers with a Monthly Gift Card Giveaway! One SUPER Lucky Person will win a gift card of their choice valued up to $250! Yepie, perfect with the holidays coming up! You know how it works, 1 person chooses a gift card - Amazon, … [Read more...]

Sleep Deprivation: 8 Reasons You Should Get Enough Sleep

sleep deprivation 8 reasons to get more sleep

This post brought to you by Sleep Number. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://jennsblahblahblog.com/. Are you suffering from sleep deprivation?  According to a survey conducted by Sleep Number® many Americans are getting less than 4 hours of sleep a night and on average American's are only getting 6.7 hours of sleep.  That’s a lot of people who are deprived of … [Read more...]

Tips To Teach Kids About Money | Learn Value of Money With Kids Wealth

Tips To Teach Kids About Money Learn Value of Money With Kids Wealth

I recently introduced Kids Wealth to my kids, which a great way to teach kids about money and help them understand the value of money.  Having knowledge of finances and money is very important at any age. It is especially important to teach our children about money, saving, budgeting and building wealth at an early age. Kids Wealth is a game that does just that. Kids Wealth uses several … [Read more...]

Looking For Dia Del Nino recipes? Try Smothered Chicken Chimichangas

Dia Del Nino recipes Try This Smothered Chicken Chimichangas recipe

Are you looking for Dia Del Nino recipes to celebrate Dia Del Nino?  Everyone thinks a Smothered Chicken Chimichangas recipe is difficult, when in fact it’s one of favorite easy Mexican recipes for kids of all ages.  The hardest and most time-consuming thing is boiling the chicken.  Other than that, it’s super easy and a great choice if you’re looking for Dia Del Nino … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Philip’s Baby Monitor

mothers day giveaway

Sponsored by: FoodnService FoodnService.com is a family oriented blog that has become one the fastest growing sites for amazing recipes & fun DIY Crafts! Whether you're looking for great a last minute appetizer, crockpot meal, or something to remind of you home, then you're going to love foodnservice.com! There's even a spot for Special Needs and life in the home. FoodnService has a great … [Read more...]