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I have a smart mouth, don't sit still well, extremely opinionated, have a lot to say, work hard, love lots, love to smile and laugh, don't have time for drama, hurting people, or being negative, love animals, & my job as a New Mexico mom blogger! I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more.  I have amazing 4 children, and am married my soul mate. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun. New Mexico born, moved all over, and meet my husband in Carlsbad, NM. We are plotting our move to greener pastures, with trees, and stuff. Connect with me on Google + Page.

Super Easy 15 Minute Chipotle & Garlic Meat Tacos Recipe

Easy Meat Tacos Recipe

Looking for a super easy tacos recipe that you can make in about 15 minutes?  You're in luck because this super easy 15-minute chipotle & garlic meat tacos recipe is tasty and definitely an easy dinner idea. I'm always looking for easy dinner ideas for the kids and my kids love tacos.  I like tacos too, but I'm extremely picky about the flavorings used.  Normally I like to … [Read more...]

Strep Throats Symptoms? iTest The At Home Strep Test, Flu Test & More

Strep Throats Symptoms iTest The At Home Strep Test, Flu Test & More

Wouldn't an at home strep test like iTest be nice?  Like most, anytime my loved ones or myself has had strep throat symptoms we've had to visit the doctor's office for a strep test, because strep throat symptoms are not enough to determine whether we have strep.   Many of us have had strep throat, but did you know if left untreated it can turn into a dangerous infection?  Yes, it … [Read more...]

Minbie Bottle Teats That Mimic Breastfeeding

minbie bottle teats

Minbie is an Australian company who had spent more than a decade testing designs of bottle teats before they finally created a unique nipple designed to support breastfeeding efforts.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought breastfeeding was going to be easy and come naturally – everything else did.  Breastfeeding a baby isn’t always as easy as it sounds or come as quickly as … [Read more...]

Create an Opportunity for an Artisan Around the World


Are you looking for an item for your home that is unique and distinctive? How about a gift for that special someone? Far & Wide Collective is the place to look first. Create an Opportunity for an Artisan Around the World with Far & Wide Collective It is my great pleasure introduce Far & Wide Collective to our followers. Far & Wide Collective is a fashion and home décor … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day-Themed Party Crafts You Need to Try

Valentine’s Day-Themed Party Crafts You Need to Try

Nothing says “festive” like a unique holiday craft idea! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, seasonal craft projects and pretty decorations are up there with chocolate, lingerie, and cheeky party games as far as classic touches that will put anyone in a festive mood. In other words, setting the right tone is required of any decent Valentine’s Day shindig! Take a look at some of these crafty … [Read more...]

When To Transition To A Booster Seat & Booster Seat Safety Tips

When To Transition To A Booster Seat

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.” Knowing when to transition to a booster seat and booster seat safety isn't something parents can take lightly.  As a parent with children still riding in car seats and booster seats we take education and safety serious.  I have one in … [Read more...]

Coconut & Pistachio Chia Pudding Breakfast Recipe

Coconut & Pistachio Chia Pudding Breakfast Recipe

If you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast recipe that will keep you energized all morning long you’re going to love this Nutritious Coconut & Pistachio Chia Pudding Breakfast Recipe!  If you’re ready any of my smoothie recipes than you already know I’m all about chia seed.  It’s super nutritious and so easy to add to so many different breakfast recipes, like this tasty super yummy … [Read more...]

Traditional Big Red® Simple Cake Recipe

Traditional Big Red Cake Recipe

If you’re looking for a simple cake recipe that’s’ unique and totally yummy you, can’t go wrong with this Big Red simple cake. The hardest part about making this Traditional Big Red Simple Cake is baking the cake, and you can use your favorite white cake mix, which makes things that much easier.  Of course, if you'd rather make your white cake from scratch that's totally okay, it is … [Read more...]

Where Smart Pet Lovers Go – PetsPyjamas

pet owners

Our pets are part of our family so, naturally, you want the best for him or her.  PetsPyjamas is where smart pet lovers go. It is the number one destination for stylish pets and their owners. Where Smart Pet Lovers Go - PetsPyjamas With the exception of just a few short years, I have always had one type of pet or another all my life.  It has usually been a feline, but four years … [Read more...]

BestofSigns – Cheap Vinyl Banners and Signs

Are you looking for cheap vinyl banners or signs for that special event?  You need look no further than Bestofsigns. Last fall, I had a garage sale.  This was my first solo garage sale.  A lot of panning went into the sale.  If anyone else has had a garage sale, you know what is involved.  My biggest concern was not selecting the items to place in the sale, or even in … [Read more...]

Over 40 Fabulous Smoothie Recipes

Over 40 Smoothie Recipes

This post with more than 40 awesome smoothie recipes is sponsored by our wonderful friends at foodie.com.  Do you like awesome smoothie recipes!  I most certainly do!  I can honestly say smoothies are one of my very favorites, because they are so versatile.  I love finding great smoothie recipes for inspiration and tweaking them into a creation that fits my bodies needs. … [Read more...]

Post Workout Fruity Blueberry Strawberry Protein Smoothie

protein smoothie

I’m a busy mom who’s focused on her health, keeping her family healthy, and always open to trying a new protein smoothie.  I learned long ago that I can’t keep my family healthy, if I’m not healthy myself.  Smoothies with the right ingredients, like GNC PUREDGE™ Complete Vegan Protein Powder can be a quick, easy, and tasty way to give my body what it needs.  With four children, … [Read more...]

FitTea 14 Day Detox

You might have heard of FitTea from The Morning Show, CNN, Glow or CBS, and if not that's totally okay.  I hadn't heard about FitTea until recently.  If your resolution for the new year was to get fit and lose weight, you might want to try adding FitTea to jump start your diet.   I’ve tried FitTea for a few days now and am pleased with the results, which isn't long enough to tell … [Read more...]

Enter To #Win Zum Zum The Coolest Wooden Balance Bike #Giveaway

Enter To Win Zum Zum Bike The Coolest Wooden Balance Bike with Natural Suspension

I'm sure excited to share this giveaway with you because it's seriously the coolest of the coolest balance bikes EVER! Enter To Win Zum Zum The Worlds Coolest Wooden Balance Bike  The Zum Zum Team has joined Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all of her favorite bloggers to bring you a chance to win a Zum Zum Bike... It's the coolest wooden balance bike with natural suspension, and I totally mean … [Read more...]

Zum Zum Bike The Coolest Wooden Balance Bike with Natural Suspension

Zum Zum Bike The Coolest Wooden Balance Bike with Natural Suspension

I've recently checked out the Zum Zum bike, which is the coolest wooden balance bike with natural suspension!  Seriously, it's awesome and it made me start think back to my bike riding days.  Did you have a balance bike when you were a child?  I have a lot of memories of riding my bikes.  My bikes were not even close to being as cool as the wooden balance bike, Zum Zum. … [Read more...]

Social Media Management: Schedule Instagram Posts With AutoGrammer

Social Media Management: Schedule Instagram Posts With AutoGrammer

This post brought to you by Schedule Instagram Posts. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://jennsblahblahblog.com/. Ever needed to schedule Instagram posts?  Scheduling Instagram posts would make my life easier and less stressful as it would many others I'm sure.  Lucky for us there are social media management tools like AutoGrammer, which allow you to schedule … [Read more...]

Enter to #win the $250 Shoe Spa #Giveaway!

The Shoe Spa store

ABOUT THE SHOE SPA The Shoe Spa is the answer to every woman’s most challenging wardrobe dilemma: do I wear shoes that are ugly, but comfortable? Or do I wear something stylish that I will have to take off in 5 minutes? The Shoe Spa offers women fashionable, designer shoes that won’t hurt your feet after a day at work, an afternoon of shopping, or a night of dancing! The Shoe Spa focuses on … [Read more...]

Enter To #Win Our Monthly Coach Handbag #Giveaway

coach handbag giveaway

Welcome to the Monthly Coach Handbag Fan Appreciation Giveaway! Jenns Blah Blah Blog and all her amazing blogging buddies have come together to give you a chance to win one of the four handbags shown in the giveaway image! Before we get started I wanted to be sure and say thank you to the following bloggers, they are amazing and we love each and every one of them! This giveaway is … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Tips | 10 Tips to Help You Avoid Diet Burnout

Weight Loss Tips | 10 Tips To Help You Avoid Diet Burnout

"This post was sponsored by Progresso™ through their partnership POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Progresso™, all opinions are my own." Diet burnout can happen to all of us.  I have learned it's better to prepare with a few weight loss tips to help you avoid diet burnout before it begins.  It's easier to have to avoid diet burn out than it is to stop … [Read more...]

Clothing Donations Give Back: 10 Reasons To Donate Clothing to Schoola

schoola clothing donations pay it forward in big ways 10 reasons to start donating

Schoola is an online retailer which carries gently used clothing and accepts kids and now women's clothing donations.  The clothing donations at Schoola are extra special, because they not only help schools, but help parents who are in need of quality clothing, but can't afford retail prices, but also helps anyone who does donate online by providing them with a 100% free way to donate … [Read more...]