Barbie Giveaway | Win a Tori and Keira Doll


Do your children love Barbie?  If so be sure to enter this fabulous Barbie Giveaway!  Enter to win one of each of the Barbies from The Princess & The Popstar!  Yes, one lucky winner will receive one Tory Doll and one Keira Doll.

If you haven’t heard about this fabulous movie yet, it’s in stores today September 11, 2012!  You can pick up your very own copy of The Princess & The Popstar for your Barbie Loving Girls.  My daughters had an awesome Barbie Party to welcome the NEW Barbie DVD and awesome Tori and Keira Dolls to our home.  Be sure to visit our Barbie Party Review.

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog was lucky, we had a party!  It got a little crazy, but fun!  Stop by and check out my post, all about our super fun Barbie Party!

Do your girls love Barbie?  Have you seen the awesome website that Barbie has?  Your child can play games, watch video’s, and so much more!  HURRY CHECK IT OUT NOW, HERE AT BARBIE.COM!

Be, sure to check out, there’s a question about the website on the Rafflecopter form, for you to answer!

Want to learn a little more about the great Tori and Keira Dolls?

  • Tori doll–  Just like in the film, Tori doll trades in her blonde locks and ball gown for rockin’ pink hair and a fun performance-worthy outfit. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Tori doll will ‘sing’ two songs from the DVD.Keira doll – Just like in the film, the Keira doll transforms from popstar to princess. Keira doll trades in her purple hair and performance outfit for sophisticated princess worthy brunette locks and a fancy ball gown. In addition to a cool look that transforms from dress to ‘do, this doll also sings! With a simple touch to her necklace, Keira doll will ‘sing’ two songs from the DVD.

One very lucky reader will win:

  • One Tori Doll
  • One Keira Doll

About the Giveaway:

  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • US residents only
  • Giveaway will end on 9/25
  • Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!
  • Good Luck everyone!

Use this link to HERE AT BARBIE.COM! Be sure to visit you’ll need to know a little about it for the giveaway.  Don’t forget to swing by and check out my Barbie Party Post!  It’s packed with fun and awesome information about the NEW Barbie DVD just released!  You can find the review HERE.

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  1. Heather R says

    I remember I loved to do my barbies hairstyles and my poor mom had to get all the knots out. Now I am the mom and seem to spend lots of time getting the knots out my daughter’s barbie’s hair.

  2. Cheryl Chervitz says

    Wow, that site if wonderful. You can do just about anything on there. I hope my granddaughter starts to like Barbie.

  3. Laura Carter says

    My daughter loves Barbie and wants this movie so bad. She screams with excitement every time the commercial comes on.

  4. robin jackson-king says

    I like the new movie and cant wait to see it.THey always make them for kids but also adults can watch it too.I am so excited.

  5. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I like that the website has videos that are good for my kids to watch, and they can play games which is always fun!

  6. nancy chartrand says

    wow ken is still hot after all these years isn’t he haha.. I love the barbie site, I can see why you’d want to sing the songs, the videos are so upbeat and fun, and catchy too :) I wish we had this when I was little, but then again, when I was little we played with the barbies, I had an old barbie camper and an airplane lol, and barbie got fresh air, because we took her outside on the deck instead of hanging out on the commodore 64 lol :) This is great fun for kids, and I really am glad technology has come so far :)

  7. nancy chartrand says

    Wow that looked like sooo much fun! I almost felt like I was there! When I was a little girl, I believe in 1978 my cousin and I got kissing barbie, and the dress was so beautiful, it was pink with lips all over it, and barbie came with a lipstick, and when you pressed her back she would kiss and leave lipstick marks.. this review brought me back to that time, such innocence and fun :) thank you Jenn <3

  8. Heather R says

    I think that Barbies was one of the only things my sister and I could agree on when we were kids. Then again we did fight over them.

  9. Susan White says

    Great idea to have a party. Lot of great tips here. My 5 yo niece would really love it. Maybe I will get her to invite some friends over and try it.

  10. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says

    If I had a girl, I think she’d like the site for all the games that she would be able to play.

  11. Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt says

    I’d love to win this for my Great-Niece Mady. My mom used to collect Barbies. It sounds like you had a great time throwing the Barbie Party. Barbies come a long way since they now sing.

  12. says

    My granddaughter has been asking for this movie since she began seeing the ads for it a month ago. Thanks for the giveaway! I don’t even think she realizes that their are sep dolls to go with the movie… I’ll be looking for them I’m sure. lol

  13. Nancy K says

    I have always loved Barbie! And my daughter does too. We haven’t seen this yet, but we will soon. She would love these dolls!

  14. Claudette Lariviere says

    Ssas true Barbie fan from the early 1960,s I. Would never have gussed barbie making her own movies?! Wow just so cool.

  15. Valerie Cowger says

    My daughter would love this movie. Not only does she love Barbie, but she loves to sing as well. The fact that the dolls both ‘sing’ is awesome!

  16. Heather R says

    I love that my daughter is able to enjoy some of the same toys that I did as a kid. Brings back memories!

  17. Arthur Caudill says

    My little girl loves Barbie dolls and she wants to see the new movie so badly that I will have to end up taking her to see it. She will also want the DVD and will want me to play Barbie dolls with her. I am the only one who plays Barbie dolls with her.

  18. Diane Eileen says

    I loved Barbie growing up and still collect them! So the website just sucked me in! I’ll be checking it out all the time, just wish it was around way back when!

  19. Jan says

    What I liked best about the website was the shopping (lol) There’s alot of Barbie fashions and accessories to buy!

  20. Jan says

    There’s so many Barbie videos it’s hard to know which one is new lol I did see tho that that Princess Pop Star one is a new video.. I honestly haven’t dealt with Barbie in years but I think I will have to start again soon since I have a new great niece :) Thanks for the contest.

  21. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says

    believe it or not, my one niece has never had a Barbie. She asks for them, so I hope to get this for her this year!

  22. Michelle Macaluso says

  23. Michelle Macaluso says

  24. robin jackson-king says

    I love the Barbie website!It is so easy to use for us grandparents and it is colorful.The music is enjoyable.I like the fairytale and the 4 different options.

  25. Danielle Ferguson says

    We got Barbie Princess and a Popstar as soon as it came out, we have been waiting for months. My daughter loves it!

  26. Tara Liebing says

    I like the party ideas they have I will be using it for the kids upcoming birthday I am si glad I read it

  27. Jennifer Hedden says

    I loved Barbie growing up but I don’t remember any movies. This is so great and would be perfect for my girls!

  28. Raina Delrio says

    I love Barbie. I still play Barbies with my little girl. We love all her clothes, accessories and cars!

  29. Susan White says

    I love all of the pretty sparkly clothes that the Barbies all seem to be clothed in nowadays. When I was young they were all so plain. I also love how they have all of the different professions for the Barbies that used to be only for men.
    These dolls would be so perfect for my neice!
    Thanks so much!

  30. april yedinak says

    I think the website is fun for kids. I especially like that there are games and videos online for them to enjoy.

  31. april yedinak says

    My girls can’t wait to see the new Barbie movie. We have always loved them! In fact the Barbie Nutcracker is still one of my favorites and we watch it each Christmas.

  32. wendi says

    very busy and that is what the kids like these days…bright and lots to do…i tried to enter the sweepstakes but it would not go through lol

  33. Monica Platz says

    The videos alone on the website would have put me over the edge when I was a little girl! There’s a lot to do on that website and Barbie has come a long way! :)

  34. says

    I think my daughter would love the Barbie movie, she’s 2 yrs old and is just starting to really get into Barbie. Any time we go through the toy section though she asks for a Barbie. I’m going to have to go get this DVD is sounds really amazing.

  35. Myra R says

    i think the barbie party is a cute and great idea! most little girls love barbie! i know i did so its great to incorperate it into a family night. :)

  36. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I love the idea of the Barbie party. I believe I am going to use that for my granddaughter’s next birthday party. In your review it sounds like you guys had a blast. I love the coloring contest idea. I am thinking how I could incorporate this into a boy’s birthday party. Maybe a Tonka party or Batman party. The ideas are endless. Thanks for a great review and such a lovely giveaway.

    • Cheryl Rahkonen says

      I love the Barbie website. I love the games and the free printables. I just printed off the poster for my granddaughter.

  37. Angie Gatto says

    Wow!! Barbie sure has a lot now. I want to go back to being a little girl so I can play with Barbies again.

  38. Michele Behlen says

    The party sounds like a lot of fun. Any little girl would love to attend something like that.

  39. bill elliott says

    my granddaughter would enjoy the party very much The Barbie website is very easy to use and find what your looking for

  40. annette campbell says

    My grandkids love barbie. I started collecting the Christmas Barbies when I was little and they are just beautiful. Love Barbie!

  41. Adrienne Kelligan says

    I agree.. I wish we had Barbie website when i was little. I’m anxious to start my daughters barbie collection.

  42. Melinda Dartmann says

    Barbie has been around for years and it seems every little girl and even some older little girls has had a passion to collect and play with them. I have been lucky enough to call myself one of those little girls! Barbie is as much of American history as Apple Pie is. Hats off to al the “Little Girls” of American who enjoy these wonderful dolls!

  43. Cherilyn Lee says

    I like the videos on the website. Will be showing my girls soon! I’m sure they will love the games too!

  44. Gladys Leonilyn Jalipa says

    Its a nice party, it gives me an idea on what to do for my daughter’s 3rd Birthday Party, she just adores Barbie.;)

  45. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says

    I like all the games and interactive things to do. And the collectors site was awesome too!

  46. Samantha Waters says

    I have always loved Barbie!! My step daughter has been begging us to get her the new Barbie movie since she saw previews for it. I would love to be able to give her the dolls from the movie!!! Thanks for the chance

  47. Sue Guy says

    I like how the barbie website is something a little girl would get excited when she first see it there is alot of different things you can do on there I even like to play the games on there lol

    • linda moore says

      I saved all my Barbie doll and house and car.It was so great when I seen my daughter playing with them again. now she is waiting for a little girl in hopes she can hand down the collection.