Best Darn Hamburger with Egg In The Middle #Recipe

My husband and I wanted to come up with something new and different.  We needed a break from the same old meals.  You know one can only eat pork chops, steak, burritos, spaghetti, etc. before they just need something new.  Most of you know, I’m doing the Nutrisystem diet.  Well I took a cheat day, you know one of those days you’re so totally not supposed to do while on a diet, lol.  I had to, NEEDED GOOD MOOD FOOD!

My mom used to make the best darn hamburgers in the world, and they really are!  Shawn and I had one last night, and we wanted to share this fabulous recipe with you as well.  It’s actually pretty simple.  I’m not going to use the traditional recipe format either.  WHY?  Because, most of you should already know how to make a hamburger right?  Well if not, it’s really easy get you some hamburger mean, make a patty, and fry that bad boy just the way you like it.  Add all the seasoning you enjoy, cut up some green chili, avocado, mushrooms, onions, whatever you want.

Now if you haven’t tried a hamburger with an egg in the middle you’re really missing out.  It’s great you can cook the yolk or leave your burger with someone what of an over easy egg in the middle.  Yummy, right!  Hamburger with and egg in it gotta love that!

Best Hamburger with Egg in the Middle Recipe

Make your hamburger patty like normal.  You might want to make it a little larger than normal, so you’re able to take the center out, add the egg, and still have a decent amount of meat in your burger.

Once you’ve made your patty grab a cup, and use it take the center of the burger out.

 Once you have the center of your patty removed, place it on the stove in a non-stick pan.  I don’t recommend using anything but the non-stick pan.  Once you add the egg, you’re going to wish you had used a non-stick pan if you don’t..  Now, you’re going to cook the patty a little bit.  I would say about half way, you’ll then break the egg, and put all of it in the middle of your patty.

Now for the egg, this is where it begins to get a little scary.  You want to be careful, and remember there should be a little grease in the bottom of the pan.  This will keep the egg from sticking, if you plan on having yolk in the middle of your burger, don’t move it around.  Simply grab a lit, and place it over the pan for a big.  This will help cook your egg, and your patty the rest of the way.

Yes, you got it.  This is where you will break the egg in the middle of the Hamburger patty, and let it cook.  I’m sure there’s other ways to do it, but I have found everything to cook better by placing a lid over the pan for about 5 minutes before I put the cheese on, once I put the cheese on the lid goes back on until it’s nice and melted.

Now you’re all finished, you have your hamburger with an egg in the middle, and you can add all the fixing you want.  I personally love adding some green chili, mushrooms, avocado, and extra cheese, lol.  What can I say cheese is good stuff.  Anyway if you love burgers, eggs, and being totally stuffed this is a great burger.  It takes a few times of cooking it before you’re a pro, it can get a little messy but don’t give up.  You know that’s the way it is right.  The messier the food is, the better it tastes.  You know it’s true, anyway I sure hope you enjoy this fabulous Hamburger with an egg in the middle.

  • Shannon

    This sounds good. I would make it if I wasn’t a vegetarian.

  • Bonny

    My husband told me about this sometime ago and he said it was delicious! I’ll have to try it!

  • Michael

    Read this, said WHAT? Had to try it and OMG it was/is great!!!!!

    • Jenn

      I know it’s something that doesn’t sound toooo good but it’s amazing! I’m so glad you were able to enjoy it too! always love to hear it from someone else!

  • Deborah D

    Such a unique spin on the hamburger. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Kathy Idol

    This is something different. It looks yummy! Next time it’s hamburger around here I will try this & see what the family thinks. Thanks for sharing

  • Lindsay

    Looks awesome!

    I love fried eggs on my burgers and this is an interesting way of preparing it.

  • lisa

    Well, it’s unique. I say don’t knock it til ya try it! I’m always open to try new things.Thanks!

    • Jenn

      It’s good too, we got a little crazy but i have to say it’s pretty darn yummy!