Big Sister Is So Awesome She Got An Award! Little Sisster Loves Story Time

Books for big sistersHave you ever tried to find books for big sisters, you know ones that will make them feel extra special?  Until recently I wasn’t able to find a good children’s book for big sisters.  Thanks to I See Me, big sister is rocking an awesome personalized children’s book.  To make things even better, she spends time reading it to her little sister.

In a home with more than one child life can get a bit stressful if there is all kinds of fighting and arguing.  It’s inevitable, there is going to be some issues come up.  Whether you have boys, girls, or both it’s important to us as parents that our children get along and love each other.  I have three girls, Catie 14, Vayda 7 and Mattie who just turned 3.  I often feel the worst for my poor Vayda; she gets it from both ends.  Catie and Mattie or so far apart in age, they are great friends and sister.  There are times when I need to do a little something for my Vayda to help her feel special.  It’s easy for her to feel pushed aside, and we do everything we can to never make her feel less important than the other children.

I know it’s totally natural for children to fight and argue, but I want my girls to have a good relationship with one another.   Vayda my 7-year-old had a hard time when my youngest Mattie came around.  She wasn’t the baby no more, and you could tell it really bothered her.  She loved having a little sister to play with, but she also wasn’t the baby of the family anymore.

We talked to her a lot, and tried to get her to understand how everything worked.  I think she understood but it still didn’t hit home, until one day my husband was upset with Vayda and was talking to her.  Little Mattie came flying around the corner, and got in front of her big sister and tells dad, “Dad you need to leave Vayda alone she is my best friend.”  The look on Vayda’s face was priceless, and since then they have been so close.  That’s all it took, Vayda had to see it with her own two eyes.

personalized children's booksI was recently asked if I would like to review a personalized children’s book from I See Me.  Needless to say, I was super excited.  I wanted to choose something for my coming up toddler’s birthday, but then I noticed a book called The Super Incredible Big Sister.  I knew that I needed to get that book for Vayda, I had been looking for a good big sister book.  What’s better than a personalized children’s book for big sisters?  Man is I glad I did, her and her sister have read ti every night together for I don’t even know how long.  It’s been a few weeks for sure.  What makes it even more awesome is that it comes with an award.  The award is for the incredible big sister.

Good books for kidsThis book is 8.5” x 8.5” and comes with hardcover and 20 bright pages of fun.  You can add your child’s name in the book, as well as the new babies’ name.  There is even a part for a dedication to the child from the sender.  It’s a fabulous book and such a wonderful little boost for any big sister.  I know Vayda loves her book, and now she looks forward to reading it to her little sister.  They do it every single day since she received the book.

This is a great book that you can pick of from the wonderful people over at for only $29.95.  The book is personalized, they have plenty of different books to choose from, they are quality book, and my kids love them.  Special thanks to for giving Vayda and Mattie their night-night book, lol.  That’s what my toddler calls it.  You should hear her, it never fails every single night she says, “Bayda, can I read you our night-night book?”  OMG, too cute and Vayda can never say no.  It’s been such a great bonding experience for the two girls.

Swing by I See Me, they have great personalized children’s books for big sisters, as well as everyone else.  I cannot say enough good things about these awesome books, you really need to check them out for yourself.  Don’t forget to follow I See Me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. says

    I love personalized children’s books. I remember a fun book my parents gave me and my brother.  They were personalized with our own names but spelled backwards.  So my character was a giraffe named ‘Kerred’.  I thought that was so cool.  My brother’s book had a lion named ‘Yeldarb’.  I still like to call him that every now and again…and he’s 47.

  2. says

    This would be a great book for our 4 year old grandson…our daughter in law is in labor with his new baby brother! Can’t wait!

    • says

      OMG it’s a great book… I just know they would love it… my kids loved it and still read it to one another now Mattie will try to read it to Vayda lol.

  3. Charlene says

    Looks like your daughter put the dog to sleep as well as your other daughter. LOL. I know what you were up against, I had two boys and the older one(3 years difference)loved to read to the younger one. I could not find a book that was for a big brother until I found a place that produced personalized books. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the company because you would send them a bunch of personal information about your child and they would write a story book.

    • Karen Hand says

      Charlene: I See Me has books for boys, as well. What is especially nice about these books is the fact that they encourage children to read, which, of course, opens up a whole new world for them as they use their imagination. Thanks for your comment.

  4. says

    My daughter become seventeen near future, and I have only one kid,, but yes, this book is look good to be a gift for 6-10 years big sister.

  5. April Fistler says

    I love the idea of personalized books! I bet she loved it too as a big sister! :)

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I think it isgreat that you were able to find this bookand thatit has made such a big difference in the relationship between the 2 girls. It is often hard to be the middle child.

  7. Maria Iemma says

    Your post has a funny title so I had to click and see what it was all about. It is nice to have a book that will comfort and show big sister that she is still special.

    • Karen Hand says

      Laurie: When my grandchildren were small, I found a place where I could order music that was geared toward a particular child’s name. They loved those CDs and played them constantly, Found those in a toy store of all places. Thanks for your comment.

  8. says

    That’s a great book to make the big sister feel great and adjust to having a little one in the house. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  9. md kennedy says

    For a second there, hen I saw your title in Twtter thought you’d had a pcoekt-tweeting moment! Bt instead I found out about this great book. Great idea to make a wee one feel very special.

    • Karen Hand says

      Md indeed it is a special moment when a child can see their name in print, and what a keepsake this would make. Thanks for stopping by.