Continuing in my efforts to lead a healthier life style, I am concerned about the quality of air that I breathe.  Our home, like many of the homes of our followers, is filled with lots of pollutants.  Yes, I will admit it, although, my home is not considered dirty by any sense of the word.  We  cannot help it.  Dirt and pollen is in the air, and unless you do not move around at all, you will create a wind storm of contaminants.  It is even worse when you have animal dander to contend with.  The Himalayan Salt Shop can help remove these pollutants by using their salt lamps.  The Himalayan Salt Shop was gracious enough to provide me with one of their salt lamps for the purpose of this review.

Picture of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

What are salt lamps you ask?  Good question.  The Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from natural crystal salt, which has been mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.  The crystal salt is hundreds of millions years old and has special properties and high mineral content.  When these salts are heated by either a flame or bulb, it causes the salt to emit negative ions.  Negative ions bond with pollutants in the air and neutralize them causing them to fall to the ground, thus removing them from the air circulation.  From the testimonials of many of the Himalayan Salt Shop customers who concur, these crystal salts have medicinal properties to allow asthma, allergies and other illnesses to subside. In short, these products clean the air naturally while displaying a beautiful lamp in your decorating décor.  After receiving this Himalayan Salt Lamp, I placed it on my night stand, turned it on and have had the light burning continuously.  This lamp is serving two purposes: it cleans the air in my bedroom and makes for a perfect night light, providing just enough light for me to walk around without having to turn on the overhead light.  These lamps also make great gifts for any occasion.

The salt lamps come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your needs and room size.  See the website for a guide on the size of lamp that you will need for your room.

The Globe Salt Lamp

The Globe Salt Lamp

Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Shop also carries a line of other fine salt products, including bath salts, cooking salts, and edible salts.

Maintenance of your salt lamp is easy.  First and foremost, disconnect your lamp from any power source.  Then wipe clean with the use of a slightly damp cloth or sponge and dry with a towel.  Repeat this process about once a month, or as needed, to eliminate any dust.  Do not emerge the lamp in water as the salts will dissolve¸ thus destroying your lamp.

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Your new salt lamp also comes with a 15% off discount code on your next purchase at  This is a limited time offer, so be sure to stop by the site as soon as possible to take advantage of this offer.

Get the same result of cleansing the air in your home with the Himalayan Salt Lamps instead of that expensive ionizing machine.  I am so happy to be the proud owner of this salt lamp, as it has indeed helped to clean the air in my home.  These salt lamps make great gifts for any special occasion, so why not select one of the package deals at Himalayan Salt Shop today for either yourself, or your loved one, or select from one of their gift certificates options.

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  1. says

    I would like to try and see if this would help clean the air in my home. I also love how it has a soft glow from the pictures you put up of the lamp.

  2. brandi hawn says

    i have been wanting a lamp forever, i have 2 large candle holders that are himalayan salt and i love them :)

  3. lisa says

    These lamps are so cool. I would love to try it. I’m curious if it’s a novelty item or it really works.

  4. M.Clark says

    I love coming to this review to comment, if I don’t win the giveaway I’ll have to go the site and purchase one.

  5. Kathy Lane says

    I had never heard of a salt lamp before.This would be so nice to have in my home.

  6. M.Clark says

    I just visited the website again and I noticed they have Animal Shapes! I’m really excited my this, I LOVE the Turtle Salt Lamp and the Swan Salt Lamp.

  7. Sandy Cain says

    I really would like to try this. I get so congested when I sleep, I wonder if this would help.

  8. M.Clark says

    I’ve been to the Salt Lamps website and I think I would choose a lamp in a crafted shape, either a large bowl of fire, a globe, or a tear drop.

  9. Jo Ann Simko says

    I often wondered what these I know. We have allergies in our family and pets..would love to win one..and probably invest in one in the future. Thanks for the review and give away.

  10. M.Clark says

    This would be great to own, I wouldn’t need to have a separate air purifier. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is both a night lite and an air purifier in one little package.

  11. lisa says

    I’m very curious about this. I just think it looks cool. I’d put it in the bedroom.

  12. M.Clark says

    A good place for this would be the hallway so if anyone gets up in the night to go to the bathroom they’ll have the glow of this lamp.

  13. M.Clark says

    It looks like a great light to have at night so you can walk around without turning on the overhead lights and using electricity.

  14. Brigid OHara Koshko says

    I have heard so many great things about these Salt Lamps. I would love to win one!

  15. Sandy Cain says

    Does it really work? Then we need one, we are all allergic here. (Probably to each other!)

    • says

      HAHAHA SANDY THAT IS SOOOO FUNNY! Karen did this reivew… I will shoot her an email and let her know you posted a question here so she can answer it for you… You know I used to joke and say I was allergic to work all the time.. You know now that I stay home I AM NEVER SICK… I JUT KNEW IT WAS WORK! lol… Thanks for that smile I needed that!

  16. Cheryl Fisher says

    I have a friend who has one and uses it for her allergies to breathe better. It works

  17. Sandy Cain says

    I’ve never tried a salt lamp, or even seen one, but the whole idea is fascinating to me!

  18. says

    I wish I had a house full of these to help control my asthma and allergies. It’s been a rough spring and summer so far. These Himalayan salt lamps are just amazing~!

  19. lisa says

    Well, I wondered how they work. Have you noticed a difference yet? It certainly is a conversation piece.

  20. Myrna says

    I have the “bowl of fire” salt lamp, and just love it. The light is such a soft warm glow.

  21. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I gave the one I had to a friend who just begged me to death for it, so it’s time for me to get another one

  22. says

    They are beautiful, I would love to have one in the bedroom, I bet it has the kind of light that makes a gal look about 20 years younger in the kind mirror

  23. Dora J Crow says

    I am unsure of the actual benefits of the Himalyan Salt lamps. I have some of the candle holders, I just love the way they look when lit. I would enjoy finding out if they do help breathe easier, as there are a lot of us asthma sufferers and allergy sufferers here too. Great review, love the pictures.

  24. Jessica Para says

    I would totally love this lamp. I have allergies, that this year especially, are really bad. I would like to try and see if this would help clean the air in my home. I also love how it has a soft glow from the pictures you put up of the lamp. This is by far one of the cooler products I have seen on blogs. :)

  25. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have never used a Salt lamp, but we could probably use one since my husband is asthmatic. The look so pretty too.

  26. Evelyn Chuter says

    I have had my lamp for years and I don’t know what I’d without it. I have animals that sleep with me in bed, so mine is in the bed room too. Mine works fine but I think it’s about time for another.

  27. Sharon Siqueiros says

    I had a salt lamp and a friend just begged and begged so much, I gave it to her….time for me to replace it and these are all beautiful!!

  28. Cheryl Fisher says

    I have a huge salt lamp in the bedroom. I too am concerned with the air we breathe. I have allergies and hope this helps assist with eliminating allergens

  29. Laurie Nykaza says

    Great idea to help with all the air pollutants in my house having pets we could really use one. I like the way they look so organic in shape too