Easter Ideas: Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

I love Easter; there are so many reasons it’s one of my favorite holidays – pastel colors, eggs hunts, Easter Bunny, CANDY, and coming up with fun Easter ideas with my kids to name a few. My kids and I completed our first Rice Crispy Easter Basket Craft a few days ago.  My kids are so creative, they have all sorts of Easter ideas right now.  It’s not one of your normal Easter Basket ideas, and I cannot tell you how much fun we had bringing this Easter Basket idea to life! 

1Easter Ideas: Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

The girls and I decided on make HUGE Rice Crispy Treat Easter Basket, and a few small Easter Baskets out of Rise Crispy Treats.  The small Rice Crispy Easter Baskets didn’t make it.  They were so cute, and we worked very hard on them.  While the kids and, I were outside, taking a break our Rotweiller, Noodles decided she needed a sweet snack!  YES, she ate all of them, and got into a lot of trouble I might add, lol.  I guess I cannot blame her, they really looked delicious.  

I am sure you can imagine how much fun it we had creating a huge edible Easter Basket.  If I have learned one things, it’s when it comes to doing things with my kids, the messier it is, the more fun we had doing it.  THIS WAS A BLAST, and it honestly was not too messy.  I can honestly say I am not ready for Easter to get here, but only because my kids and I have so many fun Easter ideas planned, and a few fun Easter Crafts!  This fun Rise Crispy Treat Easter Basket was only the start of the fun ideas for Easter.

Easter BasketOur first Easter activity was a HUGE hit thanks to HERSHEY’S.  This year we were lucky enough to receive an amazing assortment of Easter candy like ROLO Candy wrapped in pretty Easter pastel colors, WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS (my husband’s favorite), and all the other candy you see in the above and below pictures.
Things To Do For EasterI know you are probably wondering how we came up with the huge Rice Crispy Treat Easter Basket idea.  Well, it all started with my kids asking what I was planning on doing with all the HERSHEY’S candy I received.  Vayda and Mattie quickly reminded me that it was their turn to choose our next Easter ideas, since I took over Valentine’s Day lol.  If it had been up to me, I would have decorated with some of the candy, I love the pretty pastel colors of the wrappers, but NOPE! There is no way my girls were going to let me get away with something like that!  They wanted to make a huge Easter Basket out of their favorite Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treat recipe!  

Hersheys Easter Candy GiveawayI tried to talk them out of the whole peanut butter idea so we were able to get better colors, but they were not falling for it. And, really that’s what the holidays are about – THE KIDS HAVING FUN!  So I figured, why not lets give it a shot, and it turned out pretty neat, but most importantly thanks to HERSHEY’S I will have the memories of making this Easter Basket with me for ever!  

Easter Basket Ideas#BunnyTrail Easter Ideas: Fun Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

The Rice Crispy Easter Basket is easy to make, a little time consuming, and a whole lot of un with the kids. It’s a great to do with the kids.  I made three different batches of Rice Crispy Treats, so I could get the different colors by adding different color food coloring to each batch. It’s super easy, before you combine the marshmallow mixture with your Rice Crispy cereal add food coloring to the melted marshmallow mixture. Start out by adding 6 drops, and adding more as needed to get the color you want. Once you have your desired color combine your colored marshmallow mixture with your Rice Crispy cereal and mix as you normally would.

Use a large bowl or something similar as your EasterBasket mold.  I suggest a large see-through bowl so you are able to see your layers as you do them.  To prepare your mold lightly spray with non-stick spray.  

Rice Crispy Treat Easter BasketAllow the Rice Crispy Treats to cool completely before you place them into the mold.  The cooler the Rice Crispy Treats, the easier they are to mold.  

Edible Easter BasketOnce they Rice Crispy Treats are cool place place in your mold, and begin to press down on the bottom and sides as shown above.  You can use wax paper to push your Rice Crispy Treats, which will help keep your hands clean.  The first layer will cover the bottom of the mold and go up the sides about an inch or two, but you can totally customize as you like.  

 Also, if you have not molded Rice Crispy Treats be sure to keep in mind the cooler they get the less they stick to everything, and the easier it is to get them to hold shape, or in this case mold to the bowl.  If your kids allow you to make the Rice Crispy Treats without peanut butter you will get a better color, but it’s about the fun! SO HAVE FUN!  If you don’t have a Peanut Butter Ride Crispy Treat Recipe I will include it at the bottom of the post.

Once your Rice Crispy Treats are cooled try making the 1st layer to your Easter Basket by covering the bottom, and going up the sides as far as you want the layer to cover.  You will be able to tell right away if it is cool enough to work with.  I personally wait until it’s completely cool, and sometimes even put it in the fridge for a few minutes.  Fun Easter Basket Ideas With KidsRepeat process until you have a completed Easter Basket.  

FYI, be careful when working with kids.  See that funky green color?  That’s the result of a curious 3-year-old who was too close to the Rice Crispy Treats and food coloring while mom rant to the restroom.  It was a really pretty yellow color, lol.   Once you have all the layers complete go back over it one more time and press down firmly using your hands or wax paper.  Cover, and leave Rice Crispy treats in the bowl mold for at least 4 hours, no more than a full night.

Easter Baket Ideas With KidsPlace all your candy inside, or whatever you have planned for your Rice Crispy Treat Easter Basket.  

Easter Ideas With KidsYOUR DONE! I hope you had as much fun as we did, and I sure hope you skipped passed the funky green color lol.

Cute Easter Candy Decor IdeaMattie’s Super Cute Easter Candy Decor Idea

My 3-year-old daughter made a super cute candy plate for our living room.  She did it with mommy in mind.  She knows how much I love ROLO Candies, and Almonds.  Together they are amazing!  One of my favorite treats. 

Easter Ideas For KidsMattie used my Almond jar and placed in on her heart tray, and placed the ROLO Candies around the outside of the jar on the dish.  It really turned out cute.  I am starting to think she is going to be a crafty little girl. 

Easter Candy Decor IdeaNot bad for a 3-year-old right!  I thought it was pretty creative!  TWO THUMBS UP on Mattie’s Candy Dish Decoration. It’s

Fun With HERSHEY’S Easter Candies

I wanted to say thanks to HERSHEY’S for providing us with all the fabulous Easter Candy!  We had fun, and made memories that will last a lifetime. 

There are several great Easter Crafts, Decorating Ideas, recipes and more when you visit CelebrateWithHersheys.com. Plus you’ll be able to see how other people are celebrating Easter!

Hersheys Easter Candy Giveaway


Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats Recipe
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  1. 2 tablespoons of butter
  2. 1 package of regular marshmallows (1 bag)
  3. 4 1/2 cups Rice Crispy Cereal
  4. 1 1/3 cups Peanut Butter
  5. .
  1. In a large post, melt butter and marshmallows over medium/low heat. Stir until it’s nice and smooth, remove from heat. Quickly add the peanut butter, and HERSHEY’S® chocolate bar.
  2. Mix well, and pour mixture over the cereal.
  3. Pour you rice crispy treats into a 9 inch baking pan, and press them firmly into the pan. Allow them to sit for one hour, and enjoy!
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