Camp KIVU: The First Class Colorado Overnight Camp for Teens to Unplug

I am super excited when I was asked to write a sponsored post about a camp for teens located in San Juan Mountains called KIVU!  Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.  Why?  This is my neck of the woods, it seems like everything is always happening in Florida or somewhere with beaches!  In my opinion the beaches rock, but man there is nothing like the beauty the mountains hold!  If you are not already familiar with Camp DIVU it’s located in the foothills of the San Juan Mountains right outside Durango Colorado.  Which if you have never been to this area of the world, it’s amazing!  Breathtaking views, and totally worth the visit!  

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Camp KIVU: The First Class Colorado Overnight Camp for Teens to Unplug

Located in the San Juan Mountain this isn’t a camp you will want to miss, not only is it located in one of the most beautiful places in the area, for the pasted 15 years the staff has provided nothing but the best, world-class experience to the Summer Camp model!  Camp KIVU is an awesome, and is currently representing more than 26 different countries, and has hosted almost 12,000 students who long to unplug for the world of technology for two weeks, and focus on the experience, and making new friends from all of the globe!  Camp KIVU facilities are resort style, and their adventures will give your teens stories to carry with them for many years to come.  Man, this has really made me start thinking about Catie.  I bet she would love this place, she has been asking me about a camp for teens.. HUMM, I will have to show it to her.  I mean look at some of these pictures!

Founder and current President Andy Braner has become an expert on Teenage issues ranging from bullying to the current addiction to technology most students are trying to navigate to date. Braner has not only become an expert, he has gone on to write five books on everything from teen issues, to curriculum for students to ask hard questions about relationship value, global engagement, and multi faith conversations.   Every summer Camp KIVU gears up, and hires 150 university staff to mentor student in the art of outdoor adventure, relationship building, and faith-based values.  You can learn more by checking them out on their YouTube Channel, and their Facebook page is loaded with pictures and videos of current and past campers on their Facebook Page.. 

At KIVU, they are intentional to help students and their families navigate the hardest years of growing up, and with a 20 year track record, all you have to do is see the results. 

If you sign up by April 1, use the code BLOGS2014 and you will receive an immediate $100 off your tuition.  You can visit them online at

So what do you think?  If your asked you about a camp for teens, would you consider allowing them to venture off to a place like this, unplug, learn and grow?  

  1. looks like a fun place with lots to do. i don’t have any teens, but when i do i will definitely look into this. may be a little far from home though.

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