Camping for Guys: Clothing Essentials, Whatever the Weather

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Whether you’re heading to a campsite in the UK or Europe with your family for a week, or you’re embarking on a weekend trip to one of the upcoming summer festivals, making sure you’ve packed the right kit will mean the difference between camping in style and being sweaty and uncomfortable.

While for the majority of festival-goers, the last thing on their mind is the quality of their clothes (being more concerned about how many crates of beer they can carry) if you want to enjoy yourself while staying warm and clean, decent clothes are where it’s at. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, because you really don’t. Just pack a few staple essentials that will keep you going until you make it home to a shower again.

Most blokes can make do with a couple of pairs of jeans or shorts, but make sure you take enough underwear to last the duration of the trip. Although not the “trendiest” option, thermal underwear will keep you warm on the cold nights in the tent and can be bought from George at ASDA for as little as a fiver.

Depending on the duration of the stay, you should be able to get away with a couple of pairs of trousers. Try and avoid jeans, because if they get wet, they are a nightmare to dry. Stick with the cotton trousers or combats. Pick a pair that zips off at the knee, for trousers that double up as shorts. Roll them up so that they don’t occupy too much space in your rucksack.

Pack several short sleeved t shirts that can be layered if necessary. On a warm day, one will be enough but you’ll be thankful for the extras if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

While the aim of summer festivals is for the weather to be nice and warm, the British unpredictable climes put pay to that guarantee. Take a zip up hoody such as the gun patch quilted hooded top to keep the chill away on milder days and cool evenings.

Fingers crossed, the heavens don’t open during your camping stint but, let’s be honest, you never know. Take a waterproof jacket or a ‘cag in a bag’ so that you’re covered, whatever the eventuality. There’s nothing worse than being damp at a festival, so try and layer up so that, underneath it all, you’re still snug.

Try and avoid taking shoes that have canvas, non-waterproof tops as they’ll inevitably get damp and muddy within minutes. Take some comfortable walking boots or, better still, a pair of simple wellies, so that the mud and rain doesn’t stop you from enjoying yourself.

Combine that with the basics, including a pair of gloves, sunglasses, suncream and a torch to navigate your way to the loo in the darkness, and you have yourself the basic requirements for a summer festival camping trip. You don’t have to take much if you’re savvy about what you do take, ensuring that whatever happens, you’re as chilled out as ever.

This is a guest post written by Catherine.