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Old World Elegance and Charm Found in Madison, WI


I am in love with things from the past.  When it comes to homes and architecture I generally do not see the same beauty in new design as what I see in those from the past.  In fact I live in a home that was built in the 1800s and I love this about my home.  We really need to move to a bigger home because we have had two children since we moved into ours but I can not find anything that I love as much as the house the house that we currently own and live in.

When I was looking for lodging in the Madison, WI area I saw the Hotel Ruby Marie and knew that this was where I wanted to stay.  The hotel management was amazing and the staff was delightful as I was reserving my room.  They were friendly, courteous, and very helpful with everything throughout the process.

Upon arriving to the hotel my breath was instantly taken away.  I could just picture the hotel standing there 100 years ago and the grandness that would have been perceived at that time.  The entrance was through the back where you took an elevator to the second floor to check in.  The first floor is a bar on one half and a restaurant on the other.  The basement or ground level has a bakery that serves up delicious fresh baked goods for breakfast. 


We were the lucky enough to stay in room 23 which we were told was the best room in the hotel.  This room was gorgeous and had everything that you could want from a hotel room.  I will share with you five surprises about our amazing stay at the Hotel Ruby Marie.


Five Surprises of Our Hotel Ruby Marie Stay


Surprise #1 – The hotel room was HUGE.  There was a small area with a mini fridge and seating.  A second seating area, an area where the bed was, an area with the hot tub, and the bathroom.  It was very spacious and allowed for us to have enough room to relax and enjoy our time when we were in the room.


Surprise #2 – The hot tub had a unique waterfall feature.  This was a bit shocking at first and caused lots of giggles when the waterfall stream hit me upside the head as the jets were turned on.  I can say that the laughter that my husband and I shared because of this feature was something that we needed and reminded us of just how much fun we can have together.


Plus the bathroom had a pull chain toilet and who wouldn’t love that?


Surprise # 3 – A new love for old things.  Every time that I think that I want to move from our house we do something that reminds me of just how much I love old architecture and how much beauty there is in buildings that were built around the turn of the 20th century.  I was reminded of why we fell in love with our own home and I honestly fell in love with it all over again.

Surprise #4 – Downtown Madison is a place that I would love to be able to visit time and time again.  I had not been to Madison before and I surely can not think of a reason that we will not go back.  In fact I would rather go to Madison now that I have been there then to go to Chicago when shows are playing in both cities.

Surprise #5 – There is a very loud train that passes right by the Hotel Ruby Marie at around 3:30 am or at least that did that night.  I did realize that we were close to railroad tracks.  I also knew the history of the hotel and that it was originally a place where men who worked on the railroad would stay.  However I did not expect the train to wake me up when I was sleeping and frankly I will admit that I was frightened and that I screamed.  However to me this added a little more love to the property.

All in all staying at The Hotel Ruby Marie is something that I would highly recommend anyone in the Madison area to do.  In fact this is actually going on my list of things that I must do again.  I simply must stay at the Hotel Ruby Marie again at some point in my life.

This post was written by Amanda Walton for Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

  1. Sounds wonderful. This reminds me of the house that my grandparents had, I love the bed, and the chain pull, awesome. I would love to go there some day, very long trip for us.

  2. Madison can be fun. We live about an hour and a half away. We took two kids to the capital after a Badger football game in the fall. State Street can be fun to bomb around. But just like Washington DC, it is a shame to see how run down areas are and the homelessness.

    1. Homelessness devastates me. I used to work in social work before I decided to stay home with my children. I actually worked with an inner city population in the Indianapolis area. I told my husband that the more that we travel to Wisconsin and Michigan the more that I want to move north. This is kind of funny coming from me because I have always loved summer but not been a fan of winter. I love how the Michigan and Wisconsin feel more like my favorite areas (Pacific Northwest) in culture and people.

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