Capture Baby’s Moments With Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days App

DISCLOSUREEvery mommy wants the best for her baby.  As a mom I have trusted Dreft with all my kids when they were baby’s, and will continue with the next.  I remember when I had my first child, my mom told me that I was ONLY to use Dreft.  As a parent I have also learned to capture every moment you can, because these little ones grow up entirely way to fast.  I have books for each one of my children, filled with picture.  It’s so unorganized, to be honest.  I mean everything there, but it’s a mess.  I’m glad with my next one I will have a great app like Dreft Amazing Baby Days App.  It’s a great app to help anyone capture baby’s moments using their smartphone.

If you’re fixing to welcome a little one into the world, or just did you might want to check out Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days Apps!

Capture Baby's Moments With Dreft's Amazing Baby Days AppCapture Baby’s Moments With Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days App

Dreft baby laundry detergent, is the #1 choice by pediatricians, and they are launching an awesome app for your mobile devices – Amazing Baby Days.  It’s a easy-to-use, fun and convenient way to capture and share those special moments from pregnancy all the way through your baby’s first year.  You can then publish them into an awesome book, to be shared with family and friends.

Dreft's Amazing Baby Days AppI’m in love with Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days App!  I’m SUPER excited to start using it more, now that the holidays have started to calm down, and we don’t have anymore company I can get back to normal living!  Signing up is a breeze, you have to put in a few security questions.  Which makes me feel better, if I am going to be putting tons of information into something like this I want to feel secure.

Capture Baby's Moments With Dreft's Amazing Baby Days App

Most of you know my husband and I will be trying to have another child this year.  With Amazing Baby Days I can collect and cherish every moment from pregnancy up until 1 year.  I’m super excited about it, because I am not going to lie.  When I am 8 months pregnant the last thing I am worried about is being organized with certain things.  Now it’s as easy as a snap of a picture, and save it for later!

Capture Baby's Moments With Dreft's Amazing Baby Days AppYou can seriously add everything form baby’s very first outfit, stroller picture, to the bump tracker.  Which just sounds like fun!  Something I always remember about being pregnant is wanting to keep track of the bump.  Well until I started to feel like a beached whale, then I don’t think I cared very much, lol.

IMG_0217You can even keep track of gifts you received at your baby shower, or things like that.  I love that you can add the information, and a picutre.  I dont know about you, but when I left my baby shower I didn’t know who gave me what, by the time I got home and put it with everything else there was no way of telling.  I remember wanting to send picutres of Mattie wearing her little outfits that everyone gave her, but I couldnt’ remember what was a gift and what I bought for her.  I like to call that prego brain… My husband says I am like that all the time, but I blame the prego brain.  Either way this app is amazing!

If you have a little one you need to try this app!  I honestly don’t know how anyone couldn’t love it, and to make things even better it’s FREE!  You can grab the Amazing Baby Days App Here.

Before heading off, take a moment and check out this video. It’s about using the app to track gifts.  Watch it and tell me it wouldn’t come in super handy!

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dreftIn celebration of the launch of this great app, Dreft is partnering with expectant celebrity parents, Kevin and Danielle Jonas as they begin their journey to parenthood.  Be sure to check out Dreft’s Dreft’s Facebook Page, and follow Dreft on Twitterbecause you can get exclusive content from the couple as they prepare for their upcoming arrival.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you or anyone you know would use Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days App.

You can grab Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days by visiting

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  • June S.

    (Capture Baby’s Moments With Dreft’s Amazing Baby Days App) I started use Dreft on my first born babies clothes back in the mid 70’s. Back then that was about the only detergent like that on the market, helps to keep babies cloths nice and soft.

  • Danny Garza

    Love to do laundry with Dreft !! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Stevie

    I like the bump tracker. I wish I had taken more photos, but at least I got one in a few weeks before my daughter was born

  • maria c

    I love how the app reminds you of photo uploads and that you can track gifts.

  • tamra gibson

    The app lets you do so many amazing things, keep track, have pictures, the gift would be the best because I always forget what I have bought and not. Dreft alone is a great product the app is an extra bonus though

  • Natasha

    I like how you can keep pregnancy memories organized and saved!


    I love that you can track gifts. I also love the MY Amazing Baby section! :)
    Such a cool app.
    Thank you for the giveaway

  • Dora J Crow

    I’ve used Dreft nearly all my life. I’m allergic to any other powder or liquid detergents. Dreft is no allergenic, rinses out well, leaving no residue. I haven’t any children, but would use Dreft Baby app if I did. It is so cool!

  • Saturnella

    What a neat app!

  • Ashley G.N.

    I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant! What an awesome app! But it’s never too late to start, and I will know for Baby #2!

  • md Kennedy

    Almost makes me wish I was pregnant and had kids! I didn’t know that Dreft was still around – it is not just for baby stuff – very gentle on everyone’s clothes. I’ll have to look around for it.

  • Mitzi Fisher

    I love dreft and it’s smells awesome.

  • Rebekka S

    Thank you for the great review, that baby app is really neat :)

  • Holly Brewer

    I love the dreft!

  • 25 1947

    This app is very convenient because it organizes everything for you and you can just follow it and add the photos.etc. when convenient and/or when rem,inded

  • elinor semira

    wow! that is an amazing baby application. thanks for sharing this. i just hope it is applicable in our country as well.

  • Sally

    This is such a neat idea I wish my kids were small so I could use it!! Thanks for the review!!

  • dineca havrilla

    sounds like a great app, I am going to download it.

  • Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I love that you can track the whole pregnancy and gifts. A great App!

  • Kera Adams

    I like the Amazing Baby Days that can collect and cherish every moment from pregnancy up until 1 year.

  • Cassondra Del Rio

    i love how the app is really organized! and reminds you of photo uploads.

  • Deborah D

    It asks security questions. Which makes me feel like it is really secure. I wouldn’t want my nieces’ information out there for someone to steal.

  • Naznin Azeez

    This is just so convenient and adorable!. I will surely check it out. Thanks for doing a post on it..