6 Tips On Selecting The Ultimate kids Outfit!

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As parents we always look to find that one perfect baby outfit for our kids, especially newborns or the ultimate baby shower gift. We all know baby clothes don't fit for too long and if you have a 9 lb baby like I did then you can relate when I say we went through clothes super fast!! My grandson was a big baby too 9 lbs 6 oz. so by the time he was 3 months old he was wearing 9 month old sizes! … [Read more...]

Benefits of A Quality Baby Activity Walker.


As our little Miss Novalee started to become more independent, rolling over, sitting up on her own and crawling everywhere, now walking…”whew’ it is definitely challenging to keep her confined in one place, after all I can only block off the family room for so long. Being loving parents of course we are a wee bit picky about the baby gear our precious little one will be encountering as she … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Buying A Car Seat Stroller!


Over my many years of parenting I have been through a few car seats and many, many strollers but never a car seat stroller all in one! In my younger years I never really knew what to look for when buying a car seat let a lone a stroller. We actually added up how much money I have spent on these baby gear items over the past years, starting with my 2 children 30 years ago to my 3 grandchildren … [Read more...]

Quality Baby Gear By Lilly Gold!


Having children is a beautiful life experience. We love unconditionally, nurture, teach, guide and keep them safe. We also want to be sure they have everything they need, you know, the best of the best!! But when it comes to baby gear there are so many choices. It’s so easy to overdo things by buying a bunch of unnecessary baby gear end result, going over our budget spending way too much money!! … [Read more...]

Car Seat Recall: Dorel Juvenile Announces a Safety Recall

Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer Convertible Car Seat Recall Alert!

We have a car seat recall to tell you about.  I'm sure most of you have heard about it already, but we wanted to be sure and share it with you.  Dorel Juvenile Group has put out a car seat recall  and are pulling some of their car seats of the shelves..  There are 21 different models being recalled from Safety First and Eddie Bauer.  They are being recalled because they do … [Read more...]

My Promise To My Children

my promise to always love you

I love my children, and I wanted to say thanks to JOHNSON’S® Baby Family and The Motherhood for sponsoring this post, and giving me the opporuntiyt to not only share JOHNSON’S® Baby Family Promise to moms, but my promise to my children!  My three older children are my stepchildren, but we never say that in our house.  The only time I refer to them in that way is when I am trying to … [Read more...]

How To Create A Safe Sleep Environment For Your Baby With HALO.

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As parents we all want what’s best for our children, of course keeping them safe is a priority and HALO is a name you can trust. Newborns can sleep about 16 hours a day. Safe sleep is where we start to help protect our babies from sudden sleep-related dangers, like suffocation and SIDS. Being a grandma of three beautiful kids one 7 years old, 13 months and one on the way with the younger of the … [Read more...]

The Lilly Gold Zoomer Is The Ultimate Universal Stroller!!

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If you have kids then you can relate when I say I’m tired of breaking my back pulling bulky strollers out of trunks, unfolding them placing them by the car door unbuckling baby, taking baby out of the car seat putting baby into the stroller rebuckling them into the stroller….WHEW, I’m tired just typing this down for you…ugh!! Well what if I told you there is an affordable product out … [Read more...]

How To Soothe A Baby With Colic

how to soothe a baby with colic

How to soothe a baby with colic? I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for a colicky baby as a new mom. I don't know if anyone could be, especially being a new mom. Taking care of a newborn is enough of a challenge, adding a colicky baby to the mix can leave parents feeling exhausted, frustrated, heartbroken, helpless, and I am sure there are other emotions felt. For me, helpless what how I felt, … [Read more...]

Great Sleepwear with Comfort in Mind from Snug Organics


I love finding great pajamas for my children. I never thought about it until I started buying nicer pajamas for myself. Since I started buying myself nicer pajamas I realize that softer more comfortable pajamas can be a perfect way to be able to have a better night's sleep. I love being able to offer the kids the perfect high quality pajamas so that they can have a better night's sleep … [Read more...]

A New Safe Way for Baby to Sleep with Zipadee Zip


Zipadee Zip is making it their mission to keep your little one nice and cozy while they are sleeping while being safe at the same time. We all have read all of the horror stories about having our little ones sleep with blankets. However if you are like me it feels almost cruel to put a baby in bed without anything. So I set out on a mission to find the best options to keep your little ones safe … [Read more...]

“Her Pants Won’t Fit Over Her Cloth Diapers!”


Have you found yourself making this statement? I will admit that with my first two in cloth diapers I did not understand what everyone was talking about. They are both very thin and long children so I never had this issue. In fact their cloth diapers helped to actually keep their pants up and on them. However when number four was born (number three in cloth) everything changed for me. Let me first … [Read more...]

Ten Other Uses For A Video Baby Monitor

Ten Other Uses For A Video Baby Monitor #jbbb http://jennsblahblahblog.com

Being a parent is stressful enough without having to worry about purchasing the best baby monitor for your little one.  Naturally, parents want to be able to check on their sleeping baby, watch them when they play, keep up with the older kids homework, chores, know who is getting into what, and still have time for those mommy moments.  HA, being mom is hard work, I cannot tell you … [Read more...]

Only the Best for Your Baby with Ella’s Kitchen


I will admit that we have been past the baby food age for a while. However even though this is the case I sometimes find myself buying the pouches of baby foot fruits for my kids as snacks. I have found that there are less preservatives in the baby food than the pouches of applesauce that are also available. Plus I love that I can get them a variety of unique flavors.   When we got the box … [Read more...]

PeppyParents Is Our One Stop, Baby Gear Online Shop!

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As you all know I’m a full-time Mima to three beautiful children, their ages are 1 year, 18 months 7 years and my newest, number 4, is due any day now. With that being said not only am I super busy I will be in need for a lot of baby gear, at least through their first three years! Spending a bunch of money on baby gear is not an option, I do go by my budget so I’m always on the lookout for high … [Read more...]

Baby Is Riding In Style With The BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seat by BRITAX.


Car seats, car seats and more car seats, my goodness with all the many options out there making a choice can be overwhelming to say the least, especially for a new parent to be. We like simple, having 2 children under the age of 8 and one due any day we don’t have a lot of time to go shopping let alone be installing difficult, heavy car seats!! With baby Mia due any day I now need another infant … [Read more...]

Give Your Toddler a Gift That Can Comfort with Elli & Nooli

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One of the things that can comfort your toddler or baby the most is simply the sound of your voice. If you have a little one who you would like to be able to comfort even when you are not around then Elli & Nooli's Recordable Pal is perfect for your needs. This toy not only allows your child to be able to hear your voice but is also great for cuddling and snuggling with at night time or during … [Read more...]

The Diaper Bag to End All Diaper Bag Wars


First off let me tell you that I am personally shocked by what I am about to write. I am not normally a backpack girl. To be honest unless I am backpacking or doing something that requires a backpack I would much prefer a crossbody or messenger style of bag. So when I was given the chance to review a diaper bag from Okie Bag I decided that I would do something completely different. I guess that my … [Read more...]

Baby Sure Does Love Her Difrax Pacifier!!

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When my children used pacifiers, 30 years ago, they were not very safe, there was only one size and they were poorly made. I actually had one of these cheap pacifiers come apart in my daughters mouth when she was 2 years old. This was a horrific experience, I literally had to give her the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge it from her throat, I vowed never to use them again. Because I took the pacifier … [Read more...]

4 Helpful Tips For Choosing A Baby Car Seat Cover.


Both my children were born in the summer time. I remember like it was yesterday, I can also remember how hot it was. We used baby blankets to cover the baby when they were in the car seat as we went from store to store, what a hassle, they would keep falling off.  We had seen those blanket covers that attached to the handle of the car seat and draped over each side so we thought we would give … [Read more...]