Things To Consider When Choosing A Kid Table & Chair Set.

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We’ve been shopping for a kid table & chair set for my Niko & little Miss Novalee so they have their own area to paint, draw, color, play with play dough, do homework and all that fun, kid activity stuff. A great kid table and chair set not only gives them the personal space they need but it's a wonderful investment in your child’s future.  As parents we know a tot-sized table and … [Read more...]

Tips To Keep Kids Reading This Summer & Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Tips To Keep Kids Reading This Summer

Can you believe we are already talking about summer learning loss and tips to keep kids reading this summer?  It doesn’t seem like they went back to school that long ago, time goes by way to fast.  Which is why it’s important to have a game plan to help your kids avoid summer learning loss.  Kids spend most of the year in a classroom keeping their minds active, sure they’re ready … [Read more...]

Family Fun With Sidekick Bounce House From Blast Zone!

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Boy, oh boy am I excited to share this Blast Zone review with you today!! Friends, are you ready  for some super duper family fun!! Now that the weather is good and the kids are getting ready for summer break from school, this the perfect time to enjoy some incredible bouncing fun in the sun!! Yes indeed, Jenn's Blah Blah Blog has teamed up with to bring you their … [Read more...]

11 Basic Steps For Choosing A Safe, Quality Booster Car Seat.

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If you have children, you need to focus on choosing a safe, quality booster car seat. After all, choosing the right car seat and with proper installation, determines the difference between life and death for a child in the event of a car accident or crash. Now, if your children are around the age of 8, they have outgrown their forward facing or convertible car seat. Booster car seats are the next … [Read more...]

4 Best Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy & Happy

4 Best Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy and Happy

Keeping your children safe and secure is perhaps the most basic goal that all parents share. While the many possible ways to do this can be overwhelming to consider, keeping a few basic elements in mind will help guide you in most of the decisions that you need to make regarding a child’s health and happiness. 4 Best Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy & Happy Here are four of the best ways to … [Read more...]

Peppa Pig Is Making A Big Splash!!


Hey Friends, Peppa Pig is making a big splash and appearing in a first-ever U.S. live theatrical tour. New live-action and adventure ‘Peppa Pig’s Big Splash’ brings hit Nick Jr. TV series to life in 23 Cities Starting this Fall. New York – May 5 – More fun than a muddy puddle! Peppa Pig, star of Entertainment One’s (eOne) top-rated TV series airing daily on Nick Jr., is hitting the road for her … [Read more...]

Say No to Toy Discrimination with Woozy Moo


Toys serve two purposes: there are educational toys that help children learn and then there are toys that children play with for pure enjoyment. However, the primary goal of most toy manufacturers is simply to make a profit making toys that are geared for only one gender: dolls for girls and cars for boys. The toys that Woozy Moo offers are toys that can be enjoyed by all children, … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Enjoy Cardiff Cruisers | Cardiff Skate Company

Cardiff skates

Roller skates are a vintage item, and skating is a great activity to do. Now that warm weather is upon us, we can practice even more. Cardiff Skates are innovative skates with a unique wheel design to bring fun for the whole family. There are so many ways to enjoy Cardiff Skates indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. The Cardiff Skate Company was started in sunny Cardiff, California. … [Read more...]

When A Little White Lie Can Become A Black Hole


Being human is great, but it is obvious that it doesn’t make us perfect, far from it actually. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone tells a white lie or two in their life. We are taught at an early age that lying is bad. What about all the lies that we are told as children? Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy. Even some of the bedtime stories we heard are elaborate tales. … [Read more...]

Swing into Summer with Simple Sports Essentials


Ahhh summer. The time for kid activities. Baseball. Soccer. Football. Skating. Cricket. Jai Alai. All the summer kids sports. You know what else comes with the summer kid sports? Ticks. Sunburn. Grass burns. Dirt stains. And dehydration. As a parent of an active kid, you need tools in your arsenal to combat all these afflictions. Ticks? Light colored long clothing and keep them out of the tall … [Read more...]

7 Classic Games To Play This Spring

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I know there are way more than 7 classic games to play but it's all I could think of at the time.  My brain was on overload, so if you would like to add any please leave us a comment about the games from the good old days. You know there are all sorts of outdoor activities coming up too. So, it is important that we avoid dehydration. Recently, I was able to try the Contigo AUTOSEAL Gizmo … [Read more...]

Pediped Is Celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary And You’re Invited!

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I just love kids shoes, but there are so many adorable cutesy styles and fashions out on the market today making a simple shoe choice can be overwhelming to say the least. To make things easier on myself and to have great piece of mind knowing the shoes I buy for my children's precious feet are going to last and keep their feet healthy, I go with the name I know, trust and that has been making … [Read more...]

Don’t Avoid Mishaps, Prepare For It With 5 Tips To Everyday Play

Playtime Is Critical for Children

 I’m so ready for summer and I'm not only excited about the warmer weather but letting my kids play outside more and sharing this sponsored post about preparing for mishaps and the importance of everyday play.     Do you have any plans this summer?  I do, my kids have it all planned out, lol.  I’m going to be riding bikes, playing dolls, going swimming, heading to the … [Read more...]

Making Meal Time Fun Means A Happy Healthy Toddler!

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If your toddler is anything like mine, which I'm pretty sure they are, then you have enough trouble getting them to sit still let alone eat or even try vegetables. It's a proven fact that making meal time fun means a happy healthy toddler! One way to get your little finicky eaters to indulge healthier foods is to raise the fun factor!! There are so many awesome and super fun, creative ways to … [Read more...]

Tips To Teach Kids About Money | Learn Value of Money With Kids Wealth

Tips To Teach Kids About Money Learn Value of Money With Kids Wealth

I recently introduced Kids Wealth to my kids, which a great way to teach kids about money and help them understand the value of money.  Having knowledge of finances and money is very important at any age. It is especially important to teach our children about money, saving, budgeting and building wealth at an early age. Kids Wealth is a game that does just that. Kids Wealth uses several … [Read more...]

Family Fun With The Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury & Mini Mod!!


School’s will be letting out soon for summer vacation and the long, hot days of summer are just about here. It's time for some family fun with the Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury & Mini Mod!!! This time of year is when families will be spending a lot more time outdoors enjoying the pool, beach, park or just hanging out around the home. During the summer we love to be outside as much as … [Read more...]

“Stick it to your Stuff!” with SafetyTat Anywhere Labels


Ensure the items that you or your child misplaces are returned to you with Anywhere Labels from SafetyTat.  “Stick it to your Stuff!” with SafetyTat Anywhere Labels  When you have children in the home, you know all too well how things seem to get lost easily. Hats, gloves and scarves seem to be the most popular in the wintertime. At school, children seem to misplace their pens, … [Read more...]

Basic Tips For Choosing A Quality Crib And Toddler Mattress.

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Babies need a good nights sleep too!! Since babies can sleep up tp 18 hours a day, choosing a quality Crib and toddler matress is extremely important. A good, quality child's mattress makes bedtime more comfy for your baby, it also keeps them safe and supports their growing bones. Having a baby is such a blessed experience to have in life. As parents we want to be sure baby has everything they … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby Safe While Driving With Diono!

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Now days, traveling in the car with an infant, baby or toddler is almost inevitable, we must put safety first! I'm a wee bit over protective when it comes to my babies, so I'm proud to announce that we are keeping baby safe while driving with Diono! We have our normal daily driving routine and the long distance check off list clip board hanging on the garage wall next to the exit door. I honestly … [Read more...]

Get Charged Up With Power Rangers Dino Charge!

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I'm so proud to be one of Seban's Power Rangers Parents!! Are you ready to get charged up with Power Rangers Dino Charge! Every couple of months, I'll have the wonderful opportunity to share with you a variety of Power Rangers products. This year the big focus is on the new Power Ranger Dino Charge series!! Yesterday, Saturday, April 4th was the final new episode before the mid-season. Seban … [Read more...]