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Growing up my parents struggled, I know worse than I ever realized, but I never went without the necessities or didn’t know where my next meal was going to come from.  I know, I’m blessed, because there are so many children out there who are not so lucky, parents who’s hit a run of bad luck.  Things happen, but there is no reason any of us should not help a child have the things they … [Read more...]

Ten Tips For Choosing Stocking Stuffers For Kids

tips for choosing stocking stuffers for kids

Do you already have your kid's stockings hung by the fireplace?  I don't, as a matter of fact I still need to grab my kids new stockings, AND the stocking stuffers for kids.  Gosh, what am I doing.  I totally spaced it until just a few minutes ago while I was checking out the website.  They have an excellent selection of stockings, personalized ornaments, and … [Read more...]

Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set

Find this year's top toys #ChosenByKids at prices you can afford at Walmart's Toyland

Christmas event

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Walmart and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Ohhh GOODY. Sand!!! The PERFECT indoor toy. That’s exactly what went through my head when I picked up the Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set from Cra-Z-Art at the Walmart Toyland #ChosenByKids Event. We had enough problems with tracking in … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Changing The Decor In Your Child’s Room.

sillybrickspic 1

Because our family has grown we recently moved to a larger home so now each of our kids have their own bedroom. We have been looking into different wall art and decor for their rooms. Changing the décor in a child’s room can be fun, but it can also be a bit frustrating & difficult at times due to their age & preferences. Every child loves to have wall hangings, posters & photos in … [Read more...]

Are Your Kids Fun, Educational Toys The Right Playthings For Teaching?

lakeshore 12

Being a on the go parent, sometimes it's difficult to shop, especially for my kids toys and during the holiday rush "forget it!!" While I'm rushing around, I have often questioned myself and at times, literally saying aloud; Becky, are your kids fun, educational toys the right playthings for teaching? If you've been following my reviews then you know that I'm a stickler when it comes to toys … [Read more...]

How To Help Your Child Create Their Own Personal Space!

critter cushion 001

We parents are well aware that for the first year of our child's life, he or she is with us constantly, being cared for, soothed, fed, changed and coddled by us. After a year or two we have to allow our child to grow giving them a little more independence & freedom. So its important to help your child create their own personal space at an early age. Letting go of some control when it comes to … [Read more...]

Benefits of Having a Video Baby Monitor To Help Watch Kids

Benefits of Having a Video Baby Monitor To Help Watch Kids

Do you use a baby monitor for things other than watching the baby?  I recently started using a Motorola MBP26S video baby monitor to help me watch my kids.  I think there are several great benefits to having a video baby monitor to help watch kids.  I know having the Motorola MBP26S video baby monitor in my home has helped me sleep better at night for several reasons.  I … [Read more...]

Blobbits Have Over Taken Our Home This Holiday Season!!

blobbits 188

We have been invaded, YIKES, Blobbits have over taken our home this holiday season!! Omg, these little monster blobs are adorable and to mention super fun for the kiddos!! Blobbits are an intergalactic stretchable, glow in the-dark, moldable, silicone-based compound. As you all may know, I love any toy that has an education value and will enhance my children's motor skills. Blobbits are perfect … [Read more...]

The Best Christmas Present … Ever

Relive the magic of the moment and celebrate with the Toyland at Walmart #ChosenByKids


This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Walmart and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. My childhood was absolutely amazing! Now, I can tell you that when I was a child I certainly didn’t feel that way but now that I am an adult and I am able to look back, without a doubt, it was amazing. In fact, I don’t think it is possible that anyone … [Read more...]

Step Back In Time and Enjoy Playing with Your Child

Ideal Toys brings back some of your favorites with FiddleStix and Frontier Logs.


Do you ever sit and wonder about your favorite toys from your childhood?  Do you wish that your parents had kept your favorite toys so that you could now share them with your child?  I have struggled with this with a couple of toys that I loved playing with.  Overall I was pretty girly but there were a few toys that I played with all of the time that I was certain that my boys would … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Create Anything from Their Dreams

ZOOB makes it possible for your child to create things that they could only imagine before.

zoob 2

One of my favorite things about my children is that they are very creative and hands on.  That does not mean that from time to time I do not hear that they are bored.  Actually I hear that all of the time because they are the type of children that constantly want something to do or constantly expect me to be able to push them and entertain them. ZOOB is my Christmas solution to bored … [Read more...]

Crafty Fun Makes Preschool Learning Easy with ALEX Toys

Helping Your Child Learn Through Preschool Based Lessons and Crafts has Never Been So Much Fun or So Easy

alex prek learning 5

As I am sure that you have guessed by now, I love ALEX Toys.  I have been very fortunate to form a wonderful relationship with this company and I love being able to purchase and review different products from their line.  I have quickly fallen into a pattern that anytime I am buying a gift I am choosing something from ALEX Toys because they really do have the best products for … [Read more...]

Create Your Own City with CitiBlocs

CityBlocs Offer Creative Building Fun

frontier logs

Did you ever want to create your own city when you were a child?  Did you have that one friend who was a budding architect before he was 10?  If you did then you can imagine their dream toys and CitiBlocs are it.  These are some creative and fun toys that will let children of all ages build and create their own cities. I was very fortunate to be able to work with CitiBlocs to … [Read more...] Story Telling For Kids of All Ages


I have always enjoyed listening to my dad tell a story, and I honestly did not realize what a talent it was until I became a parent.  I love sharing stories, but telling my kids a story isn’t always as easy for me. However, storytelling without reading from a book is something I have had to practice because I truly believe in the mental, educational, and social benefits it has on my children. … [Read more...]

Kate Quinn Organics Offers You an Amazing Deal with Their $10 Sale

Kate Quinn Organics is one of my favorite children's clothing brands. I love their adorable clothes and am happy to share their $10 sale with you.

kate quinn $10 sale

I will admit that Kate Quinn Organics is one of my favorite brands.  They have amazing high quality clothing that looks adorable on my children.  I tend to put my girls in their Kate Quinn Organics dresses before anything else.  One great thing is that right now they are offering you these amazing high quality clothes at a HUGE discount with their $10 sale.  You will be so … [Read more...]

Help Your Children Stay in Their Own Beds with Their Own Rocket from Uncle Milton

uncle milton logo

Nighttime can be one of the hardest times for children.  It can also be one of the most frustrating times for parents.  If you struggle with keeping your child in the bed then I have found a product that you are going to fully appreciate. The Uncle Milton My Room Jr -- Big Red Rocket is a must have for any child who does not want to stay in their bed.  There is actually an entire … [Read more...]

Educational Children’s Apps by Kid’s Academy

Educational Children’s Apps Tailored to Pre-K Aged Children!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kid’s Academy and in conjunction with Mom Buzz Media. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Kid’s Academy recently introduced us to three of their educational children’s apps. The company specializes in apps that are tailored to helping Pre-K aged children learning and grow. The first app was Kid’s Academy Preschool and … [Read more...]

How You Can Help Stop Childhood Hunger Online & Locally!

How You Can Help Stop Childhood Hunger Online and Locally

I'm proud to have partnered with Unilever for this sponsored post to support Project Sunlight!   I sure hope you read my post last week about child hunger.  If not be sure to swing by and check out - Stop Childhood Hunger In America & Share A Meal. To help stop childhood hunger I hosted a virtual food drive, invited family and friends over for a #ShareAMeal lunch, and next … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Artistic Side With Redbubble!


If your anything like me then you love to doodle. I'm constantly finding myself scribbling, drawing or doodling on just about anything I can write on. Especially when I'm talking on the phone, it's just habit for me to grab my pen & paper and doodle some sort of masterpiece. This is something I've done since I was a kid, I have managed to save just about everything I ever drew, all my old … [Read more...]

Become a Peekapaker!


Having children is such a blessing, especially when they are young. I love to see how they grow and develop into young adults. But sometimes, it is difficult to occupy a child’s free time with something constructive. Peekapak comes to the rescue in that regard. Peekapak unlocks your child’s imagination, while playing.  Become a Peekapaker!  Many families with multiple children find … [Read more...]