Become a Peekapaker!


Having children is such a blessing, especially when they are young. I love to see how they grow and develop into young adults. But sometimes, it is difficult to occupy a child’s free time with something constructive. Peekapak comes to the rescue in that regard. Peekapak unlocks your child’s imagination, while playing.  Become a Peekapaker!  Many families with multiple children find … [Read more...]

Kids Will Be Happy All Winter With Bright Eyes Blanket!

brighteyes 8

It’s getting chilly out and I just can’t stop thinking about sitting in front of a cozy fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and some warm, cuddly blankets to snuggle up with my little ones. We all have our own favorite throws we wrap ourselves up in, but this year I was noticing my Niko's personal blanket was getting a little shabby. This means he'll be grabbing up mine here real soon. Not … [Read more...]

6 Ways Parents Can Make Reading Fun For Kids

ways parents can make reading fun for kids

Do you remember when you began to learn how to read?  I remember bits and pieces, I remember how much I enjoyed reading, and a few ways my parents made reading fun for kids.   I can think of my favorite childhood books, why I liked them, and I think I even have a few of them.  Reading can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a major drag if someone doesn’t make reading fun at some … [Read more...]

Sharing Your Favorite Childhood Toys with Your Children

Slinky has been a classic favorite toy for many years. Now you can get an updated version for your child and relive those favorite childhood memories with them.

slinky 1

If you have children there are bound to be times when you wish that you could share you once beloved toys with your children. I know that there are times when I want to break out old toys that my parents have long ago cleaned out of their attic. So when I had a chance to work with Poof Slinky to review the amazing line of Slinky that is now available I was ecstatic. There are so many amazing … [Read more...]

Let Your Child Have Their Own Project Runway Experience

ALEX Toys has great choices for your child to be able to have all of the runway fun that they want.

alex toys

I love Project Runway and watch it with my daughter all of the time. She is constantly drawing and creating things and we love to do art projects together. Recently she expressed an interest in having her own sewing machine to make doll clothes. As someone who loves Project Runway and listens to the designers talk about starting when they were children I love the idea of being able to encourage … [Read more...]

Reasons To Love Goldie Blox | More Than A Princess

More Than Just A Princess!

Huge thanks to the people at Goldie Blox for sponsoring this post, as well as making these amazing building toys for girls.  All the love we show Goldie Blox is our own, and we hope you'll enjoy the fun as well. My girls are more than just princesses!  They are smart, creative, talented girls who can do anything they want to.  Mattie is funny she will put on one of her pink … [Read more...]

12 Reasons Playing With Dolls Is Beneficial For Kids

Reasons Playing Dolls Is Beneficial for Kids

I participated in a In-Home Party Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel.  I received product samples to facilitate my party and a promotional item to thank me for participating.  I’m going to be honest, growing up I didn’t like dolls.  I was more into doing things outside, getting dirty and all that jazz.  Hanging with my dad at the shop, getting dirty, … [Read more...]

Your Child Can Have Fun Combating Childhood Cavities!

firefly 2

Choosing a child's toothbrush is no easy task, there are so many types of toothbrushes to choose from it can become over whelming to say the least! Getting them to brush their teeth can be just as exhausting. Some questions that come to mind are; How do you know which toothbrush is right ? What's the easiest way to get them to brush their teeth? And How your child can have fun combating childhood … [Read more...]

11 Reasons Kids Should Play Outside

reasons kids should play outside

This post is sponsored by the wonderful people at Tom’s of Maine!  We're excited to share a few reasons kids should play outside, as well as few great things Tom’s of Maine has going on!   My kids love to play outside.  Whether it’s building a mud pie, chasing the ducks, or riding their bikes they enjoy the great outdoors.  I’m not sure if you knew but October 4th was … [Read more...]

Simple Tips On Choosing That Special Tutu For Your Little Girl!

tutu 3

Our little Miss Novalee just turned a year old. We are big on birthday planning and this being Novalees first birthday of course we had to go all out!! My daughter was set on dressing Novalee in a tutu, but not your everyday department store deal, she wanted Novalee's tutu to be specially made. I kid you not we spent hour upon hour & day after day searching for the perfect tutu that was the … [Read more...]

Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Child’s Education

Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Childs Education

This post about why parents should be involved with their child's education is sponsored by our friends at  All opinions are our own, but we think you're going to love Schoola as much as we do, because they're doing great things for the schools our children attend!  Being involved with your child's education can have a major impact on them during school hours. … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Help Kids Get More Exercise

5 Fun Ways To Help Kids Get More Exercise

If you have kids you already know how important it is to keep them moving.  I'm always looking for fun ways to help my kids get more exercise, which can be a little difficult in during the colder months, but it's something parents have to think about, or you risk your kids going crazy.  I don't know, but my kids have to be busy doing something all the time, and they need that time to run … [Read more...]

How Quality Toys Can Keep Your Child Active And Healthy!

battroborg 8

We parents know that participating and engaging in physical activity together as a family can be a wonderful way to get everyone going. When we are not out and about doing some sort of outdoor recreation, we enjoy fun family indoor activities. Fridays are the designated family game night, we also take the time out of each day to sit down with our little ones for a little one on one active … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Creativity.


My kids and grand kids are all extremely creative. They were able to express themselves on paper before they could talk. I'm big on creativity and imaginary enhancement in any form. To this day I still sit with the kiddos and draw, color, paint, do cut outs and all that wonderful bonding/teaching stuff. What I love the most are the little scribbles and drawings my kids do for me to hang on the … [Read more...]

6 Simple Tips For Planing A Perfect Picnic!

berkshire 15

Oh how we love the lazy days of summer, it's the best time of the year for picnics. We also love the great outdoors, gathering with family & friends while enjoying a scrumptious meal, for us the best way to get everyone together and enjoy some good food is to have a picnic! A lot goes into planning a picnic, but once all has come together the moments are priceless! If you are thinking about … [Read more...]

Mom Moments: Funny Things Kids Say!

funny things kids say mom moments

  Being a mom we run into all sorts of mom moments, sometimes they’re funny, others are sort of palm in the face.  The other day my daughter asked me how much she cost on Amazon, lol.  She knows mom always shops at Amazon, and I’m guessing she thought I bought her there!  She also wanted to know if I got a good deal, lol.  Darn kids! Mom Moments: Funny Things Kids … [Read more...]


Child's Development


Ever wonder what you child learns from pretending?  Some of the benefits from pretending help with language skills and problem solving.  Great Pretenders helps your child’s development by offering a variety of costumes so your child can become whomever they want. Pretending is Beneficial to Your Childs Development Great Pretenders was generous and sent me a princess dress and purse … [Read more...]

Teaching Children To Read At A Young Age Is So Beneficial.

sparkup 6

When my children were young, 9 months to be exact, I started introducing them to flash cards so needless to say they were always top readers in their class. Today I do the same with my grandkids and they are growing scholastically as well. I truly believe teaching children to read at and early age is so beneficial!! As parents we know reading to our kids is important, it's been proven that … [Read more...]

6 Helpful Tips For Choosing Suitable Toys For Kids.

pastgenerationtoys 1

Most children are often interested in is the appearance of a toy. We've all watched as our kids smile at a funny-looking cartoon character they've seen on television or a cute, fluffy stuffed animal. It seems that kids attraction for toys is an instinctive behavior. I believe this is because toys fulfill the need to enhance their imagination, to share, pretend and explore. We as parents know that … [Read more...]

10 Reasons I Allow My Children To Use Handheld Devices

10 Reasons I Allow My Children To Use Handheld Devices

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. Growing up in a world of technology, it’s important our kids not only see their parents use these handheld devies, like the tablets, but they learn how to use them.  In addition, there are so many great … [Read more...]