Tips On Helping Development Of Language Skills In Our Toddlers.

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Since the beginning of time we parents have used music to engage, interact and express to our children happiness, joy and love, also to soothe and calm our fussy babies. As parents, we play a critical role in helping the development of language skills in our toddlers and children as they grow. Hey, I'm all for singing to the little ones, I sang my kids to sleep each night at bedtime, and every day … [Read more...]

I Know I Grew Up With PBS And My Grand Kids Are Too!

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We have all grown up with  PBS, the ever so popular American public broadcaster and television program distributor, here in California best known for channel 11, has been educating children for many years. I know I grew up with PBS, my favorite show as a kid was The Electric Company. My kids have also grown up watching the legendary Sesame street and a few other great PBS programmed shows. … [Read more...]

8 Safety Tips For Kids This Summer

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Children always look forward to summer. School is out and there are all kinds of summer activities going on. Camping, swimming, and bike riding are just a few things kids get amped up about. Parents and caregivers are excited too. However, there is more than just being excited to do fun stuff, there are some hidden dangers that we all need to be aware of. These are 8 safety tips for kids this … [Read more...]

8 Reasons For Busy Parents with Toddlers Love Plum Organics

Reasons For Busy Parents To Love Plum

If you haven't heard of Plum Organics® for your toddler you're really missing out. There are so many reasons for parents with children, especially toddlers to love the nutritious and wholesome products from Plum Organics we wanted to share a few of our favorite things about Plum Organics. Plum Organics offers a great toddler line of organic snacks taste great and are made from whole grain. Plum … [Read more...]

Six Pool Safety Tips To Follow This Summer

Pool Safety Tips To Follow This Summer

Six Pool Safety Tips To Follow This Summer It's here; summer has officially started and the kids are eager to be outside, play and enjoy what they have left of their summer. Of course, I have plenty of fun outside adventures planned, but with four children things can get expensive, so I invested in a pool for the kids this summer. Which has turned out to be one of my kids favorite things to … [Read more...]

My Little Summer Socialite ~ #SummertimePlay


Summer is here! Summer is here! Summer is OFFICIALLY here!! I know the weather has been a little confusing, hot one day, comfortable the next, plus some rain here and there but it is summertime and that means the little ones are home full-time. In other words, for the next couple of months we are fully responsible for what our kids do and don’t do, 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Parents Should Let Kids Go Play Outside Daily

Reasons To Let Kids Go Play Outisde

Do you remember being a child, going outside, and discovering the great outdoors?  I don’t know who I would be today if I hadn't spent so much time playing outside.  We would stay outside for hours, went on some wild adventures and even ended up with cuts and scrapes, but it was all part of being a child.   In today's world, it’s easy to replace outside play with TV, video … [Read more...]

Three Top Teething Toys From MAM!

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Great news parents! No more throwing away your hard earned money and putting baby through unnecessary grief, I have three top teething toys from MAM to share with you today that I know you will absolutely love! Having a little one that is teething can be an over whelming experience Not only is it painful for baby but finding the right teething toy that will help cut baby's teeth comfortably can be … [Read more...]

The Honey Girls At Build-A-Bear & They Rock!

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I love Build-A-Bear Workshop! It’s a place my family and I have not only visited, but well we visit online too. I have the whole My Little Pony Collection, and the girls have several different characters. However, if I was to ask Mattie what the coolest thing she got from Build-A-Bear Workshop was she would say, “The Honey Girls Build-A-Bear Bunny!”  I know she is just as excited I'm part of … [Read more...]

What Is & Why Join The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

What Is & Why Join The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

This is my daughter, Vayda's 2nd year joining the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  She had a great time last year, it kept her motivated to ready all summer long, and it helped her avoid the "summer slide" that summer can often bring on.  Not only did it help her into the next year she started to enjoy reading more because she was in control of the books that she read and started to … [Read more...]

SafetyTats – The Tat that Brings Kids Back


Be proactive by protecting your child to help ensure his safe return with SafetyTats.  SafetyTats – The Tat that Brings Kids Back  Most schools are out for summer now, so it is time for some fun. It is vacation time. That means squeezing in all the activities that you can before school begins again. Visiting all the amusement parks, day camps and the like can lead to potential … [Read more...]

5 Tools for Parents Support Their Childs Education

5 Tools for Parents Support Their Childs Education

Being a parent and helping your child success academically is a challenge all of it’s own, adding Common Core State Standards, Common Core-aligned tests such as PARCC is enough to make parents head spin.  I want my children to be successful, but to successfully support them and their education I need to have answers and when I have questions I need them answered right away.  Parental … [Read more...]

Brain Chase & 6 Reasons My Kid Is Pumped About Learning

Brain Chase & 6 Reasons My Kid Is Pumped

I don’t know about you, but I am excited it’s summer, and my daughter is thrilled to start her online adventure with Brain Chase.  Vayda has been talking Brain Chase for about two months and recently started making daily trips to the mailbox.  I let her know it would be a bit before her items from Brain Chase arrived, but she's not going to listen to me, lol.  Before school was … [Read more...]

12 Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Summer

Outdoor Activities for Kids in the Summer

Most of you know I live in New Mexico, it's HOT, but that doesn't stop us from outdoor activities. We're just smart about them – choose the right time of day, wear proper clothing, and, of course, bring along Banana Boat® Sunscreen to protect our skin. Keeping the kids occupied during the summer gets tricky and takes planning. Here are a few of our favorite summertime outdoor activities for … [Read more...]

It’s Night Night Time with I See Me


Celebrate the uniqueness of your child with a personalized book from I See Me.  It’s Night Night Time with I See Me  Children play hard all day long, sometimes a bit too hard, as when it is time for bed, the adrenolin is still pumping so much so that they cannot relax enough to fall asleep. Both of my children were go-getters and played really hard all day long. My favorite part of … [Read more...]

Do you know about the UNICEF Market?


Before you shop online through your favorite store, check out UNICEF Market and lend your support to help artisans, as well as children around the world.  Do you know about the UNICEF Market?  Novica, the National Geographic affiliated fashion and home décor website is excited to announce the launch of a new website it is involved with, the UNICEF Market! Most of the products are … [Read more...]

Tips To Teach Girls To Love Themselves & Their Curls

Tips To Teach Girls To Love Themselves

It can be difficult to be a young girl.  There is so much to worry about, the last thing we want to see our kids struggle with is loving who they are and everything they have to offer this world.  As parents, we can teach girls to love themselves and everything about themselves if we give them the tools they need.   We all want our daughters to grow up and be confident and love … [Read more...]

THERAPEE™ – The Ultimate Online Bedwetting Treatment

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Do you or your child quietly suffer from bedwetting? If so, there is hope to resolve the problem with THERAPEE™. THERAPEE™ - The Ultimate Online Bedwetting Treatment Having children is a wonderful addition to any family, but one thing I learned raising my children is to expect the unexpected. Every child is different. Childhood brings with it many diseases, illnesses and other problems. We … [Read more...]

8 Ways Music Benefits Kids | Create Music with Crayola DJ

Create Music with Crayola DJ

There are many ways music can benefit kids.  Do you have a child who wants to learn to play the guitar?  Maybe learn how to become a DJ?  Learn about basic music production in general?  Music is beneficial to children.  Here are a few of the many reasons I encourage my kids to sing, dance, play, create, DJ, learn, or anything else they want to do. 8 Ways Music Benefits … [Read more...]

Things To Consider When Choosing A Kid Table & Chair Set.

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We’ve been shopping for a kid table & chair set for my Niko & little Miss Novalee so they have their own area to paint, draw, color, play with play dough, do homework and all that fun, kid activity stuff. A great kid table and chair set not only gives them the personal space they need but it's a wonderful investment in your child’s future.  As parents we know a tot-sized table and … [Read more...]