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Want to stand apart from the crowd? You can with  Get Personal with  It’s that time of year again. Time for most schools to start back up for the 2014-2015 year. You know how crazy this time of year can be with shopping for clothing for your children. What makes it harder is shopping for several school age children. It’s a sad time … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Help Keep Your Kids Healthy & Healthy

Exercise – Have you ever wished you could have some of a child’s energy?  I watch my children, and wish I could have just a little of their energy.  I would be able to get so much done in a day, and I wouldn’t even need but half of it, lol.  Children need to have a way to get rid of that built up energy, and there isn’t a better way than fun (don’t tell them it’s called) exercise.  Kids enjoy doing different things, and not all of them enjoy sports.  Try and find something your child likes – Golf Soccer Football Dancing Running Swimming Skateboard Playing outside Going for a walk Picking up the yard Building a fort outside Riding bikes or scooters Taking the dog for a walk Anything that gets them up, outside, and moving is great.  My kids jump on their trampoline every single day, if they have time play in the pool, swing by and change things around in the clubhouse, and they just might feed the ducks lol.  They are outside, moving, having fun, and they don't even realize they are doing something healthy for their bodies!   If you hear "I'm bored" thank you might want to try to come up with a few new games, I found some good ones at .  

Kids, sometimes I don't even know what to say about mine, lol.  I love them more than I love life itself, and as a mother I want to be sure they are safe, happy,  and healthy.  I do everything I can to keep my kids healthy, and it's been on my mind more and more with the cold and flu season coming up.  For the most part my kids are healthy, but most of you know I also have a … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas Parents Will Use

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas Parents Will Use

I'm excited to share this awesome baby shower gift ideas post and giveaway for baby! I Although I did receive compensation and a product for this post all opinions are 100% my own am participating in this campaign as a member of The Niche Parent Network & Conference.  Most of you know my husband and I will be trying for another child soon.  So talking about baby shower stuff is icing … [Read more...]

10 Affordable Things To Do With Kids

10 Affordable Things To Do With KIds

This post is sponsored by Global Influence and Walgreens as the advertiser.  We are excited to share some fun, affordable things to do with kids, and our awesome ice cream decorating party.   I don’t know about everyone else, but I can honestly say I am excited for school to start, but I will miss having the kids around all day. While I enjoy having the kids around, and … [Read more...]

How To Select A Great Pair Of Children’s Headphones!


Being a blogger a lot of my day is spent at the computer and online. I do some of my writing from my living room sofa but majority of the time I’m sitting at the kitchen table. I do wake up an hour before the kiddos so I can have a little alone time with my morning cup of coffee. I always wait to sit down and have breakfast with the kids, but there are times while preparing breakfast I would like … [Read more...]

Maximize School Lunch Waste In Our Landfills With U-Konverse!


You too can learn how to maximize school lunch waste in our landfills!! I’m not a devoted environmentalist but I do care about the world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, teaching my little ones not to litter, keeping my trash separate from my recycling to help keep our landfills as clear as possible helping preserve Mother Earth. Just recently I was propelled to do a little … [Read more...]

Kids Will Have Flick & Stick Summer Fun With Bungees From Jazwares!!

bungees2332 use

If you have children then you can relate when I say my kids love toys they can throw, bounce flick and stick, especially while playing in the house, hey, what child doesn’t right? Well, I have found a super cool toy that your kids are positively going to love, and parents it’s safe & fun for indoors too!! Now your kids will have flick & stick summer Fun with Bungees From Jazwares!! I give … [Read more...]

Tips to Find Active Toys for Kids of All Ages

ALEX Brands brings you the creative family of Poof products that are perfect for your children of all ages to engage in active play together.

poof jenns 2

One of the things that I struggle with having four children who have an age span of 8 ½ years is finding toys that are going to be appropriate for them all to play with. I try to find high quality toys that are fun for them but sometimes it feels impossible and I feel like there is just no use in trying to get them to play together. Thanks to ALEX BRANDS and Poof I can find a number of great toys … [Read more...]

12 Reasons Extracurricular Activities Matter for Kids

12 Reasons Extracurricular Activities Matter for Kids

This post is brought to you by Schoola, the best place to buy discounted kids clothes all while give back to schools in need. Click here to learn more about Schoola. Click here to see what people are saying. Growing up extracurricular activities was important to me, because I enjoyed them.  As an adult, watching my children I have learned just how much extracurricular … [Read more...]

Why Should Kids Join The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Why Should Kids Join The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Kids don’t want to read during the summer, or do they?  I don’t know, my kids changed their tune a little thanks to The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™.  You might remember my post last month about summer reading, where I provided 10 tips to get your child reading this summer and introduced The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge™.  I am very proud of my girls, especially Vayda … [Read more...]

How To Raise Money For Kids Soccer Teams

Use Social Networking For Good and Raise Money For Kids Soccer Teams.

How To Raise Money For Youth Soccer Teams

Children from all over the world love to play soccer.  It's a great sport for both their physical and emotional wellbeing will benefit from playing the sport.  I played soccer as a child, and now I get to watch my children play soccer.  From watching my kids practice to helping them raise money for kid's soccer I am happy I can be part of it.  Speaking of raising money for … [Read more...]

The Perfect Pre-school Toy To Play Or Surprise Your Kiddos With?


We look forward to summer it’s the best time for fun, especially for the kiddos! Looking for ideas on the perfect Pre-school toy to play or surprise your kids with? What about that special birthday present? Well, look no further, I have found the ultimate preschool toy!! The Julius Jr. Rock‘n Playhouse Box from Fisher-Price, which just hit shelves, for you and your family to enjoy. The Perfect … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Shopping: Tips To Help Save Time & Money

Don't Let Back-To-School Shopping Be Stressful For Your This Year!

tips to help save time and money on back to school shopping

Back-to-school shopping is expensive, and it's easy to let everything become overwhelming and stressful.  One of the things I dread most about back-to-school shopping is store hopping - bouncing from one store to another to get everything needed for the kids to start the school year.  We have four children, I have to spend time finding great deals, trendy clothing that not only fits … [Read more...]

14 Reasons We Are Loving Zoomer™ and Zuppies™!

The Super Cool Robotic Dog!

14 reasons we are loving 14 Reasons To Get Zoomer™ 2.0 & Zoomer Zuppies™

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. I am sure you have heard of Zoomer, the robotic dog.  Well, I have good news, he's gotten cooler, and even brought on a few friends - Zoomer™ and Zuppies™. Zoomer™ and Zuppies™ I know my kids are going to be super excited when they learn about the Zoomer™  and … [Read more...]

Water Safety: 8 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Pool

Eight Tips To Consider Before Purchasing a Pool For Kids

It’s summer, and there is still plenty of warm days left to get a pool for the kids if you haven’t already, but it's also important to consider water safety.  It doesn't matter the size of the pool, water safety is important. It took me a little while before I purchased a pool for kids, because I wanted to be sure I picked the right pool for my kids.  As a parent, I want to be sure … [Read more...]

10 Reasons We Love the Talking Teddy Bear from CloudPets

10 Reasons We Love the Talking Teddy Bear from CloudPets #CloudPets #JBBB

When I was little I had a talking teddy bear, and it was SO STINKING COOL!  We did everything together, and all he did was a say the same lines over and over, but hey a talking teddy bear from the 80s one cannot expect a lot.  Of course, it wasn’t nearly as cool as the talking bear from CloudPets™  that my daughter is carrying around with her everywhere she goes.  Whether … [Read more...]

Safety Tips For Outdoor Fun In The Sun With The Kiddos!

wubble photos

Summer is here, rain or shine fun outdoor activities are essential for a child’s development and strengthening their motor skills. We don’t wait for the perfect weather around here, if we did that the kids may never get outside to play. Outdoor fun in the sun with the kids is a rewarding experience in so many ways, all the fun, joy, & laughter builds such a strong family bound! Keeping the … [Read more...]

How To Get Kids To Drink More Water!

How to get kids to drink water

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. How to get kids to drink more water?  WOW, I can honestly say I have asked myself that question with all my children – more than once too.  Since water is crucial to our children's health we need to make sure they drink it.  Water hydrates, helps to regulate body temperature, prevent … [Read more...]

Make Learning Fun with Thames & Kosmos

thames and kosmos logo

Thames & Kosmos is one of the most innovative and fun ways for your child to learn science. I love having children who love to learn and when I find great companies like this one I am excited because it means more fun learning. Plus who doesn't love a gift where your child actually learns something and starts to know more than they did before you were playing with them.   Science in the … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Retain What They Learned All Summer Long with Lakeshore Learning


I have been a huge supporter of year round school for some time. I know that many parents and lots of kids would not agree with me but the fact remains that your children often lose a lot of knowledge over the summer and do not retain the things that they learned the previous school year.  Lakeshore Learning offers a simple and fun solution to this problem that will make summers a perfect … [Read more...]