Teaching Children To Read At A Young Age Is So Beneficial.

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When my children were young, 9 months to be exact, I started introducing them to flash cards so needless to say they were always top readers in their class. Today I do the same with my grandkids and they are growing scholastically as well. I truly believe teaching children to read at and early age is so beneficial!! As parents we know reading to our kids is important, it's been proven that … [Read more...]

6 Helpful Tips For Choosing Suitable Toys For Kids.

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Most children are often interested in is the appearance of a toy. We've all watched as our kids smile at a funny-looking cartoon character they've seen on television or a cute, fluffy stuffed animal. It seems that kids attraction for toys is an instinctive behavior. I believe this is because toys fulfill the need to enhance their imagination, to share, pretend and explore. We as parents know that … [Read more...]

10 Reasons I Allow My Children To Use Handheld Devices

10 Reasons I Allow My Children To Use Handheld Devices

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. Growing up in a world of technology, it’s important our kids not only see their parents use these handheld devies, like the tablets, but they learn how to use them.  In addition, there are so many great … [Read more...]

This Years Hottest TV & Movie Character Toys From #Hasbro!

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Are you a movie buff? We surely are! Do you and your family love going to the movie theaters and watching the newest releases straight from the box office? We definitely do! We are big time movie theater goers!! As soon as we know about a new movie release, on the calendar it goes. There certainly has been some awesome, new shows that have recently come out and I'm super excited to have the … [Read more...]

Choosing The Perfect Kids Card To Say It In a Big Way!

Choosing the Perfect Kids Card!

I love love receiving and giving cards, especially when you know you found the perfect card for someone you care about.  It says just the right things, and you know they'll keep it because it means something to them.  On the flip side, I have such a hard time finding kids cards.  It doesn't matter if it's my kids, or our nephews, they always end up pushed to the side, and … [Read more...]

Reasons Why We Love Our Ball Pets!!

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There are so many new mechanical robots, smart toys and iPhone-controlled toys, that are geared towards entertaining and teaching our kids out on the market today and these high-tech toys do have a lot to offer but I don’t want me kids to forget or become unfamiliar with the simple things in life. I want them to stay as active as possible without always being in front of some sort of digital … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Child To Care For Their Pet With Teddy Tanks.

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Parents I know you can relate with me when I say most children between the ages of 4 on up into their tweens want some sort of pet. Statistics do show that most families start off with some sort of fish, like goldfish or beta fish, regardless, we always end up being the care provider for our kids pets...UGH!! Teaching our children from a young age to care for their own pets can be a challenge. … [Read more...]

Back 2 School With FabKids!!

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By now school has started and your just about settled in after that exhausting search for school supplies & clothes, whew! I remember every year doing the same thing over & over again, getting the school supply list going, rummaging threw old clothes making room for the new ones. Gathering up the kiddos going from store to store, malls and outlets, "Stop The madness already!!" Well I don't … [Read more...]

How Are You Celebrating The Power Ranger’s Birthday?


Happy, happy birthday Power Rangers!! We are a second generation Power Ranger family handed down from son to grandson! I don't know about you but we are big time Power Rangers fans here in our home, Go, Go, Power Rangers!! I'm so happy to announce they turned 21 years old on August 28, 2014. Wow, I remember when they first came out my son was 6 years old and we have been fans ever since. Of course … [Read more...]

Little Twig And Sparrow Children’s Pajamas!


As parents we all want the best for our children, thinking out every decision, that affects our precious babes. Everything from the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the house they live in will make an impact on the well being & health of our kiddos from babies to toddlers into their adulthood. Shopping for my kids is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Even when I go shopping … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Child’s Imagination With HideAway Pets!


As our little ones grow out of the infancy stage, and they come to the realization that the world no longer revolves around them , they usually form an attachment/ bond to a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or something that provides the comfort and warmth that they need, but cannot necessarily have on demand. Psychologists call this a "Transitional Love Object", or TLO. Children cling to their … [Read more...]

Give A Girl Building Toys, What Happens? She Builds Her Castle

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GoldieBlox is Empowring Girls To Build Their Own Castle

This post is sponsored, and the sponsor is awesome! We are super excited to be part of this campaign, but as always all our opinions and loving for the GoldieBlox is 100% our own!   When I was a little girl I didn’t play with dolls, or care too much about hair and makeup.  I was too busy doing other things that I enjoyed doing.  Whether it was riding my horse, climbing a tree, or … [Read more...]

Childrens Mobile Game: Alphie the Squid

Featured as “Best New Game Update” in 118 countries on the App Store!


We were recently introduced to a new mobile game called Alphie the Squid by Crystal Entertainment. This is a charming tale that follows a cute little squid, Alphie, on his journey to find his mom after she is chased off by a great white shark. Loved by children and adults alike, a touch of a finger helps navigate Alphie through the ocean looking for food to eat while avoiding dangerous obstacles … [Read more...]

Back To School Trends From OshKosh B’gosh We’re Lovin

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This is a sponsored post written for The Motherhood and OshKosh B'gosh.  All opinions on theses super cute trends below are my own, and we hop e like them.  It happened, my three older children finished their first week of school, and they actually enjoyed it.  If you haven’t already sent you kids back to school you’re probably gearing up to, and I wanted to share a few of the … [Read more...]

Get Personal with PersonalizationMall.com


Want to stand apart from the crowd? You can with PersonalizationMall.com.  Get Personal with PersonalizationMall.com  It’s that time of year again. Time for most schools to start back up for the 2014-2015 year. You know how crazy this time of year can be with shopping for clothing for your children. What makes it harder is shopping for several school age children. It’s a sad time … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Help Keep Your Kids Healthy & Healthy

Exercise – Have you ever wished you could have some of a child’s energy?  I watch my children, and wish I could have just a little of their energy.  I would be able to get so much done in a day, and I wouldn’t even need but half of it, lol.  Children need to have a way to get rid of that built up energy, and there isn’t a better way than fun (don’t tell them it’s called) exercise.  Kids enjoy doing different things, and not all of them enjoy sports.  Try and find something your child likes – Golf Soccer Football Dancing Running Swimming Skateboard Playing outside Going for a walk Picking up the yard Building a fort outside Riding bikes or scooters Taking the dog for a walk Anything that gets them up, outside, and moving is great.  My kids jump on their trampoline every single day, if they have time play in the pool, swing by and change things around in the clubhouse, and they just might feed the ducks lol.  They are outside, moving, having fun, and they don't even realize they are doing something healthy for their bodies!   If you hear "I'm bored" thank you might want to try to come up with a few new games, I found some good ones at GummyVites.com .  

Kids, sometimes I don't even know what to say about mine, lol.  I love them more than I love life itself, and as a mother I want to be sure they are safe, happy,  and healthy.  I do everything I can to keep my kids healthy, and it's been on my mind more and more with the cold and flu season coming up.  For the most part my kids are healthy, but most of you know I also have a … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas Parents Will Use

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas Parents Will Use

I'm excited to share this awesome baby shower gift ideas post and giveaway for baby! I Although I did receive compensation and a product for this post all opinions are 100% my own am participating in this campaign as a member of The Niche Parent Network & Conference.  Most of you know my husband and I will be trying for another child soon.  So talking about baby shower stuff is icing … [Read more...]

10 Affordable Things To Do With Kids

10 Affordable Things To Do With KIds

This post is sponsored by Global Influence and Walgreens as the advertiser.  We are excited to share some fun, affordable things to do with kids, and our awesome ice cream decorating party.   I don’t know about everyone else, but I can honestly say I am excited for school to start, but I will miss having the kids around all day. While I enjoy having the kids around, and … [Read more...]

How To Select A Great Pair Of Children’s Headphones!


Being a blogger a lot of my day is spent at the computer and online. I do some of my writing from my living room sofa but majority of the time I’m sitting at the kitchen table. I do wake up an hour before the kiddos so I can have a little alone time with my morning cup of coffee. I always wait to sit down and have breakfast with the kids, but there are times while preparing breakfast I would like … [Read more...]

Maximize School Lunch Waste In Our Landfills With U-Konserve!


You too can learn how to maximize school lunch waste in our landfills!! I’m not a devoted environmentalist but I do care about the world we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, teaching my little ones not to litter, keeping my trash separate from my recycling to help keep our landfills as clear as possible helping preserve Mother Earth. Just recently I was propelled to do a little … [Read more...]