DIY Crackle Paint and Easy Lettering.

Diy shabby planter

I painted this planter for my oldest sister, for her birthday. This actually used to be a small storage bench. The problem was the thing was so small you couldnt fit anything in it!  The paint is crackle paint done with glue and the lettering is no fail sign lettering.  The bench started out like this. I took the top off. I gave it a quick coat stain. It doesnt have to be perfect. … [Read more...]

DIY Wooden Ombre Beach Painting

DIY Wooden Ombre Beach Paining

I excited to share my recent DIY wooden ombre beach painting with you because I think it turned out well.  The DIY Wooden Ombre Beach Painting has proven to be an easy and fun way to bring a splash of color into my bedroom.   DIY Wooden Ombre Beach Paining I'm sure you're ready to get started on your own DIY Wooden Ombre Beach painting, so let's get started.    … [Read more...]

How To Make DIY Tie-Dye Coasters!


Ever thought about making tie-dye coasters?  It's definitely unique and not something I had thought about much before making them.  However, learning how to make DIY tie-dye coaster is super easy!   Here is a craft that is super easy to do and pretty cheap as well. I made these tiles with my 6-year-old daughter. We picked up the tiles at out local Re-Store (it's a thrift … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Childs Creativity Skills Using Rubber Bands.

loom 1

Now days, with in the past two years or so, the new fad seems to be Jewelry made out of rubber bands. I thought how awesome is this, what a great way to enhance your child's imagination using rubber bands!! As a child I loved arts & crafts, this was one of my favorite subjects in school. I can remember back in my day we had braided yarn bands we made for each other, this was the "cool" thing … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day-Themed Party Crafts You Need to Try

Valentine’s Day-Themed Party Crafts You Need to Try

Nothing says “festive” like a unique holiday craft idea! When it comes to Valentine’s Day, seasonal craft projects and pretty decorations are up there with chocolate, lingerie, and cheeky party games as far as classic touches that will put anyone in a festive mood. In other words, setting the right tone is required of any decent Valentine’s Day shindig! Take a look at some of these crafty … [Read more...]

Kids Will Have A Lot Fun Making Their Own Cell Phone or iPad Cases!

m (1)

Do you have a die-hard iPad or iPhone toting kid? Well I do, and I'll tell you this kid is always carrying around his iPhone and grabs straight for his iPad when it's electronics time in our home. We have been looking for that unique, one of a kind perfect gift from Santa, that is super fun and will out top the stocking stuffers?? Something that he will really enjoy and appreciate as well as … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Decorations & Centerpiece Craft Ideas

DIY Christmas Decoration & Centerpiece Craft

We started out with the talking about Christmas centerpiece craft ideas, which slowly turned into DIY Christmas decorations with the kids.  Regardless we had a blast and everything turned out great.  Most importantly, we created something beautiful and used a few of the Merry Maids cleaning tips to create these fun Christmas crafts.  It doesn't get better than that.  DIY … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Reindeer!


Every Christmas season my mom takes all of the grand kids to her house for a Christmas craft weekend. <<<--- how nice right?! This year one of the crafts we made were these amazingly easy and super cute candy cane reindeer. They. are. adorable! If you're looking for something easy, cost efficient and fun to make this holiday season, give these little cuties a try. We had a 6, 9 and 10 … [Read more...]

Easy DYI Craft Gift Idea For Teachers

gift idea for teachers

This post brought to you by BIC®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of With four children, it’s hard to avoid DIY craft gift idea for teachers.  My kids always want to do some craft projects for their teacher, the holidays are an extra special time of year.  With Christmas right around the corner, they’ve been trying to think of the perfect gift … [Read more...]

Energy-Saving DIY Projects: Mason Jar Lights & Weather Stripping

DIY Solar Mason Jar Light Decoration

If you're looking for some fun energy-saving DIY projects, I have two that I have been excited to share with you.  I think you are going to love the DIY Mason Jar Lights, it's a solar Christmas decoration!  What's not to love, right.  Also, DIY weather-stripping can helps you save money not just during the holidays, but all year around.  You can also use your mason jar lights … [Read more...]

Easy & Fun Crafts & DIY Ideas For The Holidays

diy ideas for the holidays

The colder it gets outside the more I find myself baking and filling my house with the wonderful holiday smells.  The kids and I have started plotting holiday crafts, and finally decided on a few DIY ideas for the holidays, but I think we're going to do gingerbread cookies in a mason jar as gifts.  We did choclate chip coockies one year and everyone loved them, this year it's … [Read more...]

Halloween oreo cookie pops!


Looking for a last-minute, easy Halloween craft? Or maybe something to send to school for all the kiddos? How about these super cute Oreo Mummies and Frankensteins?  These cute little cookie pops were not only easy to make, but they are also budget friendly and peanut free. I made almost 100 of them for my Son and Daughter to take to school on Halloween day. This is not the first time … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Kids Crafts

JBBB Halloween Kids Crafts

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Farm Rich Smokehouse and a campaign with Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Halloween is my third-favorite holiday of the year. Right behind Christmas and Black Friday. Wait, Black Friday isn’t a holiday? Ok. So Halloween is my third favorite holiday of the year, right behind Christmas and Thanksgiving weekend. Hah, … [Read more...]

The Chocolate Transfer Process

printable chocolate transfer sheets

Have you ever considered trying the chocolate transfer process using printable chocolate transfer sheets?  My mom used to use them, and typically they come in different sizes, and have an edible layer which is made from a dusting of powdered sugar and cocoa butter.   The combination is what gift the chocolate the beautiful finish.  It’s said that due to the perfect ration of … [Read more...]

Kids Crafts: How To Make GAK (aka Slime, Goo, Flubber)

how to make gak

This post brought to you by Blitsy. The content and opinions expressed below are that of My kids love crafts, and over the past year I have started to find my creative side again.  I honestly thought that part of me went out the window when I grew up or something.  I used to love crafts and diy projects, and now that I have time for them again, and after all the fun … [Read more...]

Adventure, Dragons, Romance, How to Train Your Dragon 2!!


My Niko & I went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 and absolutely loved it!! The heart-warming relationships and adventures between humans, dragons, romantic couples, and villagers makes for a remarkable story. We spent the first part of the movie in aw with the wonderful, imagined world of Berk, the graphics are fantastic! Of course Hiccup is our favorite boy, we were hoot’in & … [Read more...]

DIY Bathroom Remodel With FrogTape® NEW Texture Surface™

DIY Bathroom Remodel With FrogTape® NEW Texture Surface

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. We have been remodeling parts of our home, recently added on 2000 square feet to our home, and I just love it!  I am so excited to get started on the diy projects I have planned, and it's really helped me start to get back in touch with my creative side.  I kind of lost … [Read more...]

Five Reasons that I Love Sock Monkey


Monkey Sock Monkey offers some amazing sock monkey related products. One of the things that I found so interesting is that they actually offer the Orange Sock Monkey All in One Box Kit. I contacted the company to see if they wanted to work with me and was very excited when they agreed.   I was able to put the box kit in Andrew's Easter basket and was very happy to see that he was actually … [Read more...]

4th of July Flowers, Kids Craft Ideas, & Meaningful Gifts!

4th of July Kids Crafts & Meaningful 4th of July Gift Ideas #jbbb

Are you planning on hosting a 4th of July BBQ, or attending one?  Maybe you have a few 4th of July kids crafts planned, or need an awesome gift idea.  Whatever the reason, we totally love The Bouqs, who are not only sponsoring this post, but is also making flowers a meaningful gift again.  I honestly have never thought about red, white, and blue flowers for the 4th of … [Read more...]

Summer Kids Craft Ideas, Plus DIY Room Décor Ideas

Summer Kids Craft Ideas, Plus DIY Room Décor Ideas #jbbb

The kids and I have been having fun with some projects around the house, and I thought I would share them with you.  If your kids love to paint, you might try our awesome kids craft ideas, and if you are currently decorating maybe one of the diy room decor ideas.  They are just fun, and I will be sharing my finished bathroom soo, which I am very excited about.  It's going to look … [Read more...]