5 Easy Tips To Keep The Air Clean In Your Home | Venta Airwasher

Venta Airwasher

Springtime is a wonderful time of year, flowers are blooming, trees are turning green, and unfortunately allergies are on the rise. Clean air in your home is a necessary part of Springtime cleaning. Allergy causing dust and mold are all over and it can be harmful to our sinuses, quality of sleep, concentration, and our overall health. The Venta Airwasher is a wonderful unit that cleans the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Mom Is Absolutely Amazing | Out of the Box Creations

Out og the Box

A mother is an absolutely amazing person and we are all blessed to have them in our lives, even when they don't fall into the traditional idea of a Mom. Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m excited to give a gift that was provided by Out Of The Box Custom Handmade Gifts. It’s a shadow box that expresses just how amazing my mother is with a beautiful, custom, and creative shadow box. There are so … [Read more...]

4 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day | Personalogy


Mother’s Day is coming and everyone is scrambling to find thoughtful gift ideas. I am sometimes found at a loss for what to get the woman who has given so much. I was playing Personalogy, a fun new family card game, with my nieces and I started to realize something. We were having a great time and their Mom was laughing and so joyous just watching us. That is when I realized what it really meant … [Read more...]

Use SweeTARTS Ropes To Tell Mom She Is A SweetHEART For Mother’s Day

SweeTARTS Ropes

The famous SweeTARTS have been popular in our country and been a favorite for quite some time. Of course, you can always take a good thing and make it better. That is what SweeTARTS did and they joined with Smiley 360 to spread the word about SweeTARTS Ropes candy. I was lucky enough to be asked by Smiley to also enjoy and talk about the new SweeTARTS Ropes candy. Now I can use SweeTARTS Ropes to … [Read more...]

7 Classic Games To Play This Spring

Contigo Gizmo

I know there are way more than 7 classic games to play but it's all I could think of at the time.  My brain was on overload, so if you would like to add any please leave us a comment about the games from the good old days. You know there are all sorts of outdoor activities coming up too. So, it is important that we avoid dehydration. Recently, I was able to try the Contigo AUTOSEAL Gizmo … [Read more...]

The New Rimiclip Makes It Easy to Baby-Proof Your Home


There is a new product called Rimiclip that we, here at Jenns Blah Blah Blog, are excited to share with you and we are certain you will fall head over heels for! The new Rimiclip is a great product and it makes it easy to baby proof your home. I’m an Auntie and I see how rambunctious my nieces and nephews are and how they love to get into everything! The one thing I dread is baby … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Start Your Smoothie With Kura

Kura Smoothie

There are so many "healthy" drinks and supplements to choose from. Some are so high in sugar you can almost taste it just by looking. Some have so many ingredients that you can't even pronounce. Well, how about a pure and tasty smoothie that has tons of great stuff? "Start Your Smoothie" with Kura. Kura Starter Smoothie Powder is a delicious, nutritious and different kind of smoothie … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Build-A-Bear Is A Great Gift For Anyone

Build A Bear

Everyone loves receiving a cute gift for holidays, birthdays and, well, pretty much any day. It always feels good to know that someone is thinking of you. But, if you are the one giving the gift, finding ideas for a great gift for that special person can be a difficult task. Build-A-Bear is a great gift for anyone.  Build-A-Bear was established in 1997 at the Saint Louis … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Go Green When You Spring Clean | Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

Smart Living Steam Mop Pro

Spring means beautiful weather, fun picnics and beautiful new blooms. Well, another thing Spring brings, that isn’t quite so exciting, is Spring cleaning. It’s time to dust, sweep, polish, and mop from top to bottom. I don’t mind Spring cleaning too much, and I just received the  Smart Living  Steam Mop Plus  that added a bit of excitement to my tasks. It's easy to go green … [Read more...]

Harmful Habits That Hurt Our Health


Have you ever stopped to consider all the harmful habits that hurt our health?  Sadly there are things many of us do each and every single day without realizing how these harmful habits hurt our health.  Since changing my lifestyle and setting a goal to be a happier and healthier person I have decided work on kicking the harmful habits to the curb and focus on creating healthy habits. … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Take The Heat, Use The Microwave! Cooking With Magic Chef

Magic Chef

Everyone has that one passion that they turn to for stress relief and enjoyment. One of my passions is cooking. Cooking is such a stress reliever for me and I love to provide wonderful meals for my family. I always strive to make something magical each time and with the help of my Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Oven, I can create something incredible for every meal.  Springtime is … [Read more...]

5 Gifts That Share the Message of the Heart | Sandra Magsamen

Sandra Magsamen

Family is an amazingly wonderful blessing in my life and fills my heart. I am so fortunate to have that blessing and to have the greatest family is more than any girl could ask for. They support me always and have given so much of themselves that I feel that I need to give back everyway possible.  Sandra Magsamen creates beautiful gifts that share the message that I am sometimes at a lack of … [Read more...]

Will You Lead Or Will You Follow | Game Of War – Fire Age

Game Of War

Game of War - Fire Age I'm a pretty busy woman and I stay focused on my responsibilities. But, like anyone, I need a break every now and then. One thing that I have to admit I am partial to is playing games on my Android phone and iPad. I was one of the many addicted to those darn match 3 games. I need something more challenging though. Thank my lucky stars that I found Game of War - Fire … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Luminara Fireless Candles Are Perfect for Your Home


Making my home warm and inviting is a high priority on my list. When my home is clean and smelling fresh I feel great. I am more motivated, energetic and overall in a better mood. There are so many different decorative items that can add warmth and class to a room and I have found one product that I love! It is the Luminara Fireless Candle from PeachSkinSheets.com. They are incredible … [Read more...]

8 Tips For A Better Sleep | PeachSkinSheets

10 Ways To Better

Life is full of responsibilities and can be demanding both physically and mentally. It is crucial that we get good sleep and plenty of rest so we can recharge to take on another day. I know when I am unable to get the sleep I need I become restless, irritable and discontent which doesn't make me such a pleasure to be around. I just started using my PeachSkinSheets at night and they are … [Read more...]

Hearty Ham & Potato Shepards Pie | Bear Creek Kitchens Soup Mix


As everyone who reads Jennsblahblahblog probably knows, we love food. Creating new recipes, cooking up a storm with the kids, making a wholesome and delicious meal for everyone. That's what makes me so excited in the evenings and when I get a chance to create something new I'm on it. I received Bear Creek Kitchens different soup mixes and wanted to come up with something unique and out of … [Read more...]

Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set

Christmas event

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in conjunction with Walmart and a campaign for Sverve. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own. Ohhh GOODY. Sand!!! The PERFECT indoor toy. That’s exactly what went through my head when I picked up the Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set from Cra-Z-Art at the Walmart Toyland #ChosenByKids Event. We had enough problems with tracking in … [Read more...]

Samsung Motion Syc Bagless Upright Vacuum with Fully Detachable Handheld

Samsung Motion Syc Bagless Upright Vacuum with Fully Detachable Handheld

I recently received a Samsung vu7000 Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum with Fully Detachable Handheld vacuum and couldn't be more thrilled.  I love this vacuum and can’t explain how handy the detachable handheld part is.  Samsung Motion Sync Bagless Upright Vacuum with Fully Detachable Handheld Most of you know I have kids, dogs, cats, and a bunny rabbit hopping all over my … [Read more...]

Let the Music Play on with Audio46.com


Love to listen to music, but have problems with your comfort level? Audio46.com has just the right set of earphones for you.  Let the Music Play on with Audio46.com   Both my husband and I are music lovers, but there are times when I need a bit of peace and quiet. That’s why my husband’s headphones come in handy. When I was still in school, I needed to concentrate on my … [Read more...]

BODYARMOR SuperDrink Review


My husband is not a workout type person. But he is a work out in the yard type person. See what I did there? That is a literary device known as a homonym. Or is it synonym? Antonym? I really just do not remember, it is something that ends in “nym?” Whatever. Where was I? Oh yeah. The hubby. He does not exercise, so he does not drink a whole bunch of fancy sports drinks in order to replenish his … [Read more...]