Children’s Learning Tablet Review – Great Learning Tool for Young Kids

children's pink learning tabletMy youngest daughter has been walking around the house lately thinking she is just too cool.  Isn’t it funny watching a toddler do “the walk” and even better get that attitude when they talk to you?  You know the one, it’s the, I’m way to cool for this voice, hand on their hip, slipping the hair.  Yup, mom got me a tablet, so there.  That’s the look.

My toddler, things she is just too cool since we were lucky enough to get a WolVol Children Learning Tablet in Pink.  Its pink, has 50 keys, and is 9 inches by 7 inches.  It’s an awesome little tablet for my daughter.  She at that age, the one where she soaks everything up like a sponge.  It amazes me how quickly she learns.  Which has a lot to do with my reason for leaving my job in May.  Life is to short to let these moments pass us by, why work them away.  There’s more to life than those nice cars we drive, and extra money we blow one material stuff that means nothing at all.  I value being mom, and see my children grow up, being there for them, and always being available.

So about this awesome little tablet from WolVol, can you believe it’s only $19.94.  Now tell me that isn’t fabulous right out the starting gate.  There’s so many awesome features too such as:

  • 4 different play modes – letter, word, spell, and asking mode
  • 10 number buttons
  • Piano sound features
  • 6 awesome word/sound buttons
  • Quiz mode – want to test your child skills to see what they learned.
  • Easy to use
  • Touchscreen
  • Light weight

I have to say my daughter really liked this the second I told her what it was lol.  She knows that everyone else in the house plays with electronics of some kind, and normally we’re trying to keep them away from her.  I know, how mean right.  NOT, it’s not mean when you’ve gone through about 2 phone because of toilet bowl damage, a tablet due to poo, and countless tubes of lipstick due to, oh crap due to who knows what the kids does with half the stuff she gets her hands on, SHE’S TWO!  LOL, two pushing three, and worse now than she was at two.  Oh, and I have a feeling it doesn’t get any easier either.. Okay, that’s another post.

Having her own tablet has really made her feel good, it awesome to see her so excited about something.  The first time I have seen her so happy to have something, get this.  My little Mattie is actually taking care of it.  Nope, just looked it’s not snowing where I am at.  I keep checking, but nothing she just loves it.  There’s no snow or hidden cameras.

I asked my little Mattie what she liked best about her big girl tablet.  Do you want to know what she said, are you sitting down for this.  She said, “learning my ABC’s and 123’s, and texting.” OMG YOU CAN TEXT FROM THAT THING, you know I always knew she could do things with my phone I didn’t know was possible, but I read the box and texting isn’t one of the features.  Who knows, she still swears she can text form that tablet, and to be truthful I believe her.  Yes, even if it doesn’t say texting is a feature on the box, have you ever let a 2 year old play with your phone?  You would believe it too, lol.

Mattie is a smart cookie, I like to think it’s something she got from her mom, but hey who am I kidding.  It’s because she has two older sisters that play school with her, yes really that means she is their test subject for something big kid they are doing, and Mattie is just excited she gets to play.  I’m not complaining she has learned so much with them, so much that when she plays with her tablet she already knows some of it, and what she doesn’t know she will learn because she has that tablet in her arms all the time.

I love that the colors are so bright, and easy for Mattie to see and tell the difference between.  Having this tablet has helped Mattie with her colors for sure… Every single color on the tablet she knew after using it one time, she is that interested in it.  Anything that it can do she wants to learn and be good at so she can show off to everyone. Darn kids, got to love them.  I have to say, I’m very happy with this tablet and would recommend it for anyone who has younger children.  It’s something my toddler and 8 year old play with together, normally school or something fun and creative.

children's pink learning tabletThe WolVol Pink Tablet is awesome, my daughter enjoys the glowing lights, sounds, and touchscreen.  I think she likes feeling like she has something big and important like everyone else, one cannot blame her.  The size is perfect, it’s super lightweight and only needs 3 AA batteries to use.  Not to mention all the fun learning she’s been doing with it.  I think that’s the trick at this age, getting them to learn while having fun.  If I was to say sit down and practice your ABS’s, well it probably wouldn’t happen.  Now, sit down and let’s have fun some fun time with your big girl tablet, that’s going to work almost 100% of the time.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way for your son or daughter to join the “big kid” world of electronics this is an awesome option.  You can get your Children’s Learning Tablet in Pink or Blue on the WholVol website for only $19.99.  I’m telling you for the price you cannot beat it, my daughter is working on spelling and there’s nothing more fun than watching my little one learn so much.  They have some great products for awesome prices.  I have also reviewed a Mini Laptop for them, so be sure and check out my Mini Laptop Review if you haven’t already.

Be sure and head over to WolVol and check out their fabulous website.  They have some awesome products at amazing prices.  I know I’m very pleased with their products, prices, and awesome service.

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  1. Maria Iemma says

    I’ve been letting my granddaughter play with my phone and she loves some of the games I’ve downloaded. Having her own tablet would let her play and learn by herself. Thank you for the review.

  2. Sam Dock says

    Ohh thanks! We had been thinking of getting our son a leap pad or something but this looks like fun to, and what a great price!

  3. candess phillips says

    I am so suprised by the price of this tablet! I hope its available in other colors than pink as i have all boys.. But it actually educates and also gives them that swagger factor.. an electronics thats for them, love it. will be checking out wolvol now.

  4. lisa says

    That’s so cute. Little kids crack me up. That’s a great gift idea for my granddaughter.Very affordable too!

  5. Maya Brkic says

    Thanks for the review! My 4-year-old nephew always wants to download and play games on my tablet, but I’m worried that he’ll download too much or accidentally buy something that costs $20! I’ll have to look into getting one of these for him!