Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake Recipe – Must Try #Recipe

strawberry cupcakesIsn’t that one of the yummiest pictures you’ve seen?  Can you guess what it is?  Okay, you read the title you know it’s a fabulous Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake Recipe!  If you’re not a fan of Strawberry Cupcakes, and awesome filling, and chocolate on top-than I’m super sorry these are do good!  Making them is fun and easy too.  They are so much easier than I had planned.

[gmc_recipe 12432]

So where did I get this fabulous Strawberry Cupcake recipe?  Who’s responsible for making these amazing little treats?  My dear friend over at Dishin With Rebelle, swing by and check out her Strawberry Cupcakes and other great recipes.

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  1. Crystal C. says

    I will definitely have to try these. I love chocolate covered strawberries! :) Also, I need to have more practice at baking because I kind of stink at it, lol.

  2. lisa says

    I usually go to comment on recipe posts because they’re safe. I’ve read some really wacky recipes. Not here. Every one that you post is really good. Thanks!

  3. Lisa Ehrman says

    Thanks for the amazing looking recipe! These sound terrific and I’m going to try this recipe on the weekend. I appreciate how you added hints on the side: different ways and places to serve them. Also, under the “note” heading you gave good tips about problems to avoid or how to fix them.

  4. meegan whitford says

    these look yummy and my niece and nephew have just told me I am making these tomorrow! So I guess we will be trying them out tomorrow….lol

  5. Kristen R says

    These cupcakes look absolutely delish!!! Must try them soon… I’m always up for trying new sweets!
    Awesome blog and love the theme of everything!