Choosing A Great Children’s Hoodie! 4 Simple Decision Factors

Where we live it tends to get really cold, choosing a great children’s hoodie can be difficult. There are so many different styles, fashions, and fabrics that a simple choice can become confusing and difficult Kids’ hoodies are comfortable tops to use in a layered fashion, or as outerwear on cool days. Hoodies vary in length, pocket style, fabric weight, and whether or not they have a front zipper. There are several types of sweatshirts and hoodies to choose from when shopping in stores or online. Finding the right sweatshirts and hoodies for your child also means finding the right size. This is why I was excited to review a HoodiePets.

Choosing A Great Children’s Hoodie! 4 Simple Decision Factors

Choosing a great children’s hoodie! A few simple decision factors.

  • Take the time to look at the different styles of hoodies available on the market
  • Run these different styles by your kid to see what he or she will prefer
  • Make sure it’s a practical and comfortable piece of clothing. 
  • Check Availability in a number of styles, from pullover to zippered front.

Designed with your child’s imagination in mind,  HoodiePet is both a snuggly fleece hoodie and a plush toy that attaches with Velcro to the front pocket of the hoodie. You all know, I’m a big fan of imaginary play and I just love that HoodiePet is not only an item of clothing but also an imaginative puppet that encourages creative play, while offering warmth and comfort. Most importantly, aside from being cute & cuddly, their sizing chart is point on!! We Love HoodiePets!!


Not only are they top quality, but they are so soft & cuddly it makes me want to be a kid all over again just to snuggle up in one!! Best ever, you can build your own HoodiePet and name it too!  Look at Minie The Bunny we built for Novalee,

kids hoodie with kitty on the front

Finally, The HoodiePets website is the perfect place for your children to lose themselves in imagination and creativity. The easy-to-navigate site even has a place for your child to name their HoodiePet, print out adoption certificates, coloring pages for each pet, and learn fun facts about each animal on HoodiePet Island! How fun is this guys!! Your child is gonna love’em!!

Children’s Hoodie!

Hey guys!! HoodiePets have set up a special discount code  just for Jenns Blah Blah readers!! Right now until February 28th when you enter this code, 3AZ7F4, you will receive 15% off your next purchase, that’s right!! 15% off your HoodPets!!

Here’s a big Woo, Hoo!! Way to go HoodiePets!! They are now selling nationwide at Walmart & Babies-R-Us!! For more information just swing by their website. You can also stay connected by following their social networks – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!  

  • Jasmine P

    These are adorable! So cute!!

  • Jessica Menster

    These hoodies look so soft and snuggly! I love that they have the cute animal to add on and the website, adoption papers, etc.- so cute!

  • Wanda Tracey

    These are so unique and really adorable.They look so soft and comfy too.I really enjoyed your review of them.Thanks.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    Hoodie Pets re very cute. These are great tips, especially confer with your child abut what he/she wants and which hoodie is the most comfortable to wear.

  • Christine L.

    I love it! I used to have a tiger backpack as a kid, so I would have loved this!

  • M.Clark

    Great tips, and I must say the hoodie pictured in your blog post is really cute!! Thank you for sharing this post.

  • Christy Rivers

    I just love the little tiger one. Those are just too cute.

  • Shannon

    These are fun, thank you for your review.