Choosing The Right Outdoor Door Mats For Your Home

Let’s face it, something we don’t think too much about is the importance of outdoor door mats, as well as indoor door mats.  When’s the last time you thought about a door mat for your home?  Until recently the only time I thought about a door mat was when it was too late.  You know when it’s raining, or when we water the yard for that matter!  The kids and dogs feet are nice and muddy and there is no door mat for them to wipe their feet on. {Err, it never fails kids and dogs have to jump, play, and roll in the smallest about of mud.}

dr doormatChoosing The Right Outdoor Door Mats For Your Home

If you don’t have a door mat or need a new one, don’t wait until your carpet is brown from all times the kids didn’t wipe their feet.  Be sure to keep reading for some trips to choose the right door mat for your home.  Something that is inviting, but strong enough to handle the job.

How to Choose the Right Size Door Mats

Choosing the correct size door mat is important.  This is the entrance to your home, having a rug that is too big or small can appear sloppy.  Look for something large and wide enough for someone to notice it and use it, but be sure it still looks nice and not sloppy.  If your door mat is too small people may not notice it, therefore it will not be utilized.  You are not going to want it hanging off anywhere, or squashed up to fit.  The rug should lay flat.

How do I know what shape of door mat to choose?

Like anything else, there is plenty of different shaped door mats to choose from.  Finding the right shape is important. In my opinion for your outdoor door mat rectangle is the way to go.  They offer enough coverage, and tend to stay put a little better in high traffic areas, and rectangle door mats tent do complement an entrance.

When buying an outdoor door mat what is the best material to choose?

This can be difficult, there is a variety of materials to choose from such as: rubber, plastic, cotton, etc.  One key factor you will want to consider is whether or not the run is slip resistant.  If everyone is wiping their feet on it, a run that is not slip resistant can be an accident waiting to happen.  Also, rubber door mats might not do as well as one that offers some type of material.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Door Mats For Your HomeThink about your door mat as a reservoir for all the nasty microbes and pollutants on your shoes, and other paws that might walk on it.  With that being said don’t you think placing door mats in key areas of the house might be a good deal?    Some key places would be in front of the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, pets feeding and water bowl, cat litter box, and other places around the house.

I recently received a great rug that can be used as an outdoor door mat, or used anywhere in your home.  These door mats from Dr. Doormats, ROCK!  They not only look fabulous, but have so many amazing benefits, which some are even health benefits.  Yes, from you’re door mats!

Dr. Doormat is the first door mat that offers an antimicrobial treated door mat that is designed for the home.  Their door mats are infused during the manufacturing process with a specially formulated antimicrobial treatment which bonds to the fibers of the mat permanently.  This makes it one an amazing door mat for all entrances of your home, as well as the other areas.

I think it’s great Dr. Doormat has thought of a way for us to get healthier starting from the ground up! You can stop tracking allergens and microbes in your home too with Eco-Friendly Dr. Doormat.  These rugs are not only top of the line, but they are affordable, and easy to clean.  Cleaning is as easy as a quick shake outside, vacuum, and occasional wiping down.

IMG_0799I’m not the only one who loves our new doormat.  The above picture is Skittles our pitbull, my husband is asking him about the door mat.  He looks to have a pretty serious face doesn’t he?  Okay, so we are also talking about food!  Either way Skittles loves to lay on it in the mornings and catch some sun.  He also loves to lay on it in the afternoons to stay out of the sun, and the evenings because he is so sleepy from laying on the rug all day.  He’s so funny.  When we need to go outside and he needs to get up, he makes this growing sound.  If he was a person it would sound something like, “You’re seriously making me get out of MY BED so you can go outside.  Don’t you know we have two other doors in this house?”  I am pretty sure that is what he is thinking by the look I get when he has to move, lol.

These mats are made in the USA, hand cut, made to last.  If you’re looking for a way to get healthier from the ground up you have to check out Dr. Doormats!  They truly offer the best doormats I have used, and you better believe I’m going to purchase more for my home.  I have thought of several areas I would like to place them other than just the doorways.  Yes, no need to worry getting Skittles one for a bed is top priority, and he wants his in blue I already asked him!

Bottom line, these are great rugs.  I do however wish there was a more colorful selection, something to match everyone’s style.  I did notice a picture of a pink door mat on their Facebook page, so maybe we can expect to see more colors!

Right now our Dr. Doormat is on our covered front porch as our outdoor door mat, so we can stop all that nasty stuff at the front door! Be sure to head over and check out all the other awesome benefits and features Dr. Doormat has to offer, I’m sure you will be pleased with everything from the service to the door mats.  You can visit their website at, “Like” them on Facebook, and “Follow” them on Twitter.

Did you have any idea about the allergens and microbes we are tracking into our homes?

  • JJ

    Great tips and love your dog Skittles…sooo cute! I got this great outdoor mat here in Australia that you can hose down after use and made with recycled material. Plus mega stylish :)

  • Prakash P

    Hey really interesting post regarding the Door Mats. Found different variety of Door Mats here which is quite interesting. Thanks for Posting.

  • Bianca

    Debris from our shoes contains dirt, germs, and bacteria. Investing in a heavy duty outdoor mat is essential. Not to mention, outdoor mats could also be decorative.

  • Michael Lambert

    They look like nice durable door mats.

  • ANN*H

    A healthier type of mat. easy to clean – I like that.. I also like that the ends wont curl up and make me fall over it. I like the dark colors of them too. I like some for my house

  • Christina Strapp

    We really need a new outdoor mat. These look like they are made to last a long time.

  • Shannon F

    I actually don’t have a doormat and I really need one since I have a 19 month old running around and I would love to keep the bacteria out! Btw, I love the red one the best!

  • ANN*H

    I like the fact that they are made in the USA and handcut. Easy to keep clean – thats great

  • ANN*H

    I like the colors of the mats and that they have a special antimicrobactorial treatment on them. We drag more than just dirt into our house, This is good for health issues too .thanks for the info

  • ANN*H

    I like these mats because they are slip resistant and wont curl up on the edges. For someone my age that is very important so that I dont fall . Would like to have one of these mats.

  • Melissa S

    I need a new doormat, I would love to have one of the Dr. Doormat onto because they seem to collect a lot more of the gross stuff I didn’t even realize we track in.

  • ANN*H

    Choose the right mat – this is the right mat for me. Easy to clean and does more than any other mat.. I need some of these for sure.

  • Sandra beeman

    I really hadn’t given too much thought to bacteria coming into our home, just dirt and grass. I like the look of these mats and also the fact they can be used inside as well as outside. I believe a good investment.

  • ANN*H

    I need a new mat for out front. I like that it helps me health wise . We dont think of germs coming in as much as dirt.. This is great and I need 2 of these . Thanks for the info

  • ANN*H

    These mats sound great . Just what I need for allergies and the cut back on all the dirt and dander entering my house. I need a new mat out front anyhow .

  • ANN*H

    I need new outdoor mats for my front and back doors so I hope I can win . We have allergies and cats and dirty kids and messy men so hope this keeps all this mess out on the mats instead of in my house . thanks for the info

  • ANN*H

    I need new door mats – these would be great. I have allergies and these mats would help with that. I got kids and cats – and this would surely help keep the dirt and dander out the house

  • Kitty

    I need to get one of these! They look so simple yet so necessary!

  • carla bonesteel

    We go through outdoor mats very quickly. I have a hard time finding a quality one that doesn’t cost way too much. I would love to try this out.

  • ANN*H

    They have just the colors that I would use. I am in need of a rug for the front door and my side back door. None I seen compares to this one. I like how it traps allergients and the dirt too.Will help with our allergies thanks for the info

  • Kitty

    I need to get a new doormat since I’m moving to a new house. This look like a great product!

  • ANN*H

    I could use two of these one for my front and one for my back door too. That way I will be protected at both door. Me and my grandson have allergies and this will help keep cat dander and stuff outside as the mats will help with that.

  • ANN*H

    Yes animals, kids and men are all dirt magnets and the dogs and kids love the mud too. I like that this mat collects all the dirt and stuff we dont need to be breathing. Its good that its slip resistant for old people like me . thanks for the info

  • ANN*H

    I like that it stops allergens as I have allergies . I like that i wont have to worry about tripping over the edges of it to at my age. thanks for the review

  • Pamela Warren

    I need a new door mat and Im convinced this is what I need. Germs will be the death of us and this is one small way to keep them in ck Thanks

  • ANN*H

    I have alot of allergies and this would help keep the cat hair and such from coming in the house as much. with the cats and the grandkids they stir up alot of dust when they jumping around on the sofa . This should clean their shoes off real good .thanks

  • Sarh

    I’ve actually been thinking about how we could use a new doormat, but for inside. Everyone except a handful of people are “required” to take their shoes off. Just because I really dislike dirt and crumbs and I’m ALWAYS bare foot, plus I have two toddlers so I don’t want them rolling around in dirt, mud, etc inside of the house. Outside is fine, especially in summer because they love being sprayed down with the hose. haha.

  • Trish F

    Ha ha if you can only get Skittles to wipe his feet, you’d be set. I always like a good doormat and I have never heard of Dr. Doormat. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the review.

  • ANN*H

    This will be great for my house. With the cats mess and the grand kids in and out plus the big boys with dirty shoes too. It will catch most of the dirt before it comes in the house and all over the rugs. Perfect color for me too, thanks

  • ANN*H

    I have been looking for a front door mat and this one sounds like one I would like to have.
    I like that its a bacterial magnets. I like that they are easy to clean to .thanks for the info

  • Sherry k

    The antimicrobial treatment sounds like a perfect solution for the mat in our inside porch. It doesn’t dry out as fast as I would like and i am sure this would help keep it fresh. and safe for us

  • Lanie

    I honestly never thought about all the germs we tack into the house and all the bacteria and germs that get stuck in the mats. These mats look pretty awesome to me. I love the bright Autumn Red.

  • veronica lee

    You are so right, Jenn! Doormats are bacteria magnets! Eeeeww! A Dr Doormat would be perfect for our humid and rainy climate.

  • md Kennedy

    I always hated the smell of our doormat in the summer after the rain – mildew! Yech! I should replace it with one of Dr. Doormat’s!

  • lisa

    We need a new outdoor mat. It’s at the point where it’s just bringing in more dirt that it holds.Even after shaking it out.