Confetti Kisses From Zulily Is Totally Worth Dancing For! #GiftGuide

cute winter cloths for toddlersCan you belive how cold it is outside?  WOW, I don’t know what the temperature is like where you are, but in southern New Mexico it’s cold!  Which means it’s time to start enjoying the chancing to outfits a little more appropriate for the cooler months.  My daughter, Madisyn was super upset because she though she couldn’t wear dresses anymore, and this girl loves her dresses.  I had to explain to her that little girls fall fashion has dresses too, and to make things better so does winter fashion!

I was super excited to share a few outfits with her that I knew she was going to love, and teach her how we could turn a dress into the perfect little girls winter outfit!  Still super cute, totally fashionable, and warm for mommy.  My daughter’s a little diva when it comes to her dresses, lol.  If you’re on the hunt for some super cute, totally fashionable clothing for little girls or boys Zulily is loaded with cute lines of clothing for toddlers, kids, and even adults.  One of my favorite is the Confetti Kisses!

cute dress for girlsMattie couldn’t wait to try on her Confetti Kisses Raspberry & Boysenberry Stripe Ruffle Dress for Toddlers.  Which is only &17.99 at Zulily.  She was very excited because it’s a super cute dress, and she loves the stripes and the little pocket is darling.  Really the whole Confetti Kisses line is adorable, but Mattie was upset because she thought since it’s cold she wasn’t going to be able to wear her super cute new dress outside of the house.  I had to explain to her that we could add leggings, jacket, her cute boots, and a few other things to make it wearable for the winter months too.  I am sure you can see her mixed emotions in the above pictures, lol.  She’s really just made at me becasue I made her clean up the mess she left in my bedroom, lol.  Dang, I get her clothing she loves and I get dirty looks when she has to clean up after herself.. Doesn’t seem fair does it? The real reason I included the picture is because, look how fabulous she looks even when she is made in her Confetti Kisses Raspberry & Boysenberry Stripe Ruffle Dress for Toddlers from

The first things Mattie said when she saw the dress was, “Oh my goodness mom look at this darling little pocket.”  I almost busted out laughing, there is something about a toddler saying darling that’s funny, but I couldn’t because she was so serious.  Plus, she just got home from her Aunt’s house, and she always comes home saying things like that because she hears her Aunt say them.  She also said, “Mom can I dance a little, because this dress is great for dancing.

Toddler dacing in her new jacket and dress from ZulilyAfter the put on the Confetti Kisses Raspberry & Boysenberry Stripe Ruffle Dress for Toddlers from Zulily, she does what most little girl do!  DANCED, like mom was taking pictures that she was going to put on her blog!  Yup, she danced to crazy, and had so much fun all I could capture was a blur, even with my good camera…

girls winter clothing from ZulliyWe also received an adorable jacket that you can see Mattie wearing, a pair of jeans, and the amazing pink and green sweater!  Mattie typically won’t dance over jeans and a sweater, but there’s something about clothing from Zulily that Mattie says is worth dancing for.  Mattie’s dancing because she looks super cute in her 4T Zulily clothing, mom’s dancing because the prices are worth dancing for!

Zulily Confetti Kisses for toddlers pants, shirts, dresses that can be mixed and matchedMy favorite thing about the Confetti Kisses line at Zulily is that they create fresh, stylish clothing that fun-loving girls can sport anywhere the next adventure leads. Mixing modern cuts with bold prints in bright colors, each of their high-quality knit pieces makes a playful statement. Plus, the whole Confetti Kisses line is cohesive, making it easy to mix and match for all sorts of adorable, on-the-go outfits.

Zulily has a huge selection of clothing for toddlers, girls, boys, maternity and baby, toys, playtime, women, plus size, and even some pretty awesome home items.  To be honest for the longest time I thought Zulily was only baby clothing, boy was I wrong.  They have great prices, and I wish I would have known about Zulily when I was hunting for maternity clothing.  Do you know how hard it is to find cute Maternity clothing?  It was for me anyway, lucky for me this time around I know about Zulily!

If you’re looking for super cute clothing be sure to swing by Zulily’s website here!  You’ll find something for everyone’s style.  I’m going to be purchasing several things from their amazing dance collection.  It’s one of the few places I have been able to find Mattie’s dance shoes, and cute dance outfits and a reasonable price.

So there you have Confetti Kisses from Zulily Is Totally Worth Dancing For!  To see everything Zulily has to offer visit their website at

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    I just love the clothes from Zulily…….love the prices as well!