Continental Motor Works: Tips To Keep Your Car Road Worthy!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of New Hope PR for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.  Riase your hand if you to keep your car road worth?  I know I want to be certain mine gets me where I need to go, becuase I love my car!

Whether it’s a foreign or domestic, new or old, bright and shiny or dull and dingy Americans love their cars and trucks. If you have a car chances are you love it and share a unique relationship with it. Heck some of us even go as far as naming our cars. We spend un fathomable amounts of time and money trying to keep them road worthy. Most of that money goes in the gas tank while the rest is usually spent on things like speakers or neon lights,  because, let’s face it not many people are in tune with things like oil changes and tire tread wear patterns, or what that strange squealing noise coming from under the hood is, hence the speakers. That when it’s time to consider taking your baby to a trained professional. 

Most Americans when buying a new or used vehicle only look under the hood once, and that is usually because the salesperson is trying to point out how powerful it is, the hood is closed and the customer never opens it again. Same with the tires most people will make a couple laps around the car checking out the shiny paintjob stopping briefly to kick the tires never even thinking to look at the tread depth or even the recommended tire pressure printed right on the side of the tire. Most folks never even think twice about things like tires and oil and transmission fluid or anti-freeze/coolant, they just fuel Er up and go. If you are one of these people who love their cars but just are not savvy on how to keep it in reliable and safe operating condition, there is a way.

Continental Motor Works Tips To Keep Your Car Road Worthy!

How To Keep Your Car Road Worthy


Maintenance is the key to keeping your car on the road; it is a machine after all and has thousands of moving parts that require trained professional attention from time to time. Think of it as a living thing, in the way that it does inhale and exhale, it requires fuel just like us and other “supplements” like oil and coolant to keep it healthy and happy. Just as you would go to your doctor for a checkup, your car also needs routine checkups and maintenance. Your doctor is certified and trained to “work” on you just as the people at Continental Motor Works are trained and certified to work on your car.

Don’t put off a trip to the mechanic

Anything your car needs from simple oil changes to major repairs the master mechanics at places such as, Continental Motor Works should be able handle the job. It’s important to find a mechanic you can trust, because lets face it they have a bad reputation, and sure there are bad mechanics out there who will charge you too much, just the same as there is a baby sitter who will charge too much, or doesn’t watch your children as well as you like.  However, there are good, honest, hard-working mechanics out there, who want you to return home safely to your family.  

I have been a mechanic for many years, and still turn wrenches on the side.  I have several customers who will not take their vehicles anywhere else, because I have worked on their car for several years.  Keep in mind there are great mechanics out there, but it is like looking for a doctor, or babysitter, find one who enjoys their job.  It’s okay to test out a shop or dealership first too, have them complete a quick service, like looking over your fluids, and see how they do.  Check reviews, and ask around too.


For some reason people tend to overlook their tires, when in fact they are one of the most important parts of your car as far as safety goes.  Tires are always first on my list, and yes, they are expensive, but it’s not worth chancing.  Be safe, check your tires, and replace them when needed.   Don’t forget to check your spare, and make sure it has air, the tread is good, and is free of any splits, cracks, or damage. 


Make sure your lights work, they are bright enough for night driving, and do not forget packing lights, hazard lights, break lights, and fog lights. 


Checking vehicles fluids is easy, but if you are not comfortable your mechanic should be able to have it done quickly.  Make sure all your fluids are full, and don’t forget to check your wiper fluid too.

Be sure you always have your owner’s manual

The owner’s manuals should always be with your car, and it can be sued for basic maintenance if needed. 

Change the oil

This goes with maintenance, but changing the oil has required can add life to your vehicle.  If you drive in the city you might consider changing your oil a little early, your car will appreciate it. 


Check your cars wheel alignment, and get your vehicle aligned as needed.  This will keep your car running straight, and minimize wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle.

Belts and hoses

Check the belts and hoses, and if any need replaced do it.  If you are not comfortable checking your hoses and belts, visit your friendly mechanic.


Your car is going to need services, and it’s important to catch them before they turn into something major.  Small problems never get better, they tend to get worse, you will spend more money, and other things can start to go wrong.

Drive nice and smooth

There is no need to speed, and drive rough.  Your car will last you longer if you drive it the way it is supposed to be driven. 

Carry a map

I know you have a smartphone, but what if something happens and you are not able to use your trusted smartphone.  It is better to have it and no need it than to need it and not have it.

Emergency Kit

I always have an emergency kit in my car or truck, because you never know when you will need it.   Include things like jumper cables, flashlight, batteries, and thin

Your vehicles overall health is important, especially if you are planning on a Roadtrip this summer.  You always want to check your vehicle so you and your family do not get stranded in the middle of nowhere, but most importantly caring for your car helps to keep you, your family, and those around you safe.  

Do you have any tips that help keep your car road worthy?

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