Cooking App To Teach You To Cook Like A Pro: Top Chef University To-Go

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished there was a good cooking app for my iPhone.  A cooking app that could teach me different cooking techniques, runs nice and clean, has shares some of the pros secrets.  I love to cook, and there are plenty of good cooking apps, but none of them work for me.  I always find something I don’t like about it, or the app doesn’t run good enough to even mess with.  Sure I know how to cook, but there are some cooking techniques I would love to learn from some of the professional chefs.

Cooking AppIf you’re a visual person like me it can get confusing, unless you can actually see the steps.  Which is why I am super stoked to tell you about a new cooking app for your iPhone, called Top Chef University To-Go!  I can honestly tell you that I have never experienced an app as amazing as Top Chef University To-Go.

Top Chef University To-Go: Learn To Cook With Your iPhone!

Top Chef University To-Go is an amazing cooking app for your iPhone, which actually teaches you to cook like a top chef.  You will learn professional cooking techniques, food preparation methods, and it’s more than just recipes!  You will learn from 11 of the most successful Top Chef chef’testants!  When you download Top Chef University you can expect a whole lot.

Whether you are a mommy of four who wants to learn different cooking techniques, recipes, and learn from amazing Chefs, or an aspiring chef this is a fabulous app.  I’m sure at this point you are wondering what the big deal is, well let me tell you everything you can expect to find in this wonderful new cooking app.

  • Over 200 free video lessons and recipes, which are organized into 20 distinct courses
  • Test your knowledge with in-app quizzes
  • Over 60 hours of video featuring your favorite Chef’testants
  • Detailed ingredient lists for every single one of the 200 unique recipes
  • Watch lesson videos in high-definition
  • Ability to watch lessons in HD on your TV with an AppleTV or any AirPlay-compatable device.

Did I mention it’s a FREE Cooking App!

If you’re looking to learn a certain cooking techniques, I can almost guarantee it’s included with the app.  If you’re wondering what type of cooking techniques are included here are a few of my favorites:

  • Technique II: Grill and Roast
  • All about Veggies
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Pasta
  • Just Desserts
  • Entertaining and Advanced

There are TONS more, and those are only a few of my favorite lol.  Now for the recipes/cooking technique videos, there is far too many to name but I will share a few of my favorite recipes with you as well.

  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Shrimp 101 Garlic Shrimp
  • Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Pecan Double Chocolate Brownies
  • Cakes II – Flourless
  • Apple Tarte with Scented Caramel

Those are only a few of my favorite.  Every time I sit down to explore the app I find something else to add to my “To-Try-List”.

Okay, so enough about the features I’m going to tell you about my experience from start to finish downloading the cooking app on our iPhone.

learn to cook with your iphoneOnce you have downloaded the app you can create an account, which takes about 30 seconds.  All you enter is your email address, and password twice.  Then you are in, and now have access to everything Top Chef University To-Go has to offer.  The app runs nice and smooth, I have never had to restart it, or even worse restart my device.  However, I am connected to WiFi when I’m home, and when reading about the app I did read that in order to experience the app at its best they recommend connecting to WiFi.  It’s ran beautifly for me, very happy with it.

cooking apps for iphoneBrowsing Course techniques is super easy, and each technique lists how many lessons are included, time and chefs who are teaching courses.  After choosing a technique to browse, or begin learning about it’s time to choose your topic, which range from Kitchen Set-Up Pantry to Specialty Fruits, and Airs and Foams – Parmesan Air, Potato Foam.

Top Chefs cooking appAfter you choose the specific technique you wish to learn about you will notice a video on top, which can be expanded to full screen view with the touch of a screen.  On the bottom there is an overview of the technique you have chosen, and on the right you will notice a tab for the ingredients needed for the recipe.  The videos are amazing, clear, clean, crisp, very detailed, and makes things fun, and easy to understand.

If you enjoy cooking, and want to learn new techniques from some of the best Top Chefs than I cannot recommend this app enough.  It’s a wonderful app, that is easy to maneuver around in, easy to understand video’s, and so many different techniques I can guarantee you will not be board in the kitchen for a while.  I’m really excited to start using this app, it’s perfect for a visual learner like myself.

Be sure to check out one of the Top Chef University Apps awesome YouTube videos below.  I don’t know about you, but making the perfect French Fries is always hit or miss.  It’s great video to show you what you can look forward to when you download the app. Plus, he says FanTabUlous!  If you follow my blog, you know that’s one of my favorite words!  Enjoy, don’t get too hungry!

The Bottom Line

I love everything about the cooking app, but my favorite is the fact that I’m able to learn by watching!  This is an awesome cooking app, I’m still in disbelief that it’s free.  It contains a wealth of information, tons of mouth-watering recipes, it’s by far my favorite cooking app yet.  It’s unique, one of a kind, and is my new favorite cooking app.

Learn more about Top Chef University To-Go by visiting them on their website, located at – You can also “Like” Top Chef University App on Facebook, and follow along via Twitter.  Be sure to swing by and download the app in the iTunes Store Here.

  1. This app looks really good. We have watched Top Chef a bunch of times and I have always been impressed with the chefs on Top Chef and other shows on the Food Network too. This app will show us some of the techniques and tidbits for cooking in our home. Thanks for pointing it out to us.

  2. I too can’t believe that this app is free. It sounds so comprehensive and amazing. When we upgrade to iPhones I shall be sure to look for this app. Thanks

  3. I love to cook and love Top Chef but have ever taken any looking lessons whatsoever. This is going to be the perfect app for me – I can learn something new every day! I hope it works on my early gen iPod Touch, though….

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