Cuddledowns, Vibrant Bedspreads and Comforters – OH MY!

Green ComforterI love my bedroom, it’s my favorite room in the whole house.  The one place that I can kick back and relax, it stays clean, smells good, and my bed rocks.  I have always been extremely picky when it comes to my room, bed, bedspreads and comforters.  What can I say, there is nothing worse to me than waking up uncomfortable, too hot or too cold, to something smelly, or dirty.

I have kids, I’m always picking up after everyone, but not in my room.  It’s off limits to anyone other than mom and dad, lol.  Okay, so the below picture totally bust me.  I let my kids come in my room, I couldn’t keep them out.  However there are rules, everything stays out.  No toys, unless they are cute stuffed animals, or something I want to play with.  I recently received a new king size comforter from Cuddledown.  It’s the one you see my daughter, Mattie holding on to because she loves the new comforter.   I have to start out by saying I agree with Mattie, I love my new Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter in Basil.  It’s a really pretty green color, which is perfect for summer.

King Sized ComforterTo be honest, I was a little worried about the color.  I have always kind of stuck with safe colors.  Yes the boring colors – black, white, off white.  I think the wildest I have ever gone is a two-tone brown, lol.  I don’t know, I just get worried that my husband and I are going to clash when it comes to colors.  Anyway, I was a little worried…. But, we love it!  I wish I would have experienced how amazing it feels to have a bright colorful bedspreads long ago.

I honestly didn’t realize how much a vibrant comforter would change the look and feel in our bedroom.  Man, I need to lighten up my walls, and add some color to my room, and brighten my mornings.  It makes me wake up more chipper.  Now I just need to brighten up my sheets and pillow cases.  I’m actually really glad I was able to experience the vibrant color of this comforter before we build on our bedroom next week.  It’s teaching me a lot about colors, and how the effect you’re mood.  See I’m telling you, my room has a lot to do with how I wake up, and what kind of day I’m going to have.  I have been that way for as long as I can remember.  My mother loved it because I was great at keeping my room nice and neat, lol.

Cuddledown Bedspreads and ComfortersThe Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter in Basil has 233 thread count, down proof, 100% combed cotton, hypoallergenic synthetic fill, is Oeko-Tex certified to be free of harmful chemicals, and made in the USA by Cuddledown of fine imported materials.

On a scare of 1 to 10, I would rate my green king sized comforter at 15.  It’s amazing!  I love how it’s soft, but not that soft feeling that leaves your hair standing up due to the static electricity.  I know, but where I life it’s something we have to think about.  It’s hot and dry, if you’re not careful on the types of materials you buy, guess what?  Everything has static.  Luckily, this comforter doesn’t, lol.  I don’t know that I would be very happy waking up to my hair standing straight up, having to peel it off the blanket while getting shocked.  Yes, that has happened.  More than once I’m afraid.  I’m really enjoying waking up to the bright colors, it just sets my mood for the day.  I wake up happier, even my husband said something the other day.

Bedspreads and ComfortersAnother added benefit is it’s easy to care for.  I can toss this bad boy in my waster, separately in cold water, on the gentle cycle, tumble dry on low and I’m done.  Get this, it’s actually recommended that you do not dry clean, bleach, iron, or steam.  WOW right.  How often does that happen?  Normally I have to haul my comforter down to the dry cleaners, which can be inconvenient, and much more expensive than tossing it in my own washer and dryer.

WP_20130604_012Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter fits great.  Its 107” X 92”, it covers my king sized bed nicely.  I like that it’s long enough to leave a little something hanging over the sides of my bed.  I used to have bedspreads that drove me nuts, every time I made my bed I wanted to cry.  There was like an inch that hung over my bed. You could totally see the sheets, and I just hated it.  The Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter fits nice and neat.

Orange BedspreadWant to know what the best thing about Cuddledown Comforters are?  Cuddledown is a smaller, family owned company that makes their comforters in Maine.  They are guaranteed to last, fit, and they guarantee to satisfy.  If for some reason you’re not happy, they will exchange your product or give you a refund, whichever you like.  It also gets better, rather than having some big huge machine that makes their comforters, they are custom-made by hand, and it shows.  They’re comforters really are top of the line, well made, quality, made to last, comfortable, fit, feel great, and leave me feeling 110% completely satisfied.  If someone was to ask me where to get an awesome quality comforter, I would definitely recommend Cuddledown.  I love their products, and dealing with the amazing people at Cuddledown was great!  They have been extremely helpful, I received my comforter in no time, great communication, and just super helpful and friendly.

Blue ComforterIf you are looking for a quality comforter that will last, I highly recommend the Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter.  If you are looking for a different style comforter, I’m sure all their other comforters are amazing as well.  They have an awesome selection of not only comforters, but tons of other great products such as:

  • Sheets & Bedding
  • Blankets and Bed covers
  • Pillows
  • Feather beds
  • Mattress Pads and Protectors
  • Sleepwear and Apparel
  • Bath products
  • Home Décor Items
  • And more!

I was really surprised how much my husband likes the comforter.  He loves the color, and actually told me that we should think about brightening up our room when we get it all finished.  He also likes that the comforter isn’t too heavy, it’s something we can both agree on.  He gets hot at night, and I get cold.  We used to have a heavy down comforter on there, which I was fine with temperature wise.  However, Shawn was always hot, and complaining.  It’s nice that we’re both able to agree on our comforter during the summer months.

Red ComforterWe’re having an addition put on to our home starting tomorrow.  Part of the addition will be a huge master bedroom.  I cannot wait to check out all the awesome vibrant colors that Cuddledown has.  I used to play it safe when it came to color in my bedroom, hummmmm I’m thinking I’m going to have a little more fun.  Lighter walls, and brighter colors.  I’m really looking forward to finding some awesome sheets and pillow cases to match my new comforter.  The more I look at the Pomegranate Comforter in the above picture the more I want it.  To be honest I like all the vibrate colors of the Meribel Comforter, thanks Cuddledown for adding some color to my life.

If you’re on the lookout for awesome bedspreads and comforters that are well made,  I highly suggest you visit Cuddledown.  They have some fabulous products, I have been browsing their website plotting my new bedroom, lol.

The Meribel Synthetic Fill Comforter I received comes in four vibrant colors: Basil, Tidal Blue, Pomegranate, and Clementine.  Be sure to head over and check out Cuddledown Online, and be sure to “Like” them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and check out their videos on YouTube to stay up to date with all their awesome products.

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