I love Our Day Dreamer Sleeper! 7 Top Safety Tips For Sleeping Baby.

I am so proud and excited to announce that I’m going to be a grandma again. Yep, #3 is on the way and I love our day dreamer sleeper! With a new baby on the way buying something safe & new for baby to sleep is one of the most exciting things you’ll experience in life. Therefore, you need to gather crucial information when purchasing the best products & gear for your baby. Because there are so many companies that sell baby stuff, not only can this be the most exciting time, it can also be the most confusing and frustrating time if you don’t choose the right company to buy from. This is why I’m happy with the Day dreamer Sleeper from BrilliantBabyProducts.com,

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I love Our Day Dreamer Sleeper! 7 Top Safety Tips For Sleeping Baby.

  1. Lay your baby on his or her back to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  2. Avoid placing a crib, bed, high chair or playpen near windows, draperies, blinds, or wall-mounted decorative accessories with cords.
  3. Do not hang anything on or above a baby’s crib on a string or cord.
  4. Babies should not sleep on beds, sofas, recliners, chairs, soft surfaces, bouncy chairs or baby swings. If this happens, make sure to return your baby to a safe sleep environment.
  5. Room-sharing is a safer option than having your baby sleep in bed with you. Place your baby’s crib, play yard or bassinet in your room for more convenient feeding and close contact.
  6. Remember to always return your baby to his or her own crib when you’re ready to go back to sleep. This is tough sometimes because parents are often more tired than the babies, but it is much safer.
  7. New parents have a million things to do, but learning CPR should be on the top of the list. It will give you tremendous peace of mind – and the more peace of mind you have as a parent, the better.

 In our home during the first 0-10 months the baby’s bassinet is close to the bed so that when we hear the slightest little fuss in the middle of the night, we can reach over, take the baby out and sooth.  During the day, baby and the bassinet are rolled to the same room. I’m a little paranoid about SIDS, who isn’t, the best way to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, babies ought to be put down to sleep on their backs, on a firm surface. Daytime sleep can be just as concerning when it comes to SIDS. So having baby close by, in view at all times is crucial.

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A fussy newborn is sure to let you know that it is much easier to have your baby at your side to comfort, than in a separate bedroom or even across the room. This is why I love the Day Dreamer Sleeper! We can hardly wait for our little one to arrive so we can enjoy a little piece of mind knowing baby will be safe while sleeping. Brilliant Baby Products have been working to create the ultimate sleeping solutions for babies for more than 20 years by providing the safest, coziest place for baby to sleep, nap and hang out. They sure are making it easier for moms to go about their daily routine. Now I can trust and appreciate that!!day dreamer1560597_214308212105841_1582011138_n With a more ergonomic 28º degree incline the Day Dreamer Sleeper lets your little one sleep well by allowing your baby’s head to rest higher than the hips. I love that they invite you to “do your own research on the benefits of inclined sleep.” Trust me I have done the research and found that the 28 degree incline is not only great for babies sleep, this incline can help to sooth a colic baby, and babies with acid reflux . It also “adheres to all proposed federal laws and the CPSC-proposed standards to provide a safe, stable and uncluttered sleep environment that is unmatched in comfort for newborns and infants.” Both my babies had colic, Boy I sure could have used this wonderful Day Dreamer Sleeper back then.new new 003Most baby sleepers bassinets are made of wood, metal or plastic and can also be foldable, however, you need to make sure the material used for construction is non-toxic and does not cause any sort of harm to your child. The Day Dreamer Sleeper is made with soft, plush, non toxic upholstery, in three basic baby colors, light blue, light pink, light green.

Day-Dreamer-NappersI love the unique car seat style design ensuring a good night’s sleep for your baby and your peace of mind.

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This awesome sleeper is so safe with a breathable inner shell, it’s cuddly, comfy, easy to clean with a washable, removable cover and water proof seating. Best of all it comes with a lifetime guarantee!! O.k, so here it is one of my favorite things about the day Dreamer Sleeper, there’s nothing to set up!!

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Baby fits Snug and it’s perfect for moms on the go! Also loving the security I will have to take a few moments to myself knowing baby is snug & safe!! Like I mentioned earlier, I can hardly wait for baby to arrive!!

If you would like more information on the Day Dreamer Sleeper just visit their website!Being social is the way to go!Be sure to connect with them through Facebook & Twitter!

  • Kelly Maxwell

    As a new, first time grandma, I could really use this for “Grandma’s House”! Great review, thanks.

  • tamra gibson

    What a great review!! Believe it or not our Grandson has 1 of these and we love it. It’s just like u said they are safe , perfect and even have a strap on some of them. I don’t have to worry about him rolling out or anything because of the angled design. Congrats to you and YES this is a great product

  • Annette Herbst

    This looks so good I need to get one for my Grandchild

  • keish

    This really looks comfortable and love how it comes in different colors

  • Shannon

    First off, congrats. I have been seeing these and they look so nice and comfortable. Thank you for the review.