Decorate Your Toddlers Room With Disney, Plus 3 Must Have Baby Items

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I’m starting to get really excited, we are getting closer to being done with our home.  My youngest daughter’s room is almost done, which means I get to decorate my toddlers room with Disney!  I have been saving up to give my toddlers room a makeover with Disney.  When she was born I wasn’t able to decorate a nursery, at first I was upset.  I should know better than to get upset, everything happens for a reason!  Now I not only get to decorate my toddlers room, but soon I will be decorating my kids bedrooms, as well as a nursery!  There’s going to be a whole lot of redecorating going on over the next year in our home, and Disney will be a big part of it.   Have you had to decorate your toddlers room yet?

Mattie is old enough now that she knows what she likes, and she’s in love with the Disney Princesses, and Minnie Mouse. Which is fine by me, because there is super cute Disney products at Walmart to decorate her room with Disney Princesses, or Minnie Mouse.  I was just over at the Walmart website, and found all kinds of great Minnie Mouse products to help me decorate my toddlers room

When you think about how much it will cost to decorate your toddlers room with Disney products does it scare you?  I was a little worried, but after looking at everything Walmart has to help me decorate my kids rooms I am pleasantly surprised at the selection, as well as the prices.  If you are thinking about decorating your toddlers room, check out my 5 favorite Minnie Mouse products from Walmart.  Plus, three awesome Disney Baby products every little one should have.

Five Minnie Mouse Products To Decorate Your Toddlers Room

I cannot wait to get started decorating my toddlers room, once we are all finished her room is going to look so nice.  Mattie has had a hard time sleeping too, I am hoping by her having her own space it will help my baby sleep better at night.

Disney Minnie Mouse Collapsible Storage Trunk

First of all the price is fabulous!  Second what a great idea, I don’t know about your toddler, but mine needs a storage trunk!  The Disney Trunk is perfect for storing toys, books, clothing, and to make things even better it collapses for easy storage!  The Storage Trunk is colorful, which will make it easy to match the pink race car bed Mattie has already sitting in the box.

Disney Multi-Bin Toy Organizer, Minnie Mouse

YES, I have been wanting one of these, for some reason I thought they were much more than $26.98.  If you’re not familiar with the Multi-Bin Toy Organizers they amazing, a great way to encourage your little one to keep their room organized.  The Disney Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is fabulous, it’s colorful, which makes it easy to match with other decor.  There are five storage organizers, and the bottom tier is a toy box for storage. 

We already have a pink toddler race car bed for Mattie’s new room, but you can bundle the Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed and Multi Bin Organizer for an awesome price, it’s definitely worth checking out..  Not a bad price at all.

Disney Minnie Mouse Figural Bean Bag Chair

I have never seen this before, but OMG it’s so darn cute.  I cannot help it, while I was on the Walmart site I ordered it.  It’s only $19, and it will go great with everything we already have for Mattie’s room.  The Minnie Mouse Figural Bean Bag Chair look like Minnie Mouse, and will be perfect for Mattie to kick back and look at her books, or bring in the living room for family movie night.  Lucky kid, why can Disney make one big enough for mom and dad too?

Disney Minnie Mouse Bedding Quilt Set

You cannot decorate your toddler’s room, or any room for that matter without a new bedding to go with your theme.  I feel in love with this Disney Minnie Mouse Bedding Quilt Set, its super cute, and something that Mattie can enjoy as she gets older too.  Plus, there is plenty of colors to make it match the look we are going for, and it’s going to look amazing on her pink race car bed.  Don’t you agree?

Disney Minnie Mouse Free Standing Closet

I have been looking for something like this.  Mattie will have a closet in her room, but she’s not going to be able to reach anything, and I honestly like it that way, lol.  The Disney Minnie Mouse Free Standing Closet will be perfect for all Mattie’s fun dress up cloths.  She has every Disney Princess dress you can imagine, and then some.  This is a great way for her to still have access to them, while helping me keep her out of her other cloths.  It’s made of durable fabric, and lightweight so it can be easily moved. 

Disney Love Minnie Micro Throw

Something else I feel in love wish is this throw, it’s super cute, and Mattie is going to love it.  This throw will not only go great with her Minnie Mouse decor, it will be perfect to take in the living room to watch a movie.

While I was looking for things for Mattie’s Minnie Mouse Race car Room my husband came in, and we started talking about how we need to hurry and get the rest of the house done so we can have another baby.  We want to wait until everyone has their own rooms, and we are financially ready for another baby, and waiting is driving me nuts. 

OMG, I cannot tell you how hard it is not buying things now.  I want another little girl, and there is so many cute Disney Baby items.  My husband of course wants a boy, so it’s looking at the Disney Cars items.  At the end of the day, we both just want a healthy baby, but it’s always so exciting planning, and this waiting stuff is for the birds.  We have to finish the house!

3 Disney Baby Products Every Little One Needs

If you have an itty bitty one, or are fixing to have a little one be sure to swing by Walmart and check out all the Disney Baby items.  They have some great products for your little one, I’m going to be honest – I am a little jealous I am not buying them right now.  I don’t want to wait anymore, why do we have to be responsible adults, lol.  Especially right now, because Disney Baby products are even more affordable, and adorable than before.  Your local Walmart has MINNIE MOUSE, Cars, and WINNIE THE POOH products, such as:

 photo DisneyBabybooster_zps88c7a451.jpg

Disney Baby CARS Store n’ Go Backless Booster

My little Mattie is going to be in a booster seat soon, and I already know she is going to want something CARS!  She’s funny, a girly-girl, who can get dirty, and go fast with the best of them.  I mean she will have a pink race car bed with MINNIE MOUSE, or Disney Princess stuff in her room, lol. 

I had no ideas that there was a Disney Baby CARS Store n’ Go Backless Booster on the Walmart website. She is going to be super exited, when she is in the car she seems to want Disney CARS items, I think her daddy’s girl side comes out. 

If you’re looking for a booster seat for your little man, or CARS loving little lady be sure to check out the Disney Baby CARS Store n’ Go Backless Booster: Belt positioning booster 40-100 pounds and 43” to 57”, includes seatbelt positioning strap for customized fit. 

 photo MinniePotty_zps562e145e.jpg

Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE, 2-in-1, Celebration Potty Seat from the First Years.

It’s not going to be long, and my little Mattie will be 100% done with diapers.  Oh, man she is getting so big.  She never really cared much for the little kid potties, she has always wanted to use the big girl potty, but I am starting to think she might have loved this Disney MINNIE MOUSE, 2-in-1, Celebration Potty Seat.  They can start off using the stand alone potty, and the detachable potty training seat can later be removed and places on the family toilet seat.  Which you will need, lol.  It keeps their little bums from falling in.  Mattie still tries to tell me she doesn’t need it, ha-ha.  Yes, she has fell in the potty. 

Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE Celebration Potty Seat is soft for your child’s comfort, easy to clean and maintain, bright and colorful, and even using positive reinforcement with the seat’s “hip-hip hooray” sound flushing arm.  Sounds pretty neat, I’m thinking Mattie might light something like that, and if she didn’t she could always use the seat on the BIG girl potty. 

 photo poohwalker_zps35a804aa.jpg

Disney Baby WINNIE THE POOH Dots & Hunny Pots Walker

Mattie is too big for this, but I am sure many of you have little ones who would love the Disney Baby WINNIE THE POOH Dots & Hunny Pots Walker!  Baby is surrounded by Tigger and Pooh, and all their favorite friends from Hundred Acre Wood.  Enjoy piano keys, spinning roller ball with beads, Tigger bead chaser, and Pooh hunny pot squeaker, your baby will have a blast in this walker.  Oh, and I cannot go without mentioning the electronic toy station, which can be removed for floor playtime too, and the adjustable seat pad that moves to three different height positions, unique elliptical frame that provides a sturdy platform for all those little ones starting to take their first steps.  This is certainly a walker your baby will love.  Don’t worry you’ll love it too, due to its easy clean seat pad, and easy storage.

Head on over to Walmart and check out Disney Baby

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  • Rhea Liza Muñoz

    wow!!! its so cute.. i love disney characters.

  • Marcia Lee

    I really like the Disney Baby CARS Store n’ Go Backless Booster. I have had a couple of different booster seats in the past, but I like this one because of the looks as much as the quality.

  • lisa

    That is so cute. I love the Minnie Mouse room. My daughter would probably go with Winnie the Pooh. Can you ever be too old for Disney?

  • Shannon

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful products that are both functional and cute.