Dessert Journey | eBook Review


Title: Desert Journey

Author: Dr. Jerry Burgener

Dr. Jerry Burgener is an extremely talented writer that grew up in Illinois is where he resides today! He received his PhD from Southern Illinois University and has spent most of his career life as a forensic physiologist, today he is in private practice. Also known to ride and train horses in Illinois is and Arizona, Dr. Jerry Burgener has been a pleasure to work with.

Jerry faces yet another relationship that didn’t last. Desert Journey is about his travels to the American Southwest, where he spend a few months riding horses and enjoying the wide open spaces. What started out to be a much-needed escape, quickly turns into a vacation of self-discovery.

While riding his horse Liberty in the Superstition Mountains Jerry runs into an Indian named Tom. Jerry finds himself on a ride that takes courage, somewhat of a spiritual journey. Jerry finds the journey to be much more challenging that every imagined. Tom warns Jerry, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.”

Desert Journey is an amazing read, Dr. Jerry Burgener, writes in a way that pulls you into the story, as if you are right along side him on this ride of self-discovery. I could hardly wait to turn the page. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next how Tom would pus Jerry to live in today and divert him from the past and future.

I have read self-help books in the past, but nothing has captivating as Dessert Journey, it’s an original read. You will never find a set of instructions, it’s not a manual its a journey about self discovery and a captivating spiritual encounter that pulled me in. If you have ever raced through life, this book will help you see how important stopping for the here and now is.  This is a self-help book that is brought to you in a whole new way, its uplifting and a spiritual journey really captivates and makes you realize and see things in a different light.

Dessert Journey is an awesome read!  I enjoyed this book and look forward to writing a review on the 2nd book.  If you’re looking for an awesome read, that takes you on an uplifting journey I suggest checking out Dessert Journey!

I have started the second book, be on the look out for the review! Be on the look out review for the 2nd book will be posted shortly! In the meantime if you are interested in getting your own copy of Dessert Journey you can get it on Amazon.

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  1. says

    This sounds like a great book and, like Eileen mentioned above, one that I’ll have to add to my reading list!

  2. Eileen says

    WOW, my list of books to read keeps getting longer! Thank you for everything you do@