We Didn’t Have Baby Gear Like This When My Kids Were Born!

I’m pretty sure most of you who have children in their 30’s, & 40’s can absolutely relate with me when I say we didn’t have baby gear like this when my kids were born!! Having  young ones in the home is challenging enough, but to keep them occupied and happy is a job in it’s self. My little Miss Novalee is 8 months old now and extremely active I was so happy when Tiny love contacted me to review their Gymini Developlace Play Mat.


Tiny Love’s Gymini activity mat has been going strong for 20 years. This year, Tiny Love’s takes its classic Gymini line one step further with the new  Gymini Developlace, this stylish and versatile activity center converts from a floor mat to a crawling tunnel to keep tots engaged from newborns through their toddler years. 


As a floor activity center, newborns can enjoy play on their backs as they bat and grab at colorful dangling toys with ease. The dangling toys can be repositioned so parents can keep the environment interesting and stimulating. The Gymini Developlace also promotes tummy time with vibrant mat graphics and activities, including peek-a-boo and the detachable toys will encourage your little one to reach & crawl, check her out,

Baby Gear

What we love about this play mat is as Novalee starts to crawl and move, we can fold up the sides to create a tunnel for her which will continue to delight and stimulate her onto to the toddler years. Whats really cool is the sides double as activity walls with drop play and 1-2-3 soft cards, among other activities. 

Gymini Developlace (flat)

Tiny Love has many recognitions and awards, to many to list, but you can view them all here. Also the Gymini, was recently nominated as a contender for “Best Activity Gym” in the 2014 Cribsie Awards. Best of all is the average retail price for this remarkable play mat is only $79.99 and available at TinyLove.com, Amazon, diapers.com and other baby stores.

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  • Shannon

    What nice baby items. Thank you for sharing.