Disney’s Million Dollar Arm Official Trailer #MillionDollarArm

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MDA 1 Sheet v5 Large1 690x1024 Disneys Million Dollar Arm Official Trailer #MillionDollarArmDisney has been busy, for those of you who haven’t already heard there is another amazing baseball flick coming soon!  Disney’s Million Dollar Arm sounds like it’s going to be an amazing movie!  I always love these kinds of movies, there is always so much put into them, and hey I love sports so that’s always nice as well.

You know what I’m really upset, and I mean UPSET!!  I’m crossing my fingers that I will get to watch SAving Mr. Banks at out drive-in theatre because of lame movie theatre decided to bring in other movies and we will not be getting Saving Mr. Banks… I know this post isn’t about Saving Mr. Banks, but I’m really upset about it.  I have been wanting to see it so badly, and when I went to the movies thinking it would be there, BAM it wasn’t.  As a matter of fact, there wasn’t any movie worth seeing so my daughter and I left, and went to the park for a walk.  Did any of you get to see Saving Mr. Banks?  Was it good?  I think that is why I’m so excited about Million Dollar Arm – it looks like an awesome movie like Saving Mr. Banks…

I was super excited when I watched this trailer, check out the trailer for Disney’s Million Dollar Arm!  Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think…  Are you as excited as I am to watch Disney’s Million Dollar Arm?


In a last ditch effort to save his career as a sports agent, JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm) concocts a scheme to find baseball’s next great pitching ace. Hoping to find a young cricket pitcher he can turninto a Major League Baseball star, JB travels to India to produce a realityshow competition called “Million Dollar Arm.” With the help of a cantankerous but eagle-eyed retired baseball scout (Alan Arkin) he discovers Dinesh (played by Madhur Mittal from “Slumdog Millionaire”) and Rinku (played by Suraj Sharma from “Life of Pi”), two 18 year old boys who have no idea about playing baseball, yet have a knack for throwing a fastball. Hoping to sign them to major league contracts and make a quick buck, JB brings the boys home toAmerica to train. While the Americans are definitely out of their element in India — the boys, who have never left their rural villages — are equally challenged when they come to the States. As the boys learn the finer points of baseball — JB, with the help of his charming friend Brenda (Lake Bell) — learns valuable life lessons about teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family.

Directed by Craig Gillespie from a screenplay written by Tom McCarthy, Walt Disney Pictures’ drama “Million Dollar Arm” stars Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Suraj Sharma, Lake Bell, Madhur Mittal, Pitobash and Alan Arkin. The producers are Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray and Joe Roth. The executive producers are Palak Patel, Kevin Hollaran,Bill Simmons and Connor Schell. The film will be release in the United States on May 16, 2014.

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MILLION DOLLAR ARM opens in theaters everywhere on May 16, 2014!

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  1. tamra gibson says

    So I’m with you I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks also, but no such luck just yet. I love Disney movies all of them!!! This looks like such a good movie. I love the way Disney makes a movie such as this with sports in it but more than anything they always add values, morals and things you can learn in their movies. I’ll be looking for it. Thanks for the heads up

  2. Sarah L says

    I haven’t seen Saving Mr Banks yet, but it is showing around here. My friend saw it and she thought it was wonderful.

  3. Deborah D says

    I think watching this film at our local drive in theater will be awesome. I can’t wait to watch it there along with Saving Mr. Banks. It would be awesome if these played together on the same night!

  4. md Kennedy says

    Based on the title I was thinking this would be a movie adaptation of the Six Million Dollar Man, but I am pleasantly surprised that ti is not! Hopefully John Hamm does a good job…

  5. Christina Kelbel says

    I have not seen saving mr. banks yet but will someday. This movie looks good as well, disney movies are great!

  6. LOLA says

    love him from madmen, but i dont know if he is a good character for a disney movey

    i have such a different image from hi,m

  7. Bridgette Friedman says

    I added this to my movie list it looks like a really good movie, Thanks for sharing, I am always looking for something new to watch.

  8. M.Clark says

    No I have not seen Saving Mr. Banks yet,but I definitely want to….Million Dollar Arm looks like a nice Disney flick, I’m looking forward to seeing this one as well. Thank you for this review.

  9. Hannah says

    Jon Hamm is a great actor–after having watched him in Madmen since it began. I’m looking forward to this family appropriate film!

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love Disney movies and I love baseball. Therefore I know that this is a movie I shall want to see. I shall enjoy it immensely

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