Do your feet need a treat? It’s time to try Spongeables Pedi-Scrub™. #Review

Spongeables has created the Pedi-Scrub™ 4 in 1 Foot Buffer.  It cleanses, exfoliates, massages, and moisturizes.  These Pedi-Scrubs™ are truly a spa for your feet.  They are also good for 20+ washes.IMG_1007

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub™ Foot Buffers are available in both Lavender – Tea Tree Oil Aromatherapy and Citron-Eucalyptus Aromatherapy.  Both buffers are made with glycerin, olive oil, and Shea butter.  Then, depending on which version you have, either Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus Extract, amongst other ingredients.


I received the Citron-Eucalyptus Aromatherapy version.  It was a delight for my senses.  The Eucalyptus really enlivened the experience.  I wet my feet and set about using my Pedi-Scrub™.  The amount of lather that was created is unreal.  This foot buffer truly is a foot spa.  I really appreciated the design of the Pedi-Scrub™ too as my fingers were able to easily grasp it and keep ahold of it, despite all the luxurious lather.  I first used the soft side to cleanse and soothe.  Next I flipped the buffer over to the more rough side and really went to work on my heels.  This scruffy-textured side is for massaging and exfoliating the rough and tough skin of your feet.  My poor heels are in constant need of help.  Yes I lotion.  Yes I pumice.  No, nothing seems to help, perhaps until now.













While my heel may appear far from healed (chuckle, I did), I applied lotion right away and covered my feet with a pair of socks.  I continue to use my Spongeables Pedi-Scrub™ and as I do, I continue to see improvement.

In addition to the Pedi-Scrubs™, Spongeables also offers a full line of what they refer to as “shower gel in a sponge.”  Their shower sponges come in a variety of scents, are available in travel sizes, are available in a just-for-men version, and even Fido can have his own Spongeables.

To become a Spongeables insider and be amongst the first to know about new scents, colors, and products, please visit their Surprises & Rewards page.  Please visit Spongeables’ website to see all they have to offer, including a Surprise Box.  This box carries a value of $50 or more and sells for just $24.99 plus shipping.  I think I know what I’m getting for birthday presents this year.  You can also find Spongeables on Twitter and Facebook.

I think it may be time to treat your feet.  I know I’m glad I did.

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  1. Theresa Wilson says

    Yes, my feet need a treat badly. Since they’ve been all locked up in shoes for the winter season, they’re now out and flaky and in need of some TLC. Will try one of these next time I go to the store. See how they work.

  2. Sandy Cain says

    These look pretty nice! My feet are a hot mess. I use Lactic Acid cream on them, crack cream (no, not THAT crack!), and they are still rough and calloused. Gonna check this out, thanks!

  3. Linda Bradshaw says

    I used to have such smooth feet but then I stopped wearing my tennis shoes and started wearing flip flops and no shoes. Now I noticed my feet are not so soft. I need to try these.

    • says

      Peggy, Pedi-Scrub is wonderful. It helped my feet look better and feel better. I bet you’d enjoy. Please let us know if you give it a try.

  4. Natalie Lyons says

    As, a nurse I am on my feet all day. This looks like a great product. Thank you for sharing

    • Karen Hand says

      Natalie: It’s always our pleasure to be able to serve you. If you would like to see any particular products reviewed, just let us know. Also, if you try this product, let us know how it works for you.

  5. marissa lee says

    i have never heard of these pedi scrubs before…i need to try these…now that summer is approaching i need my feets to look good.

  6. lisa says

    What a difference. I’d love to try this out. Then maybe my husband will give me a nice foot massage.

    • says

      That sounds great Lisa. The Pedi-Scrub was really a treat unto itself. Now that you mention a massage though, that would have been a great follow-up.

  7. Rachel Salinas says

    Just got one of these for my mom for Mothers Day! I’m hoping that it works for her rough heels!

  8. Nicole Becker says

    OMG!! I so need this for my feet!! I get a pedicure every month and use lotion everyday but I still have rough feet!! UGH!!

    • says

      Oh Nicole, I can so relate. The pictures speak for themselves. I now am a Pedi-Scrub user. This has made such a difference. Yes, I have to keep using it, but that’s the nature of the product. Since my heels seem to be extra rough and dry, I do lotion as well. Pedi-Scrub is really helping.

  9. Cathy Jarolin says

    I have never heard of these pedi scrubs before. They sound amazing. I think I have to go shopping and pick these up. I will get the Lavendar my absolute favorite scent. It really makes sense to try these They are so economical if you can wash these so many times and reuse them..Thamks for this useful review. My feet say Thankyou too!! =0)

    • says

      You’re so welcome Cathy. I really like the multi-wash feature too. I make sure to keep it out of direct contact with the water while showering, unless I’m using it. I don’t want to accidentally use up any of the 20+ washes.

    • says

      Deborah, being able to use the Pedi-Scrub has really been a treat. The more I use it, the better my feet look. Also, it really is nice to take the time to give some extra care to my feet. I would recommend sitting on the edge of your tub or on a shower bench while using Pedi-Scrub if possible. One, I find it easier to use, but also due to the amount of lather I’m always concerned about falls, so I find it safer too.