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I love watching ALPO&#39;s blog dog videos! &nbsp;So does Skittles, he fell asleep watching them with me, lol. &nbsp;He was laying in my bed while I was writing this, we went over to ALPO&#39;s YouTube Channel, watched a few more and he fell asleep! &nbsp;What a boy, right!</p>
If you have been by ALPO&rsquo;s YouTube Channel you have probably take a little time to <a href=";oid=11289873" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Watch more blog dog videos and get inspired to share photos and videos of your dog with #HappyStartsHere</a>!&nbsp; Have you ever wondered what your dog would say in an ALPO commercial, or certain situation?&nbsp; My husband and I always joke about what we think the dogs are thinking and how it would sound if they were able to expressing themselves like the dogs in ALPO&rsquo;s video&rsquo;s.

Most of you know I have 4 dogs, the top dog of the bunch is Skittles he&rsquo;s the old fart, who&#39;s spoiled rotten, and doesn&#39;t like anyone but him to have fun, not even the kids lol, &nbsp;I&rsquo;m not even kidding, we call him the fun cop, and because anytime someone&rsquo;s having fun he puts a stop to it.&nbsp; He would be the one spoiling the conversation,&nbsp;so he could get everyone all to himself. &nbsp;He&#39;s super jealous and wants all eyes on him. &nbsp;

We love each and every one of our dogs, they each hold a special place in our hearts, and are so different!&nbsp; Skittles is SPOILED rotten, super sweet, the oldest of the group, and he helps me and my husband make sure everything is in line.&nbsp; If anyone, kids or dogs try to have too much fun inside he&rsquo;s all over it, like Noodles on a can of ALPO&rsquo;s wet dog food.&nbsp;

Noodles, haha I call her my dingle berry, lol.&nbsp; She SUPER sweet, majorly dingy, and 100% driven by food.&nbsp; She LOVES ALPO&rsquo;s wet dog food, I don&rsquo;t even think she cares which kind.&nbsp; She doesn&rsquo;t eat like the rest of the dog, she inhales and tastes later.&nbsp; If Piper could talk she would be the one to give Noodles an earful for the way she eats.&nbsp;

Piper is our Lab and is the sophisticated one of the bunch.&nbsp; She gets irrigated with Noodles, and her non-manors in the kitchen.&nbsp; She will turn her nose up and go into the other room to avoid watching Noodles eat.&nbsp; She&rsquo;s too funny, and probably the sweetest and smartest one in the bunch. &nbsp;She loves her kids like nobody&#39;s business, and she enjoys any of ALPO&#39;s wet dog food. &nbsp;However, she likes for us to feed it to her from a spoon. &nbsp;Yes, my dogs are spoiled.

Trip is the newest member to the family, he currently has a broken leg, and has to be locked in a cage for only a few more days.&nbsp; He&rsquo;s a sweetheart, but is going BONKERS being locked in that cage.&nbsp; The only thing he looks forward to id getting out of his cage to go outside for a few minutes, and dinner time. &nbsp;He&#39;s a good boy, and the only dog that will wear a diaper all day long just to make the kids happy!

My dogs are all so different, but they all love ALPO&rsquo;s new wet dog food.&nbsp; I think Piper is the only one who realizes ALPO wet food helps to support a happy healthy life, super awesome shiny coat, strong bones, and teeth.&nbsp; My dogs love ALPO&rsquo;s wet dog food, and Piper and I like that it&rsquo;s made with healthy protein sources, wholesome grains, and accent of veggies, because it helps to contribute a complete and balanced diet for each state of a dog&rsquo;s life.&nbsp; Since ALPO is a great wet dog food that&rsquo;s 100% complete and balanced for all life&rsquo;s stages dogs seem to have a whole lot opt say about it. &nbsp; &nbsp;

I just love this ALPO video, and all the dogs sitting around chatting about Toby, haha.&nbsp; I could imagine my dogs stating their options about Toby.&nbsp; Check out the video here:

<a href=";oid=11289873" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Think that&#39;s funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs</a>.

I have tried to imagine my dogs sitting at the table talking about Toby. &nbsp;Honestly, I think they would be more concerned with where the next can of ALPO&#39;s wet dog food is. &nbsp;Piper would care about the healthy coat, and fetching, but the rest would want the food. &nbsp;haha, who knows maybe it would be different, who knows they might surprise me!

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  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    YOur dogs are sweet and spoiled , but I can tell how much you love them. I’m glad that they love Alpo’s dog food.

    • Jenn

      lol yes they are… I love them so much! We have tons of kids, dogs, cats, and ducks oh and who could forget our horses lol tons of fun!

  • rebecca scolari

    I like that you spoil your dogs, it is so cute. Feeding from a spoon, I used to do that with my kitties when I still had one.

  • md kennedy

    You are so lucky to have multiple dogs! And I cannot believe one will actually wear a diaper, never mind all day – too cute! I had a dog when I was growing up we had a dog and since I live in a condo now cannot have one. Oh well.

  • Clare Tea

    Adorable dogs ! What a great video : )

  • ANN*H

    This is so cute . I love dogs they can be so funny. Thanks for the info and the video