Don’t Miss Hello Winter $1000 Cash #Giveaway

Welcome to Hello Winter $1000 Cash Giveaway!

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Who has the Winter Blues?  You should get rid of those darn winter blues right NOW! We have $1000 you can enter to win, if you get rid of them!  We don’t want anyone with the blues, it’s no fun, and we want our readers to be happy, happy, happy!

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and Happy Home and Family are back with another chance to win $1000 Big Ones! 

Hi everyone, I’m sure most of you know that my dear bloggy buddy and I always get together for a $1000 Giveaway.  Okay, well she does the work and I am just lucky she is my friend.  It evens our, we help one another so we can bring fabulous giveaways like this four times a year!  Yes, one has to love the chance to win $1000!

This Awesome Blog Giveaway ends February 24th, 11:59 pm EST.


To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below! Remember that all entries besides the mandatory comment entry are optional.  Come back daily to increase your chances in winning!

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  • http://[email protected] Lori Junge

    Well…I would probably pay off some bills, minus a few bucks to have a date night with my husband!!

  • Edwin

    i would use this for bills

  • Beverly

    I would use this money to help pay for my daughter’s college.

  • Beverly

    I would give my parents the money for financial troubles they are having.

  • monica bledsoe

    i would use it to pay off some of the bills that are due.

  • Rachel Richards

    Either use it to buy a new laptop, or some new clothes for myself… or maybe both!! :)

  • Nicole Cooper

    I would purchase the BBQ that my hubby has been drooling over all these years. If I have anything leftover I would buy some yummy steaks to “break” it in :)

  • Renee Sapone

    I would use it toward my oral surgery coming up. I would be so happy to win this

  • Christina Spaulding

    I lost my job december 1st for missing so much work (due to my health), then found out I had thyroid cancer december 28. I’d spent all of my save money on medical bills from getting bit in the face by my twin sisters boyfriends dog last year. I already owe $500 & still have more treatment to go thru but no money to cover any of this. I’m not upset about this all & have managed to keep my head up thru all of this. I could really use this right now. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • april

    I would use the money to help my daughter pay off some bills,and get some clothes for my everyone.

  • Alyson L

    Pay off debt, and buy my hubby a bday present!!

  • VickieB

    Use it to pay for the fridge I just charged cause my old fridge went bye bye

  • Jennifer Taylor

    I’d use the money toward catching up on bills to relieve some of my stress.

  • Kate Moore

    I wish I could spend it! But the responsible thing to do would be to put it towards my maxed out line of credit… loving this comment thing by the way, pink on pink and cute font!

  • Suzzette S

    Would give it to my parents as an anniversary gift :)

  • Danielle Lindquist

    Buy some new clothing for myself and my 2 kids, get new shoes for my 12 year old, possibly an iPad that I want reallllly bad!

  • Lori Clark

    I am unemployed right now seeking employment and could sure use this money to help pay the bills.

  • Deena Martin Bailey

    I would use it to buy some goodies for my home!

  • Tara Huffman

    Pay bills and then I would give the rest to my wonderful Mother and Father.

  • Brandi

    I would use it for tuition and text books,and rent.

  • BillieJo

    i recently lost my job so $1000 would def come in handy to make sure i dont fall behind on bills!

  • Stacy Garfinkel

    If I was responsible, I’d put it on bills. If I decided not to be responsible, I’d buy new clothes since I’ve lost 50 lbs. or a new tv. 😀

  • ke-shaunta

    I would save it to travel 😀

  • Winningmama2013

    I would pay some bills and then if their was any left, I would get a french tip set on my nails, and then get something special for my daughter and husband.

  • Anna M Dunn

    I need a new recliner and work done on my car. It needs a rebuilt transmission.

  • tina

    i’d invest it

  • Violet Lyford

    My visa card is just screaming at me to win $1,000 to satisfy its voracious appetite!

  • anne

    I would love to win this. So many things to do with the money.

  • Megan Cravens

    I would take advantage of some these awesome deals you post!! Hope to get a stockpile started!

  • Cassi

    Stuff for the house

  • Angelika

    Use it to further my business and build my brand. I would also help me become succsful so that I could give back to my community.

  • Hillary Gibson

    I would use this $1000 to buy an Ipad for my mom and maybe one for me!

  • amber

    Pay a whole lotta bills! :)

  • Nara Lee

    I would buy a heck of a lot of books. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Chantelle Ip

    I’d use it to go to Convention for a week in Queensland. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • barbara tryon

    I would buy an Ipad mini and thanks for this chance

  • Kristin Haskins

    I would catch up all my late bills! lol Thanks for the chance! :-)

  • Candice

    I’d spend it on the boys’ bedrooms – organizing & decorating have been lacking in there big time

  • Anne Harvey

    Pay bills.

  • Sonya

    I’d buy some new clothes and donate some to the LOU community website!

  • Jen

    Pay down cc debt.

  • Sue Williams

    Would make one cool. Birthday candle for me !@@@

  • Sue Williams

    My birthday s coming up if I won I mite actually get to do something fun for once in a long time!!!@

  • Claudine

    Since saving up is my priority this year, the bulk of the prize money will go to my savings account. But I’ll buy my husband an iPad first..

  • Katie O.

    Use it to buy stuff for our boys’ room! We’re moving and they’re getting new bed sets and such. :)

  • Kat Meller

    I would use it to help my son insulate his attic (new house terribly incomplete insulation) and fix his fireplace. Cute house but in need of work he didn’t know about before he bought it!

  • Heather CMcCormick

    Go to the Dentist. I have some very bad (severe) tooth pain and other issues and no dental coverage. I would take this and get what I could done and feeling a little better.

  • jessica pierce

    pay on some bills and then get something for my mom and dad they never buy anything nice for themselves they always worry about their kids so i would get them something each, my dad has been sick so he doesn’t go out much anymore def. get him something to make being inside all the time (and used to always be OUTSIDE) a little more bearable! :)

  • Jessica

    If I won this, I would help pay off some of my student loans!

  • jamie lafever

    pay some bills

  • Wanda Tracey

    I would pay some bills and buy my husband a laptopfor valentines.Looking for a LOVE BUTTON.Thank you for the chance to win.

  • tammy young

    pay same bills that need payed and buy my kids same new clothes

  • AimeeKay

    I would pay my rent for the next two months!

  • Misty

    If I won $1,000 I would pay off some bills!!

  • Kayla J

    Well being a giving person that I am, I’d use this money for others. Fingers crossed!

  • Jennifer Jefferson

    Have a heart attack?! LOL I’m in college and I have two kids… you’d be amazed how far I can stretch that much money!! HAHA

  • Leah Ifft

    I would put it towards a car.

  • Kristen Christensen

    down payment on a car ,wheels so thing take gos get good gmh/that would be nice thank you!!i came make payments but don’t have the down it would help

  • John Travis

    pay on bills and buy my wife a nice gift

  • Christina

    Get some much needed dental work.

  • Miriam

    Paint my living room. You should see what my toddler does to it!

  • shiela marie fillartos

    pay for my debts!

  • ellen chevarie

    pay my property taxes and im in desperate need of a new purse.the one i have is falling apart.

  • Dawn Lobsinger

    I Would pay off bills…

  • Kristine

    Put it toward wedding expenses!

  • tami husak

    I would pay on some medical bills and take a road trip somewhere. :)

  • Dani G

    I need to pay down my school loans because the school loan sharks have been out to get me for awhile now.

  • Brandon

    Give to my parents for everything they’ve done for me.

  • Heather Howard

    1 of 3 things….either buy my start up stock to start my own at home business, pay bills we are behind on, or do car repairs. :-)

  • Cindy K

    pay bills

  • Eleanor

    I would put it towards the wedding my husband and I have been trying to have.

  • Marianne Kenney

    I would use it to pay my property taxes & water bill!

  • Renee Travis

    I would pay off some bills and maybe use a little of it so my hubby and I could take a weekend getaway! :)

  • Becca @ Bare Feet on the Dashboard

    Our second baby is due in April, so I would use the $1000 towards paying for her birth bills. This would be a HUGE help.

  • Angela of

    We would use it towards a new wrap-arpund couch

  • Brande

    Pay Bills

  • Ally

    I’d probably restock on some much needed kitchen supplies.

  • Patti Wilder

    would help pay doctor bills

  • Lindsay

    I’d put the money towards paying off my school loans.

  • Ravzie

    Why does Rafflecopter drop all amy entries? Second time this has happened to me. I’ve signed in and out, on FB and with the email only. All the tasks I have completed show they are yet to be done. I don’t want to be d/q!

    • Jenn

      email me and I will check it out..

  • Brianna

    Half would go toward a family vacation and the other half into my kids college funds!

  • Ravzie

    I would put $1000 toward a dive trip!

  • Taneisha P-G

    I’d pay bills. :)

  • Bellina Jacobs

    This would allow me to purchase a bed that I can sleep on and awaken with no pain!! I suffered a broken back and neck in a car accident and I have rods and brackets on most of my spine. I have nerve damage which causes my skin to hurt in certain places. This combination of chronic pain makes it difficult to sleep on most mattresses. The one I need is very expensive!!

  • lori

    Get a plane ticket for my Mom to come meet her great grandchildren.

  • Renee Caruso

    I would put it towards my gas and elecetic bills that both are going to be sut off. Thank you fo the chance to wn this

  • Cheyenne P

    If I won 1k, I’d put it in savings for a down payment on a car.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez

    I would use the money to either buy clothing for the family, spoil myself and buy a laptop or use it for birthdays!

  • Susan Fishel

    Go visit my sister.

  • Kelly McGrew

    pay down one of my student loans

  • Katie AshleyBascombe

    I would use it to help furnish our nursery for our first child.

  • Andrea Neuman

    I was out of work for almost a year so that money would really help us out to catch up on bills! I know, doesn’t sound very exciting but it really would be to me!

  • guylaine laferte

    I want to win for pay my bill xx

  • Karen Smith

    I would pay some bills. Thanks for the chance…

  • Brian Smith

    Buy a tool shed

  • Kim Burnett

    I would pay bills

  • Angelica Fernandez

    this giveaway is really a great one! i would prolly buy a new phone for me and for my mother!

  • Angelica Fernandez

    wow! i’ve searched for a giveaway open worldwide on twitter and this is has the highest results. this is so great! i’m new with this and i hope to be the lucky winner!

  • Jennifer

    I would save it.

  • Cindy Loo

    I’d go on vacation!!!

  • Ellen L

    I would pay off some bills and buy a new dryer

  • Catherine Shaw

    pay some bills

  • Bo

    I would take my hubby away for the weekend!

  • Taylor

    A thousand dollars would make a great gift for my dad’s birthday!

  • Scarlett

    I would pay off bills! That’s my goal for this year. :)

  • ashley o

    Half in savings half for FUN

  • Heather Hoffman

    redo the backyard patio

  • Olivia G

    Go on a shopping spree! LOL after paying off some bills first.. :)

  • Heidi Brue

    I’d use the $1000 to pay some medical bills long overdue, and if enough is left over get us a long needed couch – I’m sitting on the floor with the broken springs in ours. And my husband even agrees with me!

  • pamela(pixie)

    pay a credit card off

  • Megan Cromes

    i would put it inmy sons college fund.

  • Amanda Keller

    I’d have a day/night on the town with my daughter, and pay a few bills.

  • Vikki Cousin

    After think about if I win, what I would do with the money, and I decided that I could buy a Bamboo sheet set, and some jewelry from the Penny Auction Canada, and still have money to help a couple of people.

    • Vikki Cousin

      After thinking about if I win, what I would do with the money, I decided that I could buy a Bamboo sheet set, and some jewelry from the Penny Auction Canada, and still have money to help a couple of people.

  • Carrie Goodin

    pay a bill

  • zene

    I would put the money toward the credit card and take the hubs out

  • Rebecca Reinwalt

    I would use the money to buy product for my new business that I am taking live on the 1st of February, both on the internet and in person.

  • @ritabarkley

    I could so vaca on this!

  • Kodie Rosten

    Pay off some debt

  • tiffany

    redo my kitchen

  • Robin Sharp

    I would use it to pay my trip for my up coming 40th Biryhday thanks a milliin

  • Dianna

    I would buy more makeup!

  • lanie

    buy a new laptop

  • KittyPride

    I have many bills that $1000. would help pay 😀

  • Brieanna

    I would use it to help pay for school

  • katherine cano

    I’d help my mama pay her mortgage this month and pay off some college tuition bills. Thank you!

  • Throuthehaze

    I would pay some bills and buy some clothes :)

  • Brittany

    Buy a laptop, pay some bills and get some things for my son- thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  • lisa

    I would put it toward some jewelry.

  • Wanda Tracey

    I would pay some bills and buy my hubby a laptop.H e really deserves one and it would help him get thru our long canadian winter.


    I have some bills to pay and my sons birthday is coming up.

  • jennifer wexler

    i would buy a new washer and dryer

  • Christy

    I would put a little bit of it to bills but most towards my baby boy for stuff for him. Humidifier for if he ever gets sick again for starters :)

  • jon caudle

    winter always brings higher power bills and heating so I would apply it to power and propane

  • Ashia Austin

    I would save half and send the rest to my mom-she needs a little pampering

  • Marsha Goggin

    I would use it as the down payment to get my daughters braces!

  • Lindsey M

    I would put it towards remodelling our new house

  • Heidi C.

    One third to my children’s education, one third to our vacation fund and one third to charity.

  • Monica

    improvements to our house

  • Cori Westphal

    I’d get a new TV for our bedroom and a Kinect for our Xbox, and I might use the rest to get my carpet cleaned!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Amy Smeltzer

    I don’t have a job right now and got behind on rent so I would use it towards moving into a new place.

  • Kathy Carse

    I would spen the $1,000.00 on a Big Screen T.V.,

  • Joanne Tillery

    Get the bills caught up then buy something for my family

  • Jeanna mcmicking

    I would buy an iPad :)

  • Jo Ann Moffatt

    When I win the $1000 I will buy myself and my children a new sofa set to replace our worn and ripped 15 year old set. I am so embarrassed to have people over to sit on that awful wrecked piece of furniture.

    • Maddie Klingaman

      Hey honey. I’m not sure where you live, but you might want to look for a Habitat for HUmanity restore. I was able to buy a new sofa (had the tags still on it) for $129, though most of the funiture is donated they do have some nice things. You might want to join up on something called FREECYCLE in your area too. People often give away furniture and all you have to do is pick it up. Check out thrift stores too.

  • Kelli

    Pay off a credit card bill!

  • Terrie Meerschaert

    I would use the $1000 to put toward a well-needed family vacation!

  • Penni Ebina

    I would pay some bills

  • corey

    I’m boring – I’d pay bills.

  • Ravzie

    This $1000 has vacation written all over it!!

  • tracy gnann

    I would get a new washing machine and dryer!

  • Aria H.

    I would save it and use it for emergencies.

  • Lisa Garrett

    Buy a new TV.

  • cole

    take a vacation

  • Kimberly Murray

    If I won the $1K it would go towards household bills.

  • Barbara F

    I would use the money in my Paypal acct. to buy all the things I need from E-bay, where I can save soooo much money.

  • soha molina

    I’d pay bills with it

  • Suzanne Kirkpatrick

    If I won a thousand dollars I would use it on family dental visits!!

  • Amber Brantley

    Buy a new laptop or tablet.

  • Chelsea

    I’d put it towards new appliances for our house!

  • Ana Lara

    If I win, I would take a little vacations!

  • Kellie

    I would use the $1000 to pay some bills/pay off debt. It would be such a stress relief to do so.

  • amber

    i would pay off some debt, or save it for a vacation

  • aimee

    family shopping spree!

  • Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling

    I would spend it on our trip to Gatlinburg on Spring Break!

  • jodi bradshaw

    def save it for a rainy day

  • essijay

    i would probably buy myself a used car. it’s been 6 years since i’ve had one and i really miss it.

  • meknon

    That’s would help to pay some bills!! Thank you…

  • Aimee J

    I would save it for moving expenses. We are hoping to move into a house soon!

  • Kasee Johnson

    I would do a few more home improvement projects. With an acre and a half and no landscaping, $1000 won’t go far, but it would certainly help.

  • Jill H.

    Pay some bills.

  • jen

    I would use it to pay off my debts

  • lyndsey

    i would pay off a credit card

  • Amanda

    I would put it into savings!

  • Cynthia R

    i’d use it towards buying a new couch

  • Jessica Dunn

    I would use it for bills and get the kids some stuff they need.

  • Robin

    Love your blog! I just found it on picket fence!

    • Jenn

      thanks Robin… welcome, come back we are glad you’re here!

  • Carla Bonesteel

    I need a new car, so that would definitely help!

  • michelle warner

    pay some bills and go on a mini day trip, oh yeah

  • Rachel J

    Buy a new laptop.

  • Ashley Morrow

    I would pay bills.

  • Simon Gabriel

    I’d buy a new bicycle or some parts for my old one

  • Nena Sinclair

    For Facebook Group 2, there’s no Facebook link for TravelsAndWanders and I can’t find them on Facebook either….

  • Gail Williams

    I’d Pay on a hospital bill!

  • Nena Sinclair

    If I win this, I would use it to buy groceries and pay some bills, I’ve been off sick for the past month.

  • Eileen

    I am not working right now so that is a LOT of money. I’d probably FINALLY get back to working on our bathroom that has been flooded twice. I stripped the wallpaper and am ready to pull up the floor, need a new mirror, light fixtures, accessories. It’s all been ready for renovation since we moved in 11 years ago, and been waiting 3 months since I started it. Ran out of gas and cash. LOL.

    I would spend $600 on that and give the other 4 to my daughter for her wedding dress.

  • Rhonda C

    Use it to help move my family to oregon.